Less than 1 million Google TV’s out there – but why so few?


After becoming the most popular mobile platform, Android continues to get stronger, with over 850 thousand activations a day. Not every Android type of device is doing as great, though. We know that Google TV sales are not doing as well as they could, despite its most recent, and substantial, improvements.

According to a recent study conducted by Xiologic, there are less then 1 million Google TV units out there. Such number is acquired from the number of app downloads these smart televisions get from the Android Market. Needless to say that this method is not the most reliable, but it does get a good approximation and gives us an idea of how strong Google TV is, at the moment.

We have seen Logitech give up on this platform, and Sony is not producing any new Google TV devices. Reliable inside sources have previously told us that some new Sony Google TV’s were set to come to the market, with the product almost ready for production. But the Japanese manufacturer decided to give up on that project, and just bring a Google TV 2.0 update to its current iterations.

Said TVs never came to light, and prototypes were destroyed after the decision was made. The matter is now in the past, and no longer relevant to the consumer, as the product will never be released. But this proves that Google TV has a long way to go before it truly becomes successful.

Google TV saw some great improvements, now having access to the Android Market, which was the biggest request. But apps are scarce, as developers are not very inspired by such quantity of devices out there. It is yet unclear how things will turn out once Apple TV is released. But we hope that Google and the manufacturers have something good up their sleeves.

As usual, we would like to know how our readers see this. Do you guys like Google TV? What do you think Google could do to make its product more enticing?

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  1. Because there’s no content.

  2. Price. If I’m already spending 300 dollars on a phone, it’s hard to go spend 300 dollars on a Google TV device. Plus, there’s only the one by Sony that’s actively supported. It’d be better if there were more manufacturers and the price was a bit lower.

    1.  Took the words right out of my mouth. Price seems a lil steep, and I wish there were more choices in manufacturers. Perhaps a stand alone Google TV box that doesn’t have to be built into a TV or Blueray player would be nice (like, gasp, Apple TV box)… this would also bring the price down I think having a stand alone box. I already have a PS3 with blue ray built in, so I dont really need that. 

    2. I wouldn’t consider it too pricey for its value. I bought one along with an internet-enabled Samsung TV. I love my Google TV and am glad I invested in one. The built-in TV guide makes it very easy to see what’s on. There is so much it is capable of compared to others and its only going to get better. I have to agree that the Market isn’t very interesting at the moment due to lack of apps available. Hopefully their next OS update to Jelly bean will put focus on further merging Google TV with the Android baseline so as to improve on application compatibility. Only other gripe I have is that the remote should have had a back light to help see keys at night. I otherwise love the design of the remote.

  3. I think that it is very understandable that smart TV pickup speed is much slower than smartphones. This is a new market that is still searching for its place. Eventually, there will be the killer app that makes people get the value of a smart tv platform and make them wanting to own one. Google TV has a real chance to be the unifying platform that brings manufacturers together to produce that. We’re still some time away from that point. It will happen though.

  4. The public has demonstrated that they really have no desire for Android outside of the phones, so I’m not sure if there’s really any success to be had here. Apple isn’t even really successful in this area.

  5. I think it is a cool idea, but i would like it to be more easily available for upgrades, like samsungs new TV’s. I bought a new TV a year ago and i am not going to start exchanging TV’s like I do phones now. I need a GTV box that i can buy upgradeable memory, RAM, and processors for the future. 

  6. If there was a $100 or less Google TV box out there, with decent hardware, then I would be all over it.  If you think about it, they are making a 7″ quad core android tablet for $200.  If you subtract the screen and battery, and add in ethernet instead of 3g/4g, hitting $100 should be no problem.  

  7. I’m in the UK and still waiting for a manufacturer to release it here. I’m sure there are many other regions in the same situation. If only they release it in more regions, then I’m sure the numbers would go up. As with anything, as the user base goes up, so does the development support which leads to more and better apps which then leads to even more users and the cycle continues.

  8. … mobiles/tablets are starting to be the new TV inputs:

    e.g. motorola and xperia line up, htc one x with Wireless Hdmi

  9. I’m just waiting for the next generation of hardware

  10. more content cut out cable and make were you can buy H B O as a app so you will only have to buy basic cable . 

    1. That’s HBO’s fault

  11. I actually have one, and am quite the fan. However, many people are very resistant to change when it comes to lean back entertainment. 

  12. It def needs revamped and improved especially content but I love it and if google pursues it i think it could be a great product combined with android@home

  13. theres no one major selling point or even any real advertising for this. plus most people just wanna watch tv flip through channels and be done anything extra can be done on your google phone your pc or a gaming console so why do you need it. thats what google isnt doing is convinving people they need it. wheres the gimmick google? every good product needs one

    1. Word. I barely know anything about it or know it’s true purpose. I need Google to tell me why I want this exactly.

  14. because there are cheaper alternatives 

  15. I like everything about my 46″ GTV except that I cannot play shooter console games on it. If i could I’d take it back for that reason alone now

  16. More apps, content and speed the device up.
    My revue if so sluggish drives me nuts!

  17. It’s not that they don’t have enough content, it’s that the current tv’s that provide Google TV aren’t to par with the other tv’s currently out now (e.g.) size, quality, resolution, etc.

  18. Because like all their projects, Google always has everything in “Beta” mode. They keep promising but never fully deliver….Just like the “BIG” announcement last moth that turned out to be an updated Youtube app… Focus and follow through for once!

  19. I want the next generation GTV box. I hope it comes with a large HD for apps, games and other things like that. Eventually, I hope they have boxes/TVs with the power of PCs/consols. You would get the full internet experience along with your TV signal plus high end games and such. Being able to search across TV, apps and the internet for what you want is one of the important and unique features of GTV too.

  20. They’re about to sell a whole lot less once the apple tv is unleashed this year

    1. YAWN… Boring troll is boring.

      1. No trolling here, just wait and see ;)

        1. It’s sad but it’s true.  Apple is going to market their trash better.

  21. I would pay $150 or less for a roku-esque Google TV box. Look at the new raspberry-pi. Its a full Linux computer with HD output for under $30. Why can’t a company produce a similar micro-computer for Google TV?

  22. One of the best features of GTV is the way that it organizes tv schedules and makes it all searchable. The problem is, I know personally I am only looking for set top boxes that help me cut the cord, not ones that require me to have cable to get the max benefit. I love my Roku because it was cheap, and gets me all the streaming video I want. 

    Get me a GTV box that is in the $75-$125 range, syncs media/apps with my phone, and maybe more/better content than Roku? I’d make the switch. But I think Google is stuck in terms of what they can do with media access, having to negotiate with an industry that is terrified of their content being easily accessed online, on a big screen.

  23. One big problem is their refusal to embrace broadcast-only setups. They should embrace the hordes of people who want to cut the cable and just have broadcast and Web-based video. The platform could really take off if they just kicked the cable companies out of bed with them.

  24. I have a Revue & I hadly use it. We have 2x Boxee Box’s in the house & use those daily. Why? Apps & functionality.
    Google TV does not have enough mature content apps. Why with the might of Google can they not compete with Roku & Boxee?
    Social integration – I like how on my Boxee I can post to Facebook & Twitter plus get feeds on what my friends are watching / have watched – GTV is not even close.
    Local content – GTV focuses on everything being streamed from the net & less about local media. My Boxee will integrate with net providers to tell me whats available & what I have locally all with nice thumbnails & synopsis of the content. Again GTV doesn’t come close.
    Unless they give me more content & better functionality – I’ll stick with Boxee.
    And no, I’m not a Boxee employee.

  25. I totally dig my 40 inch Sony Google TV but I don’t think the masses are ready for such a device yet.  I use mine every day and I love the controler.

    On the other hand, my brother lives with me and I’ve shown him the controler and all of the power that the TV offers but he just watches cable on it and never uses any of the cool stuff.

    Google is first to market with such a device but when Apple or Microsoft come out with the same device the Media are going to be all over it and hyping it all up.  First to market and offering a lot of choices are not always best. 

    Both Apple and eventually Microsoft will both offer such a device that is dumbed down and they will sell better, sadly :(

  26. I’d like to build my own GoogleTV on my HTPC.

  27. My Logitech Revue arrived three days after Logitech introduced it.  The set-up was easy and I was up and running in about twenty minutes.  I’ve never regretted the purchase.  The additional media experiences delivered through my big screen tv and home theater sound system have been very rewarding.  Well worth the cost.

    I am 72 years old  and a serial early adopter for stuff that interests me.  About three months after the first purchase, I bought 3 more revues for my kids and my grandchildren to enjoy.  They all continue to use and enjoy them.  I would not like to consider living again without the real benefits that Google TV has added to my big screen media video/audio experience.  

    I will be a buyer of Google’s next upgraded TV device. 

    1. Judging from your experience, Don, it sounds like the problem was mostly in advertising. People just did not know what to expect. I don’t have much of an idea even now . . .

  28. Right now I believe Google TV has to be associated with a Google account.  That is not ideal for a TV that is shared between multiple people.

  29. just wait for kinect integration in apps

  30. I really dig my 40 in Sony LED TV that I bought for less than the cost of an iPad. I don’t have cable and I do just ota content and netflix and my amazon prime account. Gtv finds all the content even over the air and puts it on an easy to use app. My only complaint is no July for android…

  31. Today I bought a Sony Google TV with Blu-ray. My only complaint is audio quality but that’s only because I’m using a VCI to HDMI adapter. I’m actually quite happy with it.

  32. less than a million ? logitech depleted their stock, didmt they make more than a million of them ? and i dont even own a tv set, but i am interested in messing around with a google tv, price is all it comes down to i guess  

  33. I got my $99 Logitech Revue, and love it.  I don’t even have cable box in my room.  Plex for Google TV totally makes this device though.  It was also a great way to get Netflix on my $500 42″ 1080p LCD TV.  Through some Pandora gravy on it, and it’s just plain awesome.  I never use it for surfing the web, and I don’t think I’ve ever searched for anything on it either.  It’s nice to know that it’s capable of more than I’ve used it for, so far.  Till then, Plex FTW!

  34. i really enjoy my Google TV. when we have nothing to do at home.. we’re surfing the web. or YouTubing Ellen videos. We can watch any movie through the box and now that its been updated to a 3D blu ray player.. i cant wait until our next television we buy wihich will be a  3D OLED television! 

  35. GoogleTV is only for the geeks and Kevin Bacon fans.  For everyone else, it’s pure garbage.  The studios don’t allow it to be used, and the interface with that logitech bastardized keyboard that belonged on a Windows PC was the final nail in its coffin.

    The fact that the only place that gives it any kind of praise is right here on this forum just cements the perception of what GoogleTV was.  Perfect for you guys, but for everyone else, look elsewhere.

    1. Lol I forgot about the Kevin Bacon commercial… That’s actually sad… Lol

  36. I think the target time right now for tv refreshes is 5 years…. so…. wait longer. :-)

  37. I love mine, but Plex is a huge part of that. Price needs to be around $100.

    I think these numbers are off. They are only going by accounts that have downloaded apps from the market. I’m sure there are more than a few people who have not downloaded anything at all. Or people who have more than one GTV device. So, these numbers are not accurate at all. 

    Also, did I miss that sony has given up on GTV all together? I didn’t hear anything about them canceling their new 2012 products? Source? Seems weird they keep pushing out updates for old gen products. 

  38. High cost when it was first released and no market was the problem. I mean, what were they thinking? If Android phones came out with no market how long would it have lasted? If WDTV adds a browser then I think google TV would be pretty useless. Or if WDTV adds Google it would become a success. Boxee, WDTV, Popcorn Hour, these are the devices that own that market and should all have Google TV. Its to the point now where there are more apps on the Xbox 360 than on the Revue. We’ll see what happens. I’ll stick with my WDTV and  my 360 for now. I would really love a browser though. Oh and Sony added AVI support I might consider it but until then, No thx Sony. 

  39. I was on the fence about getting a Logitech Revue vs a WD Live.  I had to go with the WD Live.  Price was not really a factor as I think it was only a $50 difference when I was deciding.

    Supported File formats was a big issue for me, the WD Live supported nearly everything out of the box I threw at it that was stored on my NAS. 

    Other then Amazon, all the Streaming services I wanted are supported on the WD (Netflix, Blockbuster, Hulu Plus, Cinema Now, Vudu, Flingo ect). 

    I didn’t want something to supplement my STB, but something to replace it (eventually I will want one of these with CableCard and DVR capabilities built in) and thanks to MythTV and a Silicon Dust Prime with a cablecard, I hardly ever use my STB except for live watching sports, and the occasional movie.

    Do I really want to have twitter, facebook, ect on the TV?  Sure, if I was single, it might be nice, but in a family/centralized situation, not really. I like keeping my accounts to my self. The remote I think can be something of an entire rant by itself. 

  40. Weak marketing machine is all there is to it…..wait till apple tv gets everyone’s attention:) That’s how it works. Apple take people’s idea and brain wash people into buying it, the market follows. Apple start thinking that they invented yet another successful product.

  41. I love my Google TV for $100.  I never would have bought one for Logitech’s original asking price.

  42. There are so few because people have no idea what it does.  When I have demoed or explained what the box does to a few people they are very interested in the box.  Lack of great advertising makes it a tough sell.  I can stream my movies, watch movies on my hard drive / NAS , I can watch all flash content I need to, go on Youtube.  Its an amazing box for $100 , heck the Logi keyboard is worth $100 alone.

  43. It would make much more sense to cut the cable company all together and sell channels as subscription based apps. This would allow people to only get the stations that they wish to watch. The cable companies are terrified as they should be, its just a matter of time.

  44. umm.. how about selling it outside the US, say.. Europe?
    and at an US price, not the wonderful conversion of any device worth $200 in the US sold for 350E in the EU, even if the 1 US dollar is about 0.8 Euros :|

  45. I have the Sony Blu Ray player with GTV and the device works well. One major aggravation is that so many web videos are blocked on the GTV browser. ABC News is one we would like to look at but it is blocked. Also, no Hulu or Hulu-plus available. We rarely see any new apps and the selection is unimpressive. We are only Web connected, thus there is little content.

  46. 1. Television is still a passive medium.  It’s not much about looking for content, it’s about the content being there.

    2. There’s On Demand content through the cable/satellite box that doesn’t require switching video inputs or programming extra remotes.

    3. People already have DVD/Blu-Ray players and game consoles to switch between.

    4. Providers like the cable companies because they buy all their extra crap channels in order to get the couple of good ones.  There’s no incentive for a la carte offerings.

  47. I just got a Revue about a month ago and so far I think it’s okay.  Not great, but okay.  My biggest grip so far is that netflix is not playable.  It stops too much making it useless.

    I have a TiVo, so it would be nice if I could just search for a particular show and then be able to setup a recording for it.  More integration would be great.

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