Custom kernel brings improved screen performance to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus


The Samsung Galaxy Nexus sports an HD Super AMOLED display that is currently blowing our minds, but it seems it is not perfect. XDA Developers member mumchristmas has taken it upon himself to investigate just how great this display was, and came up with some disappointing findings.

The user used an application called Voodoo Screen Test, and he found the following issues with Google’s flagship device:

  • Average Gamma value is about 1.9, far from the ISO stand 2.2. So the color is just too bright (I’m not saying screen brightness).
  • The shadow part (0-40% gray level) of 3 color curve were almost out of trim. In another words, inaccurate color balance.
  • As the color unbalance. The color temperature is starting from lower than 5500K to 6500K, which the ISO stand is 6500K at any color level.

It was not possible to fix the gamma value issues, but the user’s custom kernel is able to improve the device’s color balance and temperature. The custom kernel comes with ColorControl function. After installing this, as well as a new Android structure file, the color balance is said to be substantially improved.

In order to get this kernel, you can simply head over to XDA Developers and check out mumchristmas’ thread. As always, be careful, this may void your warranty, and it is no one’s responsibility if something happens to your device.

With that said, check it out if you feel like getting a better display experience. And don’t forget to come back and let us know how it works.

[Source: XDA Developers Via: XDA Developers]

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  1. When I first played around with one of these I immediately noticed how bad/off the color was–really glad to hear there’s potential for improvement for when it comes to Sprint

  2. There seems to be a lot of inconsistency in the color, brightness, and temperature representation between devices. My Galaxy Nexus has a much brighter screen with a cooler (closer to white) temperature than my girlfriends Galaxy Nexus.

    How would this kernel compensate for the differences between various devices? 

  3. Maybe one day, android system will come stock with the ability to make these adjustments out of the box.

  4. Better screen performance = better battery life maybe?

    1. Might change the performance up a TINY (ever so slight) bit.. due to the white balancing (less power required when pushing slightly off white, as opposed to ‘pure white’).. but any gains on 1 end will likely be lost on the other end of the spectrum.. so could be slightly better, slightly worse, or break even.. YMMV

    2. Performance is probably not the best word. This isn’t going to make games and movies faster but they may look better.

  5. Franco kernel updater app has color adjustments built in. Plus you get the great speed, o/c UV, and governer adjustments.

    1. Yeah, I use Franco as well. Well worth the app purchase! (Kernel is free, but the app gives you easy access to a lot of the features, as well as a one touch auto update)

  6. anyone know if this (or any?) software would be able to fix the slightly noticeable cross hatching that is in the G Nexus screen? It’s barely noticeable, but i do notice it and it bugs me. 

    1. Pains of pentile 

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