HTC One X Test Shots Show Off New Camera Tech [Gallery]


In case you wondering what kind of picture quality the HTC One X and One S were capable of spitting out, we have a few images here that show off exactly what their new ImageSense technology is all about. In our hands-on video, we were able to demonstrate their speed, and now we can finally take a look at the quality of those images taken with the HTC One.

HTC, who has long been known for providing one of the lesser quality cameras on the market, made a pretty big deal about their new camera tech equipping their flagships with with f/2.o aperture/28mm lenses and they even going as far as giving their devices their own dedicated processor for snapping pics, dubbed “ImageChip.” In theory, ImageChip increases image quality while providing super quick autofocus and taking equally fast snapshots on the fly. The LED even features 5 levels of brightness which should eliminate those creepy washed out photos you take in dimly lit areas.

What did you guys think? Impressed? A good quality camera on my phone is definitely a huge plus for me but one that takes a backseat to display. How do you guys feel about smart phone cameras? Simply an afterthought? Or is a great camera on your smartphone high up on your list of demanded features?


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I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. It will be interesting to compare this against the new Samsung Galaxy S 3 CMOS. f/2.0 is a must for low light though…I think that’s what the iPhone 4s uses right now, and it takes decent low light photos.

    1. i actually  think iPhone 4S is 2.4 or 2.2

    2. The iPhone is f/2.4, but it has a lot of image processing to make it look better.

      1.  Oh?  Good thing to know.  Then f/2.0 should POUND it in low light situations. Awesome.  I hope the SG3 has f/2.0 as well.

        1.  Pound it Hard!!!

  2. A good camera is a bonus to me. If I’m looking at a couple of phones and they appear equal in screen and speed, then I will move to the cameras next to see if one is a clear winner.

    1. So it’s the tie-breaker for you? :p

      1. Sure, probably 5th on my list – screen, skin (prefer stock), battery, speed, camera, storage. But even those things get weighted. The best camera in the world won’t make up for a phone with no storage or a crap battery.

  3. Awesome!  I see someone selling their 4S soon.

  4. Well its a much needed improvement to HTC’s line of phones. I am slightly intrigued, however I believe that there will be an even better phone dropping not too far after this one. I like the One X, but im waiting on the new qualcomm with the newer GPU. Thats probably my next phone.

  5. Who took thse photos?  If they were provided by HTC they may have been edited.

  6. Did these pics come from HTC?  I’ll wait to pass judgement until I see some “real” pics.

    1. Apparently these ARE real pics. HTC told AndroidandMe that these pictures have been unedited. However, it is very much clear that these pictures have been taken by someone with real skill. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to snap pictures of this quality since there are plenty of people who don’t know how to take a decent picture.

      1. They all say that. What is being referred to as a REAL pic here (I presume) is Jo Blow going out and snapping a picture while jogging (or some other such situation). I mean look at those pics. There isn;t a bad one in the bunch! Of course HTC is going to show the best of the best. The point is we want to see every day pics taken by every day people. Those released by the maker of the fine likely aren’t it. Obviously I’d love to be wrong, but History has me leary.

  7. It’s nice to see HTC finally improving their cameras.. even their previous flagship models had pretty mediocre cameras that couldn’t compare to the likes of Apple and Samsung. I currently own a Sprint GS2 and I find myself taking more photos then I ever did with previous smartphones.. it’s great having something near point-and-shoot quality with you at all times!

    1.  Both the Rezound and Amaze has better camera then Apple and Samsung

      1. I am not familiar with the Amaze, but I would personally disagree about the Rezound. At least compared to Apple’s latest.

  8. The camera is a crucial aspect for me.  I find it unacceptable to be without the ability to pull out my phone for a very quick, good quality photo.  I honestly considering switching to the iPhone for the camera (and a few other things admittedly).  It’s incredibly frustrating to watch a friend with an iPhone pull it out, take 3 practically flawless pictures before my camera finishes TAKING  the first (not to mention saving it).

    Men aren’t going to be carrying a dedicated camera with them most of the time given their already limited pocket space (you aren’t wearing cargo shorts/pants right?  RIGHT?  I certainly hope not…)  The exception to this rule is the photo junkies who consider photography a hobby; these folks are a minority. There are obviously occasions when I’ll carry a dedicated camera like weddings or picture heavy occasions, but when I’m just out with my friends I don’t want a camera in my pocket.

  9. Poor guys dreadlocks weigh him down… 

  10. Once you have kids, you’ll realize how important a great, fast camera is on your phone. I took probably 50 pics in the 9 months before the baby was born, but since that day (November) I’ve taken hundreds. So how important is it? It went from a nice feature to THE single most important feature of my phone. Good work HTC. Now bring it to VZW please :)

  11. As someone who has used a variety of decent pro and consumer cameras, they still look remarkably like grainy cell phone camera pictures to me. They’re a far cry from a decent image making tool.

    I dont know why cell phone pictures always look so… granular… I think they’re just using terrible lenses.

    1. Small sensors, and plastic lenses most of the time, although these are by far the best I have ever seen come out of a phone. However, I’ll save snapping pictures for my dslr.

  12. Out of the leading brands HTC has had the most undesirable cameras on a phone. Seems like every year they boast how much its been improved but I still can’t get a single shot indoors without massive motion blur and camera noise. Ill believe it when I see it for myself.

    1. I have a Rezound (dumb name) and I take phenomenal photos on it…I also have a digital SLR and light is always necessary, no matter what camera you use…Learning how to manipulate light is the secret to using any camera…The flash on my phone works well, but you have to practice with it…

  13. i call BS. these look doctored

  14. If you got kids a good camera phone is a must have

  15. Very impressive if they havent been enhanced

  16. Looks over saturated to me. 

  17. Thing about these is that the people taking these pix know how to get the most out of every camera they have placed in their hands.  That being said, I find a camera capable of this very desirable.  A good camera is very high on my priority list. 

  18. Great camera on a phone is pretty high on the list.  The best camera in the world is the one that you have with you.  And for me, I have my phone on me more often than not.

  19. wow. looks great.

  20. I think I’ll switch my Optimus 2X for a quad core phone in the next 6 months. I will have a look on real life battery life, support of the phone, power of the SoC and the prize.
    The Huawei D quad could make the race if the K3 really is as good as Huawei says and their support is any good.
    The LG Optimus 4X could make the race if Tegra 3 turns out to be really good and energy efficient – it’s battery capacity is significantly higher than the HTC One X’s
    The HTC One X has a very attractive appearance, but a smaller, non switchable battery. If it manages to run a full day with heavy use AND the camera turns out to be significantly better than on the Huawei and the LG 4X, HTC might make the race though it surely will have a fairly heavier price tag.

    The Samsung galaxy S III probably will be relatively expensive.

    Atrix 3 What about you? Has Motorola even had shown one new phone on the MWC?

    Battery life > Quality of SoC > Support > Camera.

  21. Does HTC think they are the only ones with a decent camera and like that is going to save them.

  22. A good camera on a phone is probably number 3 on my list as a photogropher I would just like to use my phone camera to replace that old point and shoot…..the iphone 4s takes amazing pictures! I cant wait for the iphone 5 to come out for that reason. My evo 3d is good but can be a lot better. Maybe they will eventually be as good as a dslr.

    1. You mean iPhone 6.

  23. Sony phones should be your choice if a camera is the main feature you need from your phone.

  24. hmm its camera good

  25. I don’t think HTC will only come with 3 phones and a tablet for this year.

  26. no indoor low light photos, probably sucks then

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