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Every now and then, we like to give away some stuff here on Phandroid. And you’re in luck because today is one of those days. When it comes to keyboard apps, I think it’s safe to say Android pretty much has that area covered. The only problem is because there are so many in the Market, it can be hard to find one that is perfect for you. Well, hands down, one of the most full featured and accurate keyboard apps is Perfect Keyboard.

While there are many keyboard apps that excel in one area, but fall short in others — Perfect Keyboard hits all the marks. The make-or-break for any keyboard application has, and always will be, how well it can autocorrect quick, inaccurate, drunken key presses. Thankfully, this is just one of the many areas where Perfect Keyboard truly shines.

But it’s not just autocorrect, the application can also be programmed with shortcuts that when typed out (@email –> [email protected]), can save valuable time and key presses on commonly used text. For those bilingual Android users out there, you can even quickly change languages by swiping on the keyboard. Perfect Keyboard also gives the user the ability to completely customize the app, from the layout, to themes, to backgrounds, and even gestures, can all be tweaked and fine tuned to your hearts content.

Okay, now that I’ve formally introduced you to Perfect Keyboard, let’s get to the fun part. The developer has handed us 25 copies of the paid version of Perfect Keyboard (a $3 value) to giveaway to our faithful Phandroid readers. To make it interesting, all you have to do to enter is tell us your funniest (or worst) “Damn you, autocorrect!” moment for a chance to win. Leave your quick story in the comments section (make sure your email is tied to your Disqus) and winners will be chosen by the end of the day. Good luck, everyone!

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  1. I went to get Wendys for lunch one day. I texted my wife “I’m fat” but autocorrect changed it to “I’m gay”

    1. This is the most believable of all of these. I lol’d! :p

  2. My girlfriend was having a fondue night at her house.  my mom asked me where I was. I texted “Fondue night at [my girlfriend’s] house”, it autocorrected to “fondle night”.  It took some convincing for my mom to believe me.

  3. “I’ll meet you at Carina’s house.” Is fine when texting your wife, but “I’ll meet you at Vagina’s house,” will cause her to question your fidelity.

  4. I’ve always liked how auto-correct did cursewords… “That’s so ducking stupid.” I know more often than not it’s a simple fix, but hey, it’s just more fun that way.

  5. Ok here’s mine.  Two weeks into my new job I was trying to be a model employee of course and responded to my new CFO on my phone while at someones desk (Exec desktop support role)  Well my response instead of saying “If you don’t mind I will stop by in 20-30minutes” turned into “Idiot don’t mind I will stop by in 20-30minutes”. I had to apologize for the next three weeks.  He actually laughed about it but I sure as heck didn’t as I was praying to keep my job (and did somehow).

  6. My wife was at Target picking up some packing tape so we could finish packing up our apartment. She informed me of this trip my messaging me that she was “Going to Target (again). Out of packing rape.”

    I was pretty sure they didn’t carry that.

  7. Well once when I typed “Lol” and it changed it to “I’m not really laughing”. Believe what you wish, but that was messed up. Then again it was on an iPhone. Now I’m on android for that reason.

  8. Don’t recall the exact word, but auto-correct made me mistype a word (was typing a dutch word, auto-correct returned a correct english word)
    Anyway, it happened when I was “correcting” someone else. Instead of being condescending and superior by correcting his spelling, it made me look like a complete fool (granted, in that situation it was justified and funny)

  9. I was sending my mom a photo of my neice riding a bike. The caption I meant to give was “Jillie riding a bicycle” but it came out as “Jillie riding a bisexual”


  10. i sent a text to this chick, autocorrect screwed me over when i wrote “wana get cake?” it changed to “wana get ate?” made me look like total perv

  11. I submitted this to a funny auto correct website before, but here it is:

    My friends and I meet up to watch Dexter on Sunday nights when in season. One time I got caught up and texted a friend to start without me. I sent “Start sex without me” but I intended “Start Dex without me”.

    Thanks Auto correct.

  12. in chinese pk mean or at least near the meaning of “GO F yourself” haha

    ps: SwiftKey X still better.

    1. People always call me “Pk” because “Pkmmte” is too short…
      Should I be offended?

  13. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing that I haven’t had any bad autocorrect stories.

  14. I was arrived at a hotel the night before my bar exam and was getting ready to relax after doing some last minute studying.  My friend texted me and asked what I was doing.  I replied:  “Studying then a little hot tubbing,” then I hit send.  It was only after my friend texted back laughing and disgusted that I realized I had said “Studying then a little hot RUBBING.”

  15. I was dating this girl and we were texting each other about a party we were going to later that night. I tried to say, “you are beautiful.” but swype said, “you are garbage.” She said we should just be friends the next day…

  16. I was texting my wife before heading out the door I said “I’m trying to find the dog, before i can come pick you up.” Autocorrect decided I was saying this “I’m trying to f*%k the dog, so I can come pick you up”

  17. The other day somehow “accepted” got turned into “asphyxiated”. Thought that was one for the books. 

  18. This story is from my girlfriend’s mom who is 60. She told us she tried texting her friend “how is coco?” Coco is her friend’s dog that was hurt. It wasn’t until she read the response “What?????” she realized autocorrect decided to send “how is dick?”

  19. Looked at my clock ‘cock’, couldn’t believe it, time flies.

  20. When I was texting my girlfriend and the message came out I want mother love lol. I was trying to type Briana says I love you mommy, Briana is my daughter.

  21. I tweeted a comment to one of the executives in work on the back of a story he had shared on the our homepage. I meant for it to say “I like it, funny” but it got changed too “I like it, bum me! ”

    To make matters worse he posted a quotes of the year story a few weeks later and my tweet was on it for the whole company to see!

  22. I don’t have any funny keyboard stories because my phone’s physical keyboard gets it right every time.

    1. You can type “hahahaha” on just about any keyboard that has autocorrect and it will turn it into something weird. Happens to me all the time =p

      1. I just tried it on my Galaxy Nexus and it remained “hahahahaha” (other than telling me I spelled it wrong)…maybe the ICS keyboard auto-correct has improved this?

  23. I type R U going to eat after you get home.” autocorrect changed it to “I am going to eat you after you get home” :)

  24. All these comments are so freaking funny lol, I haven’t laugh so much in so long.

  25. While sexting my x and watching family guy I was trying to say you can get it and what came up is you can get herpes Grrrr

    1.  You were sexting your x? You just can’t let go, huh?

  26. First I need to explain I am originally from upper mid west and now live in the south. Here people like to say cut the lights on, why, I have no idea. But anyway I was trying to be funny and I texted her “cut the oven on to 450 and yes I said cut” but it changed to “cu** the oven on to 450 and yes I said cu**”

  27. Back when I had just bought my Nexus One. I was bragging, “My new phone has hspa. It’s pretty sweet!” Apparently I replaced the ‘s’ with a ‘d’ so instead it sent, “My new phone has hepatitis. It’s pretty sweet!”

  28. Once my colleague wanted to email to his Manager that “disk space is full on server”, but due to a typo his email read as ” dik space is full …”. I saved my friends job by pointing it out.

  29. Once my colleague wanted to email to his Manager that “disk space is full on server”, but due to a typo and auto correction his email read as ” dik space is full …”. I saved my friends job by pointing it out.

  30. Was visiting my grandmother, who has is bedridden, in the nursing home. Texted my sister that I was visiting with grandma. It changed to “Bowling with Grandma” thanks to autocorrect. We all thought it was funny… 

  31. So I texted my friend today asking if she was “ready for the party we are having next week?”  It came to her as “ready for the pussy we are having next week?”  I use Swype right now on my phone, as it is easier to use with just one hand, but I would love to try out another one.  I almost downloaded the Swift Key trial the other day.

  32. I guess that you need to know Spanish to get this, but on Valentine’s Day, I texted my girl “Te adoro” (I adore you), or so I though. The damn autocorrect on my dumbphone decided that it should send “Te censo” (I inscribe you in the census). I must say that she didn’t find it funny, and neither did I, but her friends made fun of me for a couple of days…

  33. Amazing! I just went to text someone “these autocorrect stories I’m reading are totally awesome” and it came out as “wowallofyouaretotallyfullofshit…”

  34. i went to text my GF about what i was making for dinner. I simply wrote out the potatoes are in the oven. it came up on her end as the pots mate whore end. still dont know how that happened.

    1. yay i won.

  35. I was typing an IT email to everyone in the company, Levitt and Sons, LLC of Central Florida (now defunct) which started “Due to unfortunate circumstances… ” It seemed that I had misspelled circumstances and spell check saw, and fixed my mistake and then after I sent it, I realized that spell check changed it to circumcisions.

  36. i was using swype and me and a friend were talking and joking around and i tried to swype the B word and swype auto filled Church instead.

  37. Autocorrect doesn’t do curse words. Every time that I am fuming mad at my boyfriend and I type in the f word or the f-ing word it always substitutes duck and ducking. Like the other person can feel my fury when you see “you gotta be ducking kidding me or what the duck.” It is so annoying.

  38. My story is writing a text to my friend where I tried saying “Brian, there is some mail for you”.. the autocorrect thought I meant Asian not Brian.

    My friend Brian is from Singapore.

  39. I wanted to type “I took a urine test today and the nurse was all pissy.” Autocorrect changed it to “I took a uterine test today…….” I am a male and this happened on a social site. I have photographic proof it happened to me. It was to funny to delete and I left it on there.

  40. My boss texted me one time saying, “Andrew is sick, can you come into work after shit?”
    I think she meant six hahaha.

    1. Nah, she was just creepin’ on your house.

  41. I wanted to post “I took a urine test today and the nurse was all pissy.” Autocorrect changed it to: I took a uterine test today…….. This happened on a social site so I do have photographic proof that it happened. Unfortunately I am a male and I did not pass my uterine test. It was not there!

  42. I was sitting at home thinking with my mom what she should make for dinner. after some contemplation and some gruesome fighting, she came up with an idea of duck for dinner. well, I had to obviously ask my dad (the boss) if he wanted duck too. Instead of texting him ” You wanna have some duck for dinner?” I, unknowingly, texted him “You wanna have some dick for dinner?” Thanks auto correct for making it awkward the rest of the night!

  43. I texted my son that his cat was out of control—clawing up everything, etc. Unfortunately, it was corrected to “Your cat is out of content.” Not very humorous but my son called a few minutes later very confused. I was too until I looked back at the text.

  44. I once sent a note to a large group of people about someone who had just passed away. I meant to say “he died unexpectedly” instead autocorrect changed it to “he died unrepentantly”. I ended up telling about 100 people that their coworkers father passed away without repenting of his sins, therefore he was going to hell.

  45. I was texting my friend and was telling her that her mother “is always right” but I accidently said “mother is always tight”.

  46. me: “hey im not mad you, i was just joking”
    friend: “yeah i know”
    me: “ok, im just mashing shit”
    me: “making sure*”

  47. In one of my tech articles, I was mentioning about a horror story in which I had written: “I was running for my life.”  After sending the article, the next day my colleagues were laughing out loud.  On asking, I found out that..the message before leaving my email client, could not find the word ‘life’ and hence auto-corrected it with “Wife”.  Irony is “wife” seemed to fit much better in the context of horror story though.  LOL

  48. Is it just me or is Phandroid slowly turning into an ad site?

  49. The first time when I felt like dying of embarrassment is when I was recommending a Chinese restaurant to my boss, “crispy duck” became “crispy dick”. God, I still feel ashamed of it now.

  50. A message to a client read: …Sorry about the “masturbation” instead of “miscommunication”

  51. No funny ones that I can remember!! But I would love to win a copy!

  52. I’m a loser

  53. All my memorable auto-corrects are too inappropriate to post here. Needless to say I sent the messages anyway for the hell of it.

  54. I was sexting my ex on my birthday. 
    When she tried to say “Takes off boxers with my mouth” (Yeah, she’s not very descriptive), her phone replaced “mouth” with “mom” so instead it said:
    “Takes off boxers with my mom”.

    I don’t know why but I still have a screenshot of it.

  55. Did anyone actually win this?

  56. My ducking comment won me a keyboard app!!! How ducking awesome! Lol

  57. You guys Rock TY!

  58. Ok so my girlfriend and I are avid readers, and we were texting one late night and she kept going on about how her fantasy novel was awesome. So I said “my books are better than yours!” (my books being “Firestarter” by Steven King and the Steve Jobs biography), but lovely auto-correct on my HTC Desire Z (with a physical keyboard!!) changed “books” to “boobs” and before I could change the mistake, I had sent my girlfriend a text saying “my boobs are better than yours!”. She thought it was quite funny and we had a good laugh about it :P

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