Mar 6th, 2012

Okay, we’ve all heard the news and for lack of better word — yeah, it pretty much sucks. Google has officially rebranded the web version of the Android Market into “Google Play.” And that’s not all, following suit are all of Google’s popular apps: Google Books is now Google Play Books. Google Music is now Google Play Music. Even Andy Rubin is has legally changed his name to Andy Play Rubin. You get the picture.

Now, let me just say this. I get it. The Android Market has grown bigger than the mobile operating system we all hold so dear. It’s not longer about apps. There’s books and movies. I mean, you don’t even need to own an Android device in order to take advantage of all these great Google services. A new name was definitely in order.

But Google Play? Even as a creature of habit who sometimes loathes change, I still feel like there were a couple of better ideas out there. How ’bout just plain ‘ol Google Market? Most companies who offer goods and services will chose a term that immediately lets you know you need to break out your wallet. Market, store, bazaar. All better ideas. Not playground. And don’t even get me started on that logo. A shopping bag, while a maybe a little too cutesy, was clear and to the point. You click on this to buy some stuff. Couldn’t be easier.

If you would have asked me a few weeks ago what Google was planning on doing with all these “Play” domains they snatched up, I would have guess they were planning on entering into the gaming market. Maybe some cool new Android based gaming system. Never in a million years would I have guessed they were going to rename the Android Market.

So what’s next from Googs? Well, if this impromptu name change is any indication, I’d say the ad company is planning for an even bigger push into the digital content market. It’s no longer all searches and ads anymore for Google. They are now officially your source for any and all digital content. I think at this year’s Google I/O will start to see them invade your living room becoming your central hub for all things digital.

But now, I want to pass it to you. What do you guys think about this new name change? Would Google Market have been more appropriate? Maybe they Android Market was fine and there was no need to change it? Sounds like another Phandroid poll is in order. Vote!

Feel the need to update your Android Market app to the new Google Play… store app. Try this. Worked like a charm for me.

Jump into your Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All tab > Market > Clear Data. Launch the Market app and you should now have the new Google Play Market. Enjoy.