A Pair of New Mytouch Devices Headed To T-Mobile – This Time From Huawei


A pair of new Huawei devices are headed to T-Mobile under Magenta’s “myTouch” branding. Previously we’ve seen Mytouches from HTC and LG and now it looks like Huawei will take the reins with their U8680 and U8730 devices to launch sometime this Spring. Don’t expect too much in terms of specs with both devices rocking Gingerbread and 800×480 resolution displays. The only differences between the two are — just like LG’s MyTouches — one featuring a keyboard and the other all slate.

Huawei stated in the past that they wanted their devices to become a household name in the US, and it looks like with T-Mobile (who recently released their 7-inch tablet) they’re on the right track. Here’s to hoping we see more of Huawei in the future and by that, I mean their quad-core Ice Cream Sandwich device Huawei D Quad device.


Chris Chavez
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  1. Why does this brand continue to comeback? Do people really like the whole mySense layer?

    1. When it was Sense.. yeah. I liked it. 

      Now LG and Huawei’s version? Not so much =/

      I actually like to see T-Mobile bring back brands like this. Gives me hope they’ll release another “G” device with stock Android ;D

      1. That’s what I was thinking too. I’m hoping that rumor on the One X coming to T-Mobile stock is true. 

  2. If these aren’t dual devices, they are a huge FAIL.

  3. Huawei has a bad rep of making low end android phones now there trying to make there own version of the mytouch series huawei just stop while your at it …i use to own products from huawei and they where terrible

    1. I’ve owned a few Samsung products that were horrible as well. They seemed to turn it around.

      Huawei’s tablets are super nice and decently priced. Looks like they’re reinventing themselves as well. =)

    2. I have zero experience with Huawei and have always viewed them as the K-Mart of phones but the stuff they have introduced recently looks highly competitive.

      I do feel that selling a mytouch phone will only drag you down though and keep.

  4. shame my touch phone use to be quality and powerful phones
    t mobile has enough low end mid range crap we dont need this

    1. When was this?

      1. myTouch 4G, myTouch 4G Slide.

        Even the original myTouch 3G was near the top of the line when it released.

  5. Wtf happened to the mytouch brand

    1.  HTC stop making it, that is what happen.

      1. HTC never updated it and mytouch devices HTC are less than mediocre except for the slide4G actually t-mo should have stuck with LG to make the MyTouch series. MyToouch by LG is just a good looking functional battery saving phone.

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