Mar 2nd, 2012

With Mobile World Congress behind us and the HTC One series of devices stealing the show, many HTC customers were left drooling over the new version of Sense and Android 4.0 that came along with it. Well, if you’re currently still holding onto your aging HTC Thunderbolt, we may have some good news that will breathe new life into the device.

It appears that HTC has begun the testing phase for getting Ice Cream Sandwich onto the device, sending out emails looking for testers of the software as leaked by VZBuzz. Keeping true to their word, HTC has not forgotten the Thunderbolt and even though the device might not have the latest dual-core specs, it’s nice to see the device hasn’t been abandoned by it’s parent.

It’s still unclear if the Thunderbolt will be receiving the all new Sense 4.0 as found on the HTC One X and One S — or the slightly toned down Sense 3.6 as found on the HTC One V. We’re guessing the latter. Has anyone else received one of these emails?

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