Samsung Announces Galaxy Pocket, a 2.8 Inch Device


Who says bigger is better when it comes to Samsung? Despite their latest flagship offering, the Galaxy Note, coming to market with a 5.3 inch touch screen, they still know how to make small phones. Extremely small phones. They’ve just announced the entry level Samsung Galaxy Pocket. It’s a 2.8 inch smartphone that I honestly almost mistook for a feature phone.

It’ll feature an 800MHz processor, a 2 megapixel camera, 3GB of internal storage, Android 2.3 with TouchWiz and more. They’ve only given a launch date of “later this year” in the United Kingdom. We imagine this one will be available for some pretty cheap tariffs or for a very small PAYG price for those not into contracts. Read on for full press details.

New addition to the Galaxy portfolio provides affordable option for customers
6th March 2012, London, UK – Samsung Electronics today announces the latest addition to its Android powered Galaxy portfolio, the Galaxy Pocket. Featuring AndroidTM 2.3, this new smartphone offers those on the lookout for a new handset, a stylish portable option.
The Galaxy Pocket’s slim design makes it ideal for use whilst on the move and features a 2.8” display so that content and images can be viewed easily. The device features an upgraded TouchWiz user interface making menu navigation a smooth and efficient experience.
Connecting with others and sharing content is quick and easy thanks to the Galaxy Pocket’s social networking and communication features. Samsung’s ChatON cross-platform communication service connects all phone users into a single community, enabling spontaneous messaging, group chatting and content sharing so customers can stay in touch more easily.
In addition, the Galaxy Pocket’s Social Hub enables owners to see their Instant Messaging, social network and email communications in a single inbox for added convenience when they are travelling to and from work or out shopping.
The Galaxy Pocket offers 3GB of user memory, which can be expanded by a SD memory card up to an additional 32GB, for applications, MP3 files and photos, as well as an in-built FM radio which can be tuned into a favourite station. Integrated high-speed Wi-Fi and HSDPA 3.6 connectivity mean multimedia content can be downloaded fast and keep owners entertained whilst they’re out and about.
Simon Stanford, Vice President, UK & IRE Telecommunications & Networks Division: “With the Samsung Galaxy Pocket, we are building on the features we know our customers enjoy and get the most out of. This new device adds further breadth to the choice of smartphones we currently offer and provides a smartphone experience for even more customers at an affordable price.”
The Galaxy Pocket will be available in the UK later this year.
Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Only one will be sold.

    1. And 20 million will be given away inside happy meals and Rubin will brag about 900,000 activations per day!!

      1. This will also appeal to the dwindling market of people who can fit into really tight jeans.

  2. There was a time where this phone would have been considered huge.

    1. Right. Remember the times when SonyEricsson M600 with 2.6” was a phone wiht huge screen.

  3. So Samsung can cram GB with TouchWhizz into this POS, but they can’t fit ICS into Galaxy S line?

  4. We represent the Lollipop Guild! The Lollipop Guild! The Lollipop Guild!
    And in the name of the Lollipop Guild we wish to welcome you to Munchkin Land!

  5. The price for this smartphone is only 139 euros SIM-Free. For source read this post ..  http://goo.gl/fb/8qK7W

  6. Samsung is getting carried away with all of these devices. I love android and have owned way too many devices since the captivate was released.
    It’s to the point of being sad, and in my opinion touchwiz is far to boring these days. I’m very glad to be running ics on the majority of my devices on top of my galaxy nexus.
    Going to run with htc and nexus devices from here on out. Can’t wait to see what the next nexus looks like.

  7. I dont understand why they put galaxy on everything. I just associate galaxy with junk. This, their boost phone, the nexus, all horrible devices prone to failure. They might as call it the Samsung instinct galaxy nexus pocket edition. Junk.

    1.  I dunno. Everyone else associates Galaxy with epic awesomeness.

    2.  I happen to have the small Samsung Galaxy Prevail and its a nice little phone at 3.2inch screen with android 2.3 without touchwiz and its only 800mhz as well but its so crammed full of bloatware you cant use it unless you install a custom rom onto the phone. beyond the bloat its a nice little phone for texting calling and music playing. I got it since it was cheap at the time and on boostmobile where I dnt have to worry about contracts and sinc eI am on a limited income thats a good thing. To offset the small screen I picked up the Nook Tablet at $250 and it works well with cm7 installed.

    3. Galaxy S2/S3 bro……..

    4. The Galaxy S II was the best selling Android phone of 2011.  Obviously most people don’t feel the same as you.

  8. I want this, but in a media player format without all the unnecessary hardware/radios and a bigger battery. I do not want an Apple MP3 player nor do I want a tablet to carry with me when I jog, ride, or snowboard. This size would be perfect for what I need. Tell me it has a 2000mah battery and I will gladly buy this and make it my MP3 player!

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