Google Play Store rolling out to Galaxy Nexus, XOOM, Google TV devices [Update: and more!]


The transition from the Android Market to Google Play Store has begun on a handful of Android devices. The new name and logo have begun appearing in place of Google’s old app and media marketplace on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Motorola XOOM, and Google TV hardware. The Google Play Store is identical in most ways to the existing Android Market build. The name change marks the only noticeable difference. Cherish your Android Market while you can, because once this rollout reaches all devices it looks like it will be phased out of our lives for good.

Update: We have received reports of the Google Play Store now appearing on the Droid Bionic, Droid 2, and other devices. We’ve also been alerted to a text message Verizon is sending to their customers notifying of the change from Android Market to Google Play. Is it a coincidence that devices receiving the Google Play Store all share Verizon as an operator?

[via DroidLife]

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  1. And gtab 10.1 :-)

    1. Its called play shop on my gnex in UK

  2. IMO, change is good, but this one seems kind of unnecessary. Android Market, or just Market, worked as a blanket for all the mediums Google sells; Books, Movies, apps, Music and games. What does Google Play make you think of? Games, and maybe Music and Movies. Not normal app,s and certainly not books. Why the name change allofasudden?

    1. Well, “Android Market” doesn’t work if you are trying to sell apps, books, games and music through things like TV’s and computers that aren’t running Android.  So a change was sort-of needed. “Play” doesn’t necessarily seem like the best choice though. They could have gone with the simple “Google Market” but I guess they are trying to create a more catchy brand name.  I really don’t care though as long as it works.

  3. It rolled out to ALL Android devices, not just Google devices.  I just got the news apps/app store on my Droid Bionic. :/  I’ll send you guys a tip.

  4. I backed out of my Market and went back in on the Verizon Razr. I received the terms and conditions for Google Play but still looks the same. 

    1. Now I got it. Restarted and still said Market. Then went into Manage Apps and saw Market wasn’t there, but Google Play was LOL! Then when I clicked the Market again it said upgrading to Google Play. No difference at all other than the name as others have stated… on my Verizon Droid Razr. But who knows… change will probably come.  

      1. Yeah, I’m about to go submit a bug report with Motorola.

    2. Just realized on the Razr, Google Play broke the little white Market bag that was in the upper right hand corner of the app drawer. It is on every screen of the app drawer, so made things nice and easy, but now says “application is not installed on your phone.” 

  5. I think the change is a good thing. Google is moving in the right direction by unifying the whole Google experience. I look forward to what they have in store for the rest of 2012!

    1. Unification = good.  This naming scheme = dumb.

      1. Naming scheme is genius. Or at least I have yet to hear a better candidate.

        -Google Market(place) would conflict with the Google store where you buy physical merchandise
        -Android store/market(place) would be stupid, since you can make use of the store (for books or music) without ever owning an android device
        -App store/market(place) is stupid since movies/music/ebooks are not apps

        And the play moniker with its logo have been linked to digital media since its inception. What better way to differentiate the google store which sells digital content from the one that sells physical content?

  6. Got it on my Rezound

  7. On the last app that I updated, I got a new TOS from Google Play, but my Market is still called ‘Market’. Sounds like it should be soon. (GSM GNex on T-Mo)

    1. That is what happens the first time.  Restart your phone, wait for the connection to turn blue at the top, then relaunch the app.  It should re-brand itself.  Keep restarting until it does.  Worked for both of my Bionics.

  8. I think it’s best to just let Google continue tying services together. They could do some great things with Android as a platform if they would just tie in their services better. Entering the game market and filling in the gap that Sony has been allowing would be a nice step to see. Xbox Live makes online gaming simple and continuous. Google could easily make a competitor with their current services and social network.

  9. If you can’t get it to update but have already updated books/music/movies, then open one of those and press the new market button. I had to try all three but one of them should prompt you to change the market to Play.

  10. Got it on my Acer a200 but not my HTC Inspire.

  11. got it on my HTC Sensation

  12. My Toshiba Thrive & my Evo 3d are both updated to Google Play.

  13. I got it on my GSM galaxy Nexus so it’s not just Verizon phones.

  14. HP Touchpad check

  15. Got it on my GSII on AT&T. Just restarted phone and it worked. Running cm7 tho so dont know if it works on stock rom.

  16. Got it on the htc Inspire 4g on AT&T.

  17. Got it on the Samsung Galaxy S II (I9100 international version) in the Netherlands :)

  18. ive got it on my gsm gnex, wifi xoom, my friends mytouch 4g and my girls sgs2

  19. Got it on my galaxy note. The name sucks, they should have kept it the same or called it the google market.

  20. All 5 of my sprint devices received it

  21. Got it on my rezound, nothing different other than the name. Now to check my galaxy tab and bionic.

  22. Got it on my Desire, t-mob UK.

  23. there’s the link for the apk if you don’t have the update yet

  24. Just received the update on my TF201 and my Evo 3D.

  25. Got it on my Epic 4G and Gtab 10.1!

  26. Nexus S on 4.0.3 got it.

  27. Unifying update? Could this unify the old Android Market and the Chrome Webstore?

  28. Brazil, Galaxy S2 (CM9) and x10 Mini (MiniCM7) both received updated “Google Play”. have fun with the .apk

  29. Got it on my sensation 4g

  30. Received on my Motorola Photon, Sprint.

  31. This new name is absolutely retarded.Almost Worse than “Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch.”,

  32. OMG!!! I just received the update on my microwave!!!

  33. I got it on my Tmo Galaxy S2. so its not just Verizon. but i dont like it. I like the new icons for the music and the books. but the “play” bullshit has got to go. I liked the Android market place. 

  34. got it on my balls


    legal rights, obligations and liabilities that you and Google have benefited from, been subject to (or which have accrued over time whilst these Terms have been in force) or which are expressed to continue indefinitely, shall be unaffected by this cessation,


  36. music manager on windows is updated with branding and new gold icon as well

  37. What the hell does it matter what it’s called….You nerds need to get a life!!!

    1. Was that necessary? I just imagine you typing that thinking “I’m gonna stick it to them; I’m gonna call them nerds and tell them to get a life.” LAME. You commented on an android news/rumor site. Pot meet kettle.

  38. Malik keeps it real. LOL

  39. *Raises hand*
    Excuse me, what is this shit?

  40. Got it on my nexus s 4.0.3

  41. I have received the update on my Droid 4 as well. While I understand it, I am not sure if I like it…

  42. I got my update I’m sad to see my “ANDROID MARKET” leave my home screen… But I guess now it’s time to “PLAY” WHY CAN GOOGLE update the market to just about every phone in the world but they can’t update O.S. Versión and everything else come on Google don’t play with my emotions

  43. Got it on my CyanogenMod LG Optimus 2X

  44. Got it on my a500

  45. Got it on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 but not on my Canadian Virgin Mobile Galaxy Nexus….

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