Samsung Shows Off New Stereo Speakers With Dual-Dock For Android Devices


There’s no question that Android devices rule the mobile world when it comes to market share, so why don’t we see more products built with the Android user in mind? A few weeks back, I showed you guys the Fidelio speaker docks from Philips that were tailored made for Android devices, thanks to the inclusion of a micro USB dock for charging your device while playing your smooth jazz. And now it looks like Samsung will follow Philips’ lead with their new line of speakers featuring dual-docks for both iPhone and Android devices.

The new high quality speakers come in 2 form factors and 2 sizes for each. You have the traditional box look DA-E650 (40 watt output and a 20-watt subwoofer), and the DA-E670 (100 watt output and a 60-watt subwoofer). Don’t forget the strange elbow macaroni shaped DA-E550 featuring 10-watts of total power. While Samsung’s own Galaxy S line was specifically mentioned, these speakers will accommodate all forms of Android phones (and maybe even a few tablets as well). No word on pricing but be on the lookout for these to hit stores sometime in April.

NEW YORK, March 6, 2012 – Samsung Electronics America Inc., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today announced the immediate availability of its 2012 range of home entertainment systems, which include Blu-ray players, home theater systems and sound bars. Samsung also announced its audio docks, which support both Apple® and Android® devices, will begin shipping in April 2012.

The 2012 line is one of Samsung’s most comprehensive in the audio-visual segment. In addition to delivering purer sounds and superior video quality, Samsung is including wireless capabilities across even more products so it is easier to connect to other devices in the living room.

“Consumers are becoming more discerning in their appreciation of quality sound in the home,” said Jim Kiczek, director of marketing for Home Theater and Blu-ray, Samsung Electronics America. “A smarter, theater-like home entertainment system offers an easy solution for anyone looking to upgrade their entertainment experience, whether their passion is for movies, music or video games.”

Stylish Home Entertainment Systems with Superior Sound Qualities

Users will be amazed by superb 2D and 3D content viewing through Samsung’s HT-E5500W 3D Blu-ray Home Theater System, thanks to new technologies that optimize audio and video, content options and performance upgrades.

This six-speaker 5.1 channel system offers a virtual 7.1 channel sound experience. It uses an advanced algorithm that analyzes the sound in the two rear speakers to create the effect of two additional channels of sound. The home theater system also features Samsung’s 3D Sound technology, which syncs the audio track of 3D content to match 3D motion on the screen and adds vertical 3D sound effects for a uniquely immersive visual and audio experience. The HT-E5500W’s BD Wise Plus feature automatically adjusts the Samsung TV setting to provide optimal picture for each scenario, and also includes built-in WiFi, full web browsing and Samsung Apps.

The HW-E550 Surround Sound Bar with 3D Depth Sound presents multiple options for the placement of the device so as to complement any room set up. Users can place the sound bar horizontally below their TV or split the sound bar into two vertical speakers. By attaching each speaker to an included base, the soundbar can also morph into a traditional looking 2.1-channel system with half-tall speakers.

New Audio Docks Amp up the Style Element in Any Room

Samsung also unveiled the first models of its new line of audio dock systems that feature a stylish design and crystal clear audio experience. Consumers can choose from two designs – a sleek box-shaped audio dock with a piano-black finish or a stylish horn-shaped audio dock.

The Samsung DA-E670 Audio Dock is the industry’s first audio dock with extended multi-device compatibility. Users will be able to connect to both Galaxy® S and Apple iOS® devices, either wired or wirelessly; enjoying their favorite music has never been easier. With its compact footprint, the DA-E670 is ideal for a living room, home office or bedroom. An integrated subwoofer delivers an improved bass response compared to conventional docking stations.

Sophisticated Form Factors, Powerful Form Factors

Samsung’s 2012 Blu-ray players continue the minimalistic style that was first unveiled in 2011. With centralized controls for easy access and management and a smoother and quieter loading experience, the Blu-ray players also offer a boot time of less than one second.

Consumers can easily upgrade their home entertainment experience with Samsung’s 2012 Blu-ray players. Each player is able to up-convert DVDs, older non-HD content and even low-resolution streaming video to pristine 1080p for a superior viewing experience. The entire line of 2012 Blu-ray players is DLNA®-compatible through Samsung AllShare™. Samsung has also extended the range of Blu-ray players with built-in WiFi so consumers have easy access to the broadest range of video apps through Samsung Apps and Smart Hub. A full web browser delivers seamless access to rich content.

The stylish Samsung BD-E6500 3D Blu-ray player is the ideal product for consumers seeking to maintain a clean look-and-feel in the room. With 2 HDMI inputs, consumers can connect the player to two devices – such as a game console and set-top box – and the TV without additional wires.

Extend the Entertainment Value of Your Favorite Movies

The Disc to Digital feature on Samsung 2012 Blu-ray players is a boon to consumers with a library of DVDs or Blu-rays. They can now register their ownership of physical discs, and access the same movie content on a variety of devices, virtually anytime and anywhere-even from multiple locations at once. Once digital copies have been created and added to the consumer’s UltraViolet collection, the content will be made available through the Flixster application on Samsung’s Smart Hub, as well as on a broad range of connected devices such as smart phones, tablet, PCs and Smart TVs. Consumers also have the option to purchase HD quality versions of these movies, and can share digital library content with other members under the same account.


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  1. Yikes, either an ’80s boombox or a severed mannequin’s limb. I’ll pass.

    1.  I actually though it was something from a plumbing section of Home Depot.

  2. I don’t like that it is still aimed for iDevices primarily (you can tell because an iDevice will hide the ugly port behind it and an Android device won’t…)

  3. Chris, there was a pretty large display featuring these and many vacuum tube based audio devices for Samsung Galaxy devices, including the Galaxy Tab 10.1/phone interchangability.  They were to the left of the dual view TV booth.  Did you see them?  They are very nice!

  4. Someone fix the title. It says of instead of off

  5. I’d buy something like this. If it isn’t outrageously priced. Amazon of course.

    1. You said that already…

  6. I’d buy something like this so long as it’s not outrageously overpriced. Amazon of course.

  7. The reason is pretty simple.  Every iPhone/Pod/Pad has the dock in the exact same place.  That’s not the case with various android devices, so “docking” usually includes a cable, so why create a dock at all when the audio inputs work just as well?  Heck, look at the Acer tablet line.  They don’t charge off of USB and require a separate charging port.

  8. We have two iPhone speakers (Altec Lansing, B&W) in our house and both of them require shimming the phone when it is placed on the device to get power in or sound out.  I used to wish Apple would work out a common standard with other companies for connections, but now I think the future is inductive charging and wireless audio (e.g. AirPlay) interfaces.  These physical connections are just too fragile.  It then becomes possible to sell the same device that works with Apple, Android, and others.

  9. “While Samsung’s own Galaxy S line was specifically mentioned, these speakers will accommodate all forms of Android phones”

    Can we take this to mean the Galaxy S devices will dock correctly and send the audio over microUSB? Whilst all other android phones will need to connect a 3.5mm jack like the other 38,020,019 “iPhone Compatible” audio docks.

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