LG Optimus L3 headed to Europe this month


The LG Optimus L3 will be sashaying its way to Europe later this month with releases in Russia and Asia to follow. The entry-level device with an 800MHz processor and 3.2-inch display is part of LG’s larger L series unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week. The new line puts an emphasis on good looks over top-of-the-line hardware and manages to do a pretty good job of it. You can check out our first look, which also gives an overview of the slightly more powerful L5 and L7 handsets. Release info on those devices has yet to be revealed. The Gingerbread-laden Optimus L3 should sell for south of the 200 euro border when it hits shelves.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. Boring

  2. LG phones are awful, doesn’t matter the slightest to me what it’s like on the inside if the package it’s in looks awful .. I am yet to figure out what it is with most manufacturers running Android but apart from Sony and the rival Apple, none seem to have a clue what the words aesthetically pleasing mean, either that or they just don’t think it matters …. Well it does, iPhone or some of the latest Sony handsets are all that I would choose, the rest just look awful and most are like bricks in the hand, if not thick they’re huge.

    1. A phone is a tool, not your girlfriend.

      “That wrench is so ugly. I’m going to wait for Apple to come out with the iWrench before I work on my house.”

      1. Are you really that naive that you think looks don’t matter unless it’s your girlfriend?? I’m fairly sure a lot do care and tbh it’s not my fault if you have no taste or think aesthetics don’t matter, maybe you’re just bitter, perhaps you just can’t afford the good stuff, I don’t know what the reason but seeing as you mentioned Apple, they sold over 1 million iPhones in 24 hours when the 4S came out and that wasn’t because of Siri, the fact is that if Apple phones and Sony phones looked like LG’s shit they wouldn’t sell anything like that figure and that’s a fact.

        1.  I agree LG sucks, especially this LG phone. But you didn’t just go after LG. You went after every other phone except for Apple and Sony’s, which are underpowered compared to the competition.
          Apple can sell so many phones because its fans are brainwashed. You won’t get similar results from Sony because the rest of the population is more pragmatic.

  3. I think its ugly, but what is worse is the 3+ year old specs. Jesus, my dinc was better.

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