Sprint Turns On Enhanced 3G In Atlanta – Will Be One of The First Cities To Receive 4G LTE By Mid-Year


Sprint has just announced that customers in Atlanta, Georgia can now enjoy Sprint’s new upgraded 3G network, providing for enhanced data speeds and better coverage. But that’s not all. Atlanta will also find themselves one of the first of 6 lucky cities to see Sprint’s 4G LTE by the middle of the year. Sprint assures the ATL, “We got you.” Have you guys noticed faster 3G speeds? Feel free to post some Speedtest.net results below.


Chris Chavez
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  1. Hold on, I first have to go outside to get a signal…

    1. That’s why I ETF’d them.  F them.

      1. More bandwidth for the rest of us :)

        1. But I wasn’t using much anyway since I didn’t have reception lol oooooooh!

          1. Touche, but the previous still remains.

        2. Sprint?  Bandwidth?  It is to laugh

    2. The article is about SPRINT. Sounds like you have AT&T.

  2. soooo do i need to update my prl first or something?

    1. I would probably do a profile and prl update.

      1. does it matter what order you do that in? ( I thought i read somewhere it does.. not sure)

        1. I think it’s profile first then PRL last, if I’m not mistaken.

          1. That’s what i thought i heard, too.  Thanks!

          2. Its the other way around. PRL first and then profile.

  3. Chavez can you ask them where my G-Nex is??????????

    1. Spoke to Dan Hesse today. He told they’re waiting. O_o

      1. did you really?  do you know if its going to have the bump in specs that have been rumored? 

        1. lol, i spoke to him yesterday and Hesse said no, they are actually under clocking it and it’s going to have Sprint ID

          1. ill take sprint id over verizon bloatware anyday.

  4. Atlanta = my home

    1. Not bad. thats pretty much dead on what I’m getting in north Phoenix, right this moment too.

  5. 1.76 Mbps down, 0.56 up with 5 bars inside my house where I had 0 to 1 before!

    1. Not too shabby.. o_O

      1.  I’m more curious about his ping than anything else.

    2. Merry Christmas.  Seriously.

      1. omg that had me laughing so hard

  6. So what were the other 5 markets?

    1. Check out http://www.s4gru.com (Sprint 4G Rollout Updates)  for good info on Sprints Network Vision and LTE upgrades.

  7. So enhanced 3G is like regular 3G on other carriers?

    1. Nope. It’s cheaper and unlimited.

      1. I guess you get what you pay for.  Slower with less coverage.

        1. Seems like it’s getting faster with better coverage.

          1. Seeing how slow it was, it wasn’t hard to improve.  It’s still slower than other carrier’s 3G.  AT&T and Verizon averages around 2 – 2.5mbps down and T-Mo is around 1.5 – 2.  Plus Sprint is/was having horrible data issues for months.  People could barely get 250kbps down.
            Also, I get unlimited data already.
            I’m done.

          2. Speed is worthless if data is capped or metered.

          3. Verizon is base on CDMA, no way it 3g speed is getting better then 1.5. Pic or

          4. actually EVDO rev A. max speed is 3mbs

          5. Duong… go to howard forums and check out the speed tests everyone posts or GTFO yourself.  2.82 mbps.

            Rev A might suck, but it doesn’t suck that bad.

          6. Duong.  Those aren’t links from howard forums.  Go to the speed test thread on howard forums.  People routinely get over 2 mbps.  And the 2.82 mbps is from 6:06 PM.

            And I’ll say it again… EVDO Rev A sucks… but it doesn’t suck that bad.  I’d gladly trade in my EVDO for HSPA+.

        2. my old mytouch 3g slide usta hit 3-5 mbps on t mob

    2. bahahahaha good one

  8. My speeds don’t seem different here in ATL… Smh, come on Sprint, still 1-1.5mb down

  9. What does this mean for the Falcons and the upcoming draft?

  10. I left Sprint after 11months and paid the ETF. My second time trying them and I could not deal with the slow speeds and lack of connection. I now have 4 lines with at&t and mine with Tmobile. I don’t want any  CDMA network. I do dislike AT&t’s business practices and the 2gb data but they are solid in S. Florida. I prefer tmobile to At&T. I get 3-4mbps dl and 1mbps upload on Tmobile consistently.

    1. cant believe it took u that long to realize that network is a joke. people tout its good cuz there the only ones with true unlimited data but they seem to forget about the joke speeds like 200kbps

      1. Judging by your grammar, you’re 12. I wouldn’t judge a network when you don’t even pay the bill for your line, sir.

        1. ok teacher. this is not school i could care less about my grammar on the internet. btw im 24 and have my own apt. and pay my own bill. most people will agree with me and say there network does suck.look at the other comments on here im not the only one that thinks so

          1.  Some of those people you are referring to have experienced Sprint’s network issues. The rest are just a bunch of haters that come on here to troll and spew their bullshit for shits and giggles. All in all, it’s too difficult to tell the trolls from the disgruntled apart, so I ignore them all.

          2. How much less could you care? (Or, did you mean couldn’t?)

          3. hurrr durrrr i’m on the internetz ticka ticka ticka!  also I get 1-2 mbps on my sprint 3g… it’s not great but at the moment it works and somehow has a lower latency than the att lte enabled phones I sell. gonna stick it out until my contract is up but if lte isn’t here in indy by then I will easily switch.

          4. “pay my own bill’ lol.  Which one? Does Daddy pay the rest?

            That was funny to me….. I am sure it was just me though :)

          5. Yes with a little thing called a full time job in case ur new to reality

      2. Maybe where you live.

        US National wireless carrier network improvement methods:

        AT&T – Stop offering unlimited data. Charge per Gig. Throttle unlimited users. Roll out LTE slowly.

        Verizon – Stop offering unlimited data. Charge per Gig. Throttle unlimited users. Roll out extremely glitchy LTE network quickly.

        T-Mobile – Throttle users. Promise to roll out LTE at some point.

        Sprint – Stop WiMax expansion. Retool base stations. Improve 3G speeds. Keep unlimited data and plan pricing. Roll out LTE and LTE Advanced now and spread it nationwide in less than 2 years.

        1. where do u live cuz it seems like ur the only one here getting  good speeds. i hope by good speeds u dont mean like 500kbps

          1. I travel quite frequently. Now I’m bouncing between Boston and North FL.

            Decent 3G speeds = 1+ mbps
            Decent 4G speeds = 7+ mbps

            I absolutely won’t tolerate data throttling or metering. I don’t care about how fast they are; Verizon, T-mo, and AT&T are worthless to me.

            Tortoise and the hare.

            Edit: I often get higher speeds. These are just quick estimated averages from my Speedtest results.

          2.  I’m in NYC and your speeds are equivalent to mine except that my 4G WiMAX speeds are a bit higher than yours.

          3. 1- Verizon only throttles unlimited users on congested towers.
            2- Sprints LTE network will be every bit as glitchy, since they must use the same EVDO to LTE handoff, called EHRPD, which has been the culprit for every one of Verizon’s LTE outages.

            Decent 3G speed on Sprint is 1+ mbps? I see 2 on VZW daily, but I guess it depends on where you live. 40+ on LTE here.

          4. 1- Verizon only throttles unlimited users on congested towers FOR NOW. They’ve been following in AT&T’s footsteps for the last few years. Expect them to tighten the noose by the end of the year.

            2- Actually, Verizon themselves blamed the outages on the IMS. eHRPD is to blame for their second LTE problem which is the possible device delays experienced when moving from an LTE cell to an EVDO-only cell. The entire Verizon LTE deployment was pushed out earlier than planned to keep Sprint from having the fast-network advantage. They got their wish but they’re now stuck with a glitchy expensive network that’s running on a thin slice of spectrum while their 3G spectrum is supersaturated with customers.

            3-I’ve never seen Verizon 3G break 2 mbps

          5.  well im, in nyc “nychitman” n my gf beautiful evo 3d i bought her gets 250k-1mb 3g
            4g 2-3mb when we can find it

          6. 1- At least VZW is not throttling LTE like AT&T is. Verizon has already implemented their throttling scheme, and it works quite well. 

            2- VZW rolling out LTE on a thin slice of spectrum? Really? Please, enlighten me.. just how is 22mhz of 700 spectrum THIN? Major cities have at least 34mhz, some 46, not even counting AWS. The only carrier rolling out a thin layer is AT&T. We know the eHRPD network is to blame every time 4GLTE handsets go down on both 4G and 3G, and this has happened all but one time. 

            3- I have tons of speed tests over 2mbps. Wanna see one from around 6pm tonight? Driving 80 down I-65 (AT&T EDGE area, mind you….in Louisville it is often 2.5+ stationary).

            Sprint has a brighter future (not as bright now without LS), but VZW will win the LTE race, and nobody can disagree with that. I prefer Sprint over AT&T any day, but they have a long way to go to compete with Big Red. VoLTE, see ya end of this year!

          7. 1-Verizon’s throttling is going to get worse. They have 100+ million people clogging their network. They don’t have much room to quickly expand their LTE network without choking their 3G network which is why they’re paying billions for more spectrum while throttling data on 3G.

            2- Sustaining 5-12 mbps FDD-LTE on 22 mhz paired spectrum for even 50 million people nationwide isn’t very possible with the way data usage has been rising. Verizon has over 100 million people. 22 mhz isn’t NEARLY enough. Verizon also plans to roll out VOLTE while their spectrumCo spectrum buy is being delayed and their current spectrum is jammed up? Nope.
            Sprint and Clearwire have quite a bit of spectrum between them. Their 20×20 LTE empty network tests in AZ last January nearly doubled the throughput (90.1 mbps down 30 mbps up while driving in a van) of Verizon’s and AT&T’s (both topped out around 30-60 mbps) early LTE empty network speed tests. The way they’re restructuring their network is pretty impressive. There are some things I wish they’d improve but they are the only national US carrier that still offers unlimited data on phones and I’ll keep supporting them as long as they keep doing that.

            I’d rather wait an extra 5 seconds for a webpage to load than start counting bytes to avoid getting overage charges or getting slowed down to the point of uselessness.

            3-Are you on VZW or AT&T? I was talking about Verizon’s EVDO… I’ve never
            seen it go above 2 mbps before. It’s theoretically capable of doing so but
            I have never seen it happen and the network speed test results I’ve seen
            don’t break 2.

          8. 1- Verizon has stated they will never need to refarm CDMA spectrum for LTE.They have plenty of of room to expand. I was in Chicago yesterday and saw 34mbps while driving. 

            2- You are right- 22mhz is nowhere near enough to support all of Verizon’s users on LTE. But that number is the minimum they have. Keep in mind, there are only ~4million on LTE right now. 10×10 is more than capable for 2012. Like I said, they have much more 700mhz spectrum in all they places they will need it- heck, they gave away some 700 spectrum in Chicago because they will never need it. By the time they need more spectrum, LTE-A will be deployed to take care of that. 22mhz of 700 nationwide is fantastic- they can deploy rural ares with a solid 10×10 block and space sites farther apart, and that will be fine. My bud in rural Wyoming consistently reports EVDO speeds of 2.5+. Why? Nobody is there! You can be sure 10×10 is perfect there, and not every carrier can, or will want to, deploy there, like Verizon will.  Verizon has rural markets on lock. (PS- what is up with Sprint in WY…is it roaming? Sprint? Their map is confusing.) So you have Verizon with at least 46mhz of 700 spectrum in major markets. Then they deploy LTE over AWS for increased capacity in dense areas. Obviously, AWS ain’t the best at propagation or penetration, but that is what the 700mhz is for. That AWS will be perfect for crowded downtowns or even stadiums, assuming no DAS. In my city, Verizon has a total of 55mhz. That is far far more than a city of 1.4 million needs. Heck, last time I tested it, I saw over 60mbps (see pic)….this was at 5:41 PM too. This, of course, only over their 10×10 network. 

            3- Verizon! AT&T is a joke imo. That pic was of EVDO on 65 while I was driving. Also attached is an EVDO speed test on Verizon from a few weeks back, also during rush hour in Louisville (where the LTE speed test came from too- our VZW network here is fantastic). I have seen similar speeds recently in Chicago, Atlanta, DC, St. Louis (burbs), Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I know there are bad spots for every network,  but in no way do I believe Verizon’s EVDO is crumbling to the ground. I have plenty of 60+ LTE tests and 2.5+ EVDO tests.

            Sprint has everything they need to make a fantastic LTE network, and I do believe they will achieve it, but they need to get to stepping on it. I realize LS was a big setback, but with Big Red covering ~210 million with LTE and plans for VoLTE and LTE-A in the near future, they need to make their move. 

            BTW, you can find a reference for every claim I made here….just google key words. I don’t wanna fuss with links here. BTW, are you on HowardForums?

          9. why do you keep flooding this blog with these redundant posts.. I sure hope that VZW or who ever carrier you have is paying you quite well.. otherwise you’re just a fanboy/troll  

          10. I just really hate that crappy network. I’m not on Verizon I don’t want to get shafted by them

      3.  Just an FYI – my speeds have never been THAT low. During peak hours, they have gone as low as 500kbps, but never as low as 200. Obviously, this will vary from region to region, but here in NYC, I don’t get that bad of speeds. I generally max out around 1.30mbps which isn’t much to complain about.

        1. i was exaggerating a little but it probably is true for some people. also why do u settle for that when u can get much faster speeds on other carriers

          1. I don’t feel like paying an arm and a leg on another carrier. Been on Sprint for 6 yrs now w/o any issues whatsoever. I’m satisfied and not picky.

        2. i would be lucky to get 200kbps where i live. not to far north of the nyc. sprint sucks. i barely ever even have 3g and im always having problems sending/receiving calls and texts 

    2. dang! that sucks dude.. looks like you got screwed.. I’d hate to have 4 lines with att! and T-Mo.. yea.. that’s a no-go in Phx.. at least if you want any form of coverage. 

  11. My best speed test with sprint 3g

  12. My friends in Atlanta aren’t seeing a change that’s why I’m glad I left. I had the Evo 3D my phone said 4G 6 bars but moved as if i had no bars. I know Sprint has truly unlimited but I have Straight Talk with my Samsung Skyrocket and I have unlimited data for $45 a month and its fast freakishly fast. F Sprint

    1. The Skyrocket is on AT&T. You’re throttled. Sprint users are able to download anything over 2GB faster than you can.

      Capped/throttled data is worthless.

      1.  no just no…im unlimted but .t mobile gives 5 gigs before throttle
        so would u rather 5gigs @ 10-20mbps then unlimited @500kbps
        or unlimted at 500kbps-1mbps????

        1. Does T-Mo they give 5 GB now? I ask because every ad I’ve seen says they limit data speeds at 2GB.  In fact, this is right from T-Mobile’s website, “Includes up to 2 GB of high-speed data.”

          1.  There are multiple plans which carry different caps. The most interesting plan is a $30 per month prepaid plan that has 100 minutes, unlimited texts and 5GB of unthrottled data.

          2. yea, i guess if your willing to pay enough, you can get anything. lol. But i just made a plan on T-Mo’s site and its pretty expensive compared to what I’m paying now with Sprint… Plus they want $105 in activation fees (35 a line) just to start!  WTF is up what that? I’ll have to pass… As much as i want to like T-Mo (I really do!!) they are not that competitive with their prices as they make themselves out to be (I’d be paying $40 a month more for my 3 lines, and still have limited data plus that outrageous activation fee.).. and, here in PHX the coverage is really not that great, from what I’ve seen on my friends T-Mo phones, the “4G” is usually dumbed down to 2G inside any commercial building.    

      2. LMAO, your hilarious, praising your shitty company.

        Who cares if you get throttled on unlimited with AT&T, thanks to the HSPA+ APN, us AT&T LTE Unlimited users can simply press a button, change APN’s, have unlimited data, and still be faster then Sprint.

        Also, just you wait, that iPhone buy, will destroy the very last of the money that Sprint has, and they’ll HAVE to implement caps.

  13. The max theoretical on CDMA  3G anyway is 3.2.  I would imagine the point of the ‘enhancements’ is to prevent speeds from being awful.

  14. Just ran a speed test here in is Sprints home town… 

  15. @draiko I’m unlimited on Verizon and used 40gb last month and was never once throttled. Quit acting like sprint is any better than Tmobile.

  16. BTW this is a huge improvement over what I was getting just a week ago. 

  17. They need to get moving on the enhanced 3g rollout. I am tired of my service here. I usually get a 100Kb (yes, Kb) download on my 3g. I’m not joking when I say that my 2g Tmobile coverage is faster than my 3g sprint.

  18. Unless sprint is switching to EV-DO rev B from Rev A their 3G isn’t gonna be much more enhanced.

    1. Rev. A will be out in due time.

  19. not getting any results :( my speeds actually got slower

    1.  OMG  that is just terrible i feel bad your paying for that
      my gf gets terrible speeds on here evo3d here in nyc but not that terrible i would call and complain you should not be pying for 1G speeds bro

      1. my speeds are usually faster when im not home but i dont always check when im out. it may be that i get slow speeds in my house because i get faster speeds at the walmart right across the street

  20. one from today and one from last week (the faster one from last week)

    1. well it’s a good thing you were using WiFi for the first test O.o   

      1. idk if you know but on the sgs2 you can connect to wifi and 4g from the notification bar… that’s why im connected to wifi… that is not my wifi speed

        1. See how it says Comcast.net, yea your on wifi for that test

          1. but i dont have comcast….. the speed test app is brought to you by comcast. if you use the app you will see it switches from the tower location to the”comcast.net” thing 

  21. @drakio I’m not throttled I use at&t service and coverage but I pay Straight Talk and I’ve compared my services with my friends from Sprint and their services pales in comparison I have unlimited 4g data on Straight Talk its by Wal-Mart look it up before you assume

    1. is that what att and walmart tell you? lol

  22. So, I see that everyone must be in a group, Apple/Android and also Vz/Att/Spr/Tmo.  Sad really.

    1.  There’s an att (no caps necessary) group?

      1. why would you cap att?

  23. The enhancements must only be in certain areas of the metro area because I’m definitely not seeing any improvement on the eastside.

  24. People are in here acting like sprint hasent had data issues. I like sprint but their data is trash.. Unlimited is worthless if u cant even watch a youtube video without it buffering for 10 mins… Ill come back if they can get at least a decent 4g network..

  25. Speeds here in Seattle – Tacoma with Sprint around 1Mbps Pretty evenly on 3g
    And usually around 7-8Mps on WiMax with my Epic 4g
    Have never really needed anything faster

    1. those are good speeds.. especially considering you are the only one with unlimited data… and have a reasonable cell phone bill 

  26. Well I’m not in Atlanta. But I have been on Sprint 3g with my EVO almost the entire contract now. I can tell you that I’m very disappointed in the network, and I’m tired I’m hearing that things will get better. Consistent 1Mbps is all I need but I very rarely pull that. I’m going prepaid when my contract is up.

  27. @BenChase7 no wal-mart and at&t didn’t tell me anything I signed up for unlimited everything and used my Samsung Skyrocket from at&t for Straight Talk and I’ve downloaded my data manager to keep track of my usage and I’ve went well beyond 5gb and have yet to be throttled I even use my mobile hotspot for my tablet and have yet to have issues my gf has sprint and their data is too slow she’s paying extra to use her Evo as a hotspot for her laptop and its beyond slow I turn on my hotspot and everything loads and plays instantly. I have nothing personal against sprint I’m glad a major carrier still offers unlimited data my gripe is that it’s too slow and I had horrible coverage whereas Straight Talk who uses at&t service has phenomenal coverage and speeds and I pay half of what sprint charges and then some. I’m not getting paid I’m not promoting anything I can careless what any of you guys do everyones financial situations are different regarding what carriers or plans fit their wants needs and budget. I’m just putting in my 2 cents about this article. There’s no point in having unlimited data if your pages takes minutes to load, downloads take forever, and videos constantly buffers.

  28. @draiko expand vzw lte network will not choke the 3g. Vzw is running on 700 mhz for lte. The reason for vzw running so many deals on 4g phones=3g is stretched to its maximum capacity.

  29. I am about to ETF with Sprint. I cant stand the slowness of their network.. 

    PING: 131ms
    DOWNLOAD: 243kbps
    UP: 506 kbps


    1. This post is a farse! Sprint is deploying LTE Advanced Revision 10 nationwide and Network Vision is using modular technology, basically, it will be the most advanced network in the country in a year. Give them a chance, those data speeds are NOT network vision speeds, your not fooling anybody (well maybe somebody), there are people in Atlanta RIGHT NOW getting 4 – 7mbps on the new 3G on youtube buddy.

      1. I don’t care what sprint is going to have in a YEAR..I want fast speeds now!
        Sprint should change their slogan to “the next year network “. Sprint sucks balls
        In los Angeles NOW!

  30. I’m in Roswell, NM where Sprint had a network outage for 6 weeks this winter. I’m getting a max of 475 kbps down, max of 93 up. 
    I’ve done the updates. VZW “doesn’t offer service” here – but both voice and extended 3G are faster and more reliable than Sprint. My Sprint contract ended 3 weeks ago and I may be moving to Big Red today. Extended 3G speeds are equal to or greater than what I’m getting from Sprint.

  31. Atlanta….

    3G speed- 4.99 Mbps/1.64Mbps

    4G speed- 17.48Mbps/1.61Mbps

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