Mar 6th, 2012

In an effort to unify music, movie, book, and app purchases under a banner that is operating system agnostic, Google is phasing out the Android Market in favor of Google Play. What’s the difference? A new name, new logo, but otherwise not much. The content and services remain the same, and don’t worry, you can still push apps from your desktop browser to your smartphone.

Soon Google will be rolling out the Google Play Store to Android devices to replace their current Android Market builds. Any content purchased during the Android Market era will be retained and available via Google Play. See, these aren’t any real sweeping changes. Just Google refocusing their efforts and placing equal importance on all aspects of what was once primarily an app store.

In celebration of the launch of Google Play, a “7 Days to Play” promotion will feature a different book, album, video rental, and app at a special sale price each day (albums are just $0.25). Other deals include $0.49 apps and $3.99 albums. You can read a bit more about Google Play at the source link below. Now the real challenge: getting used to writing Google Play instead of Android Market.

[via Google]

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