Android Gossip: HTC One X Coming To T-Mobile With Stock Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich [Rumor]


You know what time it is. It’s time for another quick bite of some more juicy Android gossip. This time, brought to you from our friends at Android and Me who have it on good authority that, not only will the HTC One S be making its way to T-Mobile later this year, but the HTC One X as well. Not too much of a surprise there, seeing how we expect to see HTC’s latest flagship make the rounds to every carrier in some form or another, but here’s where it really gets good…

Apparently, the One could find itself re-branded under T-Mobile’s famous line of “G” devices (G1, G2, G2X, etc.) which means, you guessed it — T-Mobile’s version of the One X could be running stock, vanilla Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. But wait- there’s more. Since the One X wouldn’t need LTE compatibility on T-Mo’s network, the device would retain it’s quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor. Things just got interesting.

This, no doubt, will have a few of our readers salivating and as much as I love HTC’s Sense UI and am eager to try out version 4.0, stock ICS on the One X could have me switching teams to T-Mobile if this all pans out. How about you? Would you guys consider a T-Mobile move if they launched an HTC G4X? Or is the device not appealing enough to warrant a carrier switch no matter what flavor of Android it’s running?

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  1. That is awesome. Will give the rest of us an easy clean ICS rom

  2. This is a best case scenario for me if it is true. Stock ICS, no Sense and quad core?Sign me up!

    1. Would love to get a quad-core device. Though I wonder how the batter life is on these quad cores. Probably shitty and add LTE to it and it’s going to last as long as my dell crap (2 hours).

      1. Well, this particular variant would have HSPA+ 42 4G, so no lte drain, and its being said that the quad cores will help battery life. I’m sure someone else can expand on this.

        1. The more cores you have the more power efficient your phone becomes theoretically if you use alot of multi-tasking.  Think about it this way if you run four programs simultaneously (email/calendar/youtube/web browsing) and they each require 250mhz worth of “cpu processing” then on a single core CPU it would have to be at 1000mhz all the time to keep up with all the tasks.  On a dualcore cpu the CPU would have to run at 500mhz (with each core at 500mhz) to handle all four tasks.  With a quadcore cpu you only have to run it at 250mhz to do all four tasks.  Lower mhz = more battery.

          Thats sort of an oversimplification and the reality is – it’s not that efficient and there’s overhead associated with multiple threads – but thats the basic idea.

          So couple that with the fact that Tegra 3 is made on (I think) a supposedly more power efficient semi conductor process and has a 5th low power core (that runs everything when you don’t need much computing power) and has the new MMX style instructions to help with video decoding – you get power reductions everywhere.

      2.  The Tegra 3 is more battery efficient than the Tegra 2 from what I understand.

  3. That’s one sexy-looking phone. I’ve got a Nexus S, and since T-Mobile doesn’t seem too interested in jumping on the Galaxy Nexus bandwagon, I would definitely consider switching to the One X (but only if it has stock Android. I don’t do custom Android skins).

    1. Same exact here

    2.  Seriously.  If this happens I’m going to kick myself in the shin for jumping to Verizon for the GN.  Assuming HTC/Tmo do a good job of continuous and timely OS updates.

      1. Enjoy your phone, you got a great phone on a great network. 

    3. Sexy? How is it sexy? You want to bone it? WTF are you talking about?

      1. I guess what he should have said was that he finds the overall design aesthetically appealing to his eyeballs… ;)

        1. So now he wants to eye hump it?  :-D

    4. I refuse to ever buy another HTC phone that has Sense on it. Granted, I always root and get rid of that junk anyway but it would be nice not having to.

  4. Now this is what I’m taking about! I’ve stuck with the “G” branding since the G1. This is definitely a worthy successor.

    1. Should have stuck with the “Nexus” branding rather than the “G” branding. “G” branding was only an early T-Mobile Google thing.

      G series after the G1 really haven’t been innovative. 

      1. g2x…1st dualcore phone..thats pretty innovative

        1. G1 – first Android phone
          G2 – first 4G phone on T-MobileG2x – first dual core phone

          ? G4x- first quad core phone in the US with that Tegra 3.

          1. G2 was actually pretty innovative, it was the first Scorpion core phone at 45nm (first phone with an S2 SoC) and it had a Z-hinge.

          2. Yeah the G2 was pretty dope.  I think they EOL’d that one too soon.

  5. I had t-mo and they where good. Moved originally for phone
    This happens i could go back

  6. the news ive been waiting for!

  7. I agree…4.7 inch screen, Stock 4.0, Quad core and decent camera sensor so I dont have to buy a point and shoot, I would sign up for a contract or buy it outright

  8. Doesnt ICS have software integrated buttons ans not the permanent ones on the device itself?

    1. yes. but it works fine with capacity buttons…ala nexus s

    2. ICS as the option for manufacturers to use the on screen button or physical buttns

    3. just jumped on the bandwagon huh

  9. And the rumor spreads….

    1. David over on Tmo news did some digging and responded as a comment in one of the articles on that site that he confirmed a stock around HTC One X should appear on T-Mobile as a G phone with quad core Tegra 3 and HSPA+ 42.

      This kind of reminds me when HTC announced the Desire Z and the Desire HD at the same time, T-Mobile was the only US carrier to get both and they got them first: (G2, myTouch 4G)  Every other carrier got one or the other but not both: Verizon Thunderbolt, Sprint Evo Shift, at&t Inspire.

      This seems to be what’s happening again.  T-Mobile has a phenomenal relationship with HTC.

      1. “This kind of reminds me when HTC announced the Desire Z and the Desire HD at the same time, T-Mobile was the only US carrier to get both and they got them first: (G2, myTouch 4G) ”

        Desire Z IS the G2. The Desire HD is NOT the myTouch 4G. 

        1. The myTouch 4G was a heavily carrier customized Desire HD.  Look at the specs, same processor, same RAM, SLCD screen.  The only difference was the screen size getting notched down to 3.8 inches.

          The Thunderbolt and Inspire were derivatives of the Desire HD just as much as the myTouch 4G

    2. you really hate T-Mobile… Why ???

  10. Sign me up if this is true, I just hope the rooting this device is easy.

  11. It serves AT&T right if they lose customers over this!

  12. This is the best news EVER!!!

  13. Omg I love good news like this.

  14. It better be 720p.

  15. It better be 720p.

  16. This is great news for T-mobile customers, if it proves to be true.  A great phone that would otherwise be completely unusable with Sense.  That is no exaggeration.  Sense is so bad that it can take a super powerful, super sexy phone and make it completely useless.

  17. Do you think Apple might have something to say about TMo calling an Android phone a “G3” or “G4”?

    1. They might have to fly like a G6.

    2. Freescale (Motorola + IBM) made the G3 and G4 CPUs, and IBM made the G5 CPU, so they *might* have more to say about it, depending on who trademarked the name.

  18. That’s be nice.  I assume it’ll have hspa+ 42?

    1. Yupp the international Tegra 3 version of the One X has 42 so there’s no reason this won’t

  19. I would buy it out right if it supports vzw. Zero service on tmo, cannot switch.

  20. I’m with T-mo now and need a new phone, hopefully this happens so I can get this badass phone with the quad core without importing it.

  21. I had thought that HTC wanted to do simplify their product lines by sticking to a simpler naming convention and design.  If this were to make it to T-Mobile, I think they’d stick with the One-X naming convention rather than call it a ‘G’-something.

    1. Its the same idea as the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II… Each carrier renamed and/or added their own name to their particular model… i.e. Vibrant, Fascinate, Epic 4G Touch, Skyrocket, etc. Htc is still streamlining, it would just be carrier rebranding.

  22. I’m already a T-mo customer, and this would definitely end my thoughts of switching to Sprint for a Galaxy Nexus.  Go T-mo!  Hope this is more fact than fiction.

    1. just get an unlocked gnex…why switch to sprint?

      1. The cost of purchasing an unsubsidized device, and the lack of external microSD slot with only 16GB of internal memory.

        1. That’s what those Tmo Value plans are for, so you can buy a device unsubsidized and get your plan subsidized instead

  23. HTC = Generic Crap

    7 HTC phones laytur…

  24. this is the best news i’ve heard all week. this phone can not be released to soon for me. waiting anxiously.

  25. I would just but it unlocked for Att

  26. Why do people still think just because something is quad core make it a better or faster chip set then a dual core? You know they are base on different chip set right? AMD chips has more core but intel is better

  27. Galaxy Nexus who?  

    This seems like the perfect phone.  I’ll take two.

  28. This would be interesting.  I never have a HTC phone before so I don’t have any experience on their Sense.  However, I would like to try it out though. If I don’t like it, I will just root it.  Too bad I am on At&t :/ So I will be getting the HTC One XL instead…

  29. if they plan on using the G branding, don’t they need to come out with one that also has a hardware keyboard?  As nice as this phone seems, i refuse to only stick w/ a soft keyboard.  that is what drew me to the G1 in the first place….the ability to use a hard and/or soft keyboard

    1. G2x didn’t have a keyboard and as the screens become larger and larger – the need for a hardware KB decreases alot.

  30. Stock Android! Sorry GN, first come first serve.

    1. gnex is already out..ive had minefor 2 months rocking tmobile

  31. Better be S-OFF and NO Bootloader Lock . Never buy another HTC phone if they keep locking up their phones

  32. If this is true, and the X comes to Tmo with the quad core and vanilla Android 4.0,I think for sure I’d sell my galaxy nexus for it ;)

    1. Email me when your ready to sale. Gmail

      1. What’s you Gmail address? Because if and when I sell, I’ll let you know

  33. T-mobile carrying what would be the best phone in the world? Somebody pinch me!

  34. I’m hoping HTC gives T-Mo a variant of the ONEx especially if they plan on calling it anything with a “G”, a variant with a hardware keyboard…and call it the G3….not “G4X” that sounds horrible. I’ve hated names like that since the G2x. The G2x was, in my opinion, not in the “G” series at all. Still on my G2, need a G3 to complete my 2yrs with this phone, as i had 2 years with my G1. To anyone with their jaws on the ground, YES, ive only owned 2 phones in nearly 4 years. Both G series phones, they are that awesome, and so is T-Mo’s service. 

    1. I’m with you. My G2 is aging quite gracefully thanks to custom roms, and I’m hoping for a phone like this with a hardware keyboard before I move on.

      Or the padphone.

    2. Nice, I’ve had my G2 for almost 2 years. July will be my 2 years and then I can upgrade. 

      The G2 is my FIRST smart phone. Before that I was using a crappy Motorola Q. Don’t name this a G4X and there’s not even a G3.

      I agree, let’s name this G3 and make it happen! Is the phone image above a rendering of the phone? I hope this phone kicks ass.

      PS – I’m still a big fan of physical keyboards… #HTC

      1. the reason its called g4x its because it would have a quad core so it seems reasonable … but i personally think g3 would be a better name 

  35. Maybe they can call it….the G One (X ?)….

    It would be like going backwards (because it’s the number one)….
    yet forwards….

    (also notice the the alphabetical representation of the number and not the numerical representation…all intentional…)

    1. I had the same thought… I think that would work!

      Edit: I know there was no G3, but how about the G4 4G? Ok, I kid, I kid.

    2. imo letting go of the “One” branding is a bad idea, considering HTC is trying to refresh their public image. Think “Galaxy” series of Samsung. You don’t want to ruin image just because the operator wants their dirty, grubby hands on it.

      srsly. eff operators man.

  36. Im on t-mo with the galaxy nexus. I would sell it in a second if t-mo announces this htc one x

  37. And now I’m intrigued…wow how things change by the words of “stock android” for me.

  38. These quad core phones are making me and my gnex jealous

  39. I am currently a tmo customer now. My last two phones have been mytouch 3g and 4g and I love HTC sense. Thought about switching carries until I saw this. Will definitely be sticking with tmo if this is true.

  40. Not only would I switch to Tmobile for this phone but I would also sell my galaxy nexus ( which I love) n that I just got a couple of month ago

  41. This would be awesome, but still holding wishing that the Galaxy Nexus gets released on T-Mobile first.

  42. sign me up for two!

  43. If this comes to T-Mobile, I’ll piss my pants in excitement. Even if it isn’t AOSP, I’ll still be pretty happy with it. Only thing, needs a little more ram. And a little bit bigger battery. I still think this is a great phone though. Possibly.

  44. Correct me if I’m wrong. If it’s stock android 4.0, then you’ll have both the capacitive and software buttons of the navigation keys.

    1. Not necessarily. You can have the hardware buttons with no software ones. It’s up to the manufacturer

  45. Looks like I’ll be getting this and gs3 and whatever hd tablet comes first

  46. Just call the phone the T-Mobile G1X with the option to flash sense 4.0

  47. g4x? dont think so. 

  48. If this happens HTC will take the Android game back… lol

    1. Not with it on t-mo’s network. You forget, it was the Droid on.Verizon’s network that started the Android Army, not the G1 on -mo.

      1. It has nothing to do with T-Mobile’s network and everything to do with Verizon’s marketing.  Verizon spends more $$$ on marketing than T-Mobile’s entire operating budget.  That better sell some phones.  Also, the original Motorola Droid had one of the worst keyboards I’ve ever used on a smartphone… it was pointless.  The Nexus One was a better option at the time.

        1. T-Mobile has a smaller network, with much fewer customers. No major phone release would take off from there. You must remember that the Nexus One was a Google phone, not T-Mobile. It was a better phone. I wish a CDMA version had been released.

          1. Tons of major phones have been launched on T-Mo…..the G1, G2, Mytouch 4G, Amaze 4G, etc. Verizons game plan seems to be to release a new droid every year like an iPhone. Boring ! plus their keyboards and UI suck.  Youre obviously a Verizon user. T-mo’s customers and network are not far behind Verizons, so get off that high horse. OK ?

            Also the Nexus was a google phone but it was designed to run exclusively on T-mo’s network, so obviously you have no idea have no idea what youre talking about.

          2. Those “major” phones never sold in numbers that Verizon phones did. If you are referring to the Motorola Droids, they are not once per year. Droids 2,3, and 4 came out within a year and a half period. I agree on moto’s UI sucking. Since switching from Sprint to Verizon, I never owned a Moto. Droid. The only Droid I owned, was the HTC Droid Incredible. Then I had the Thunderbolt, now the Nexus. If you truly believe that Tmo’s network size and quality aren’t far behind Verizon’s…you are delusional, or in denial. The Nexus One had TMO and ATT bands. So, it was not built specifically for tmo’s network. I actually do know what I am talking about…usually : )

      2. Respectfully, the G1 did start it all… The Droid line and VZW’s marketing of it, while brilliant, simply brought it fully into the public eye. Unfortunately, what that marketing also did was make the standard Joe Public user identify every smartphone that doesn’t have an “i” at the beginning of its name as a droid phone… “hey, is that the droid phone? ” Hell, there are even commercials that mention it as such on radio and tv… For the official record, tho.. The first soldier in the “Android Army” was the General… The G1!

        Denying this fact just means you’re in denial xD

        1. The G1 was the first Android phone, but wasn’t a big seller by any means. The OG Droid was the first Android phone that became popular. The reason doesn’t matter, nobody knew anything about Android until the Droid came along. It’s that reason that it was the first in the Army of Androids.

          1. Dude, admit that you are wrong! The g1 is the godfather of android ..

          2. Psssh whatever dude. If it weren’t for the success of the Droid, Android would have died.

          3. The G1 sold great. Dont know where youre getting your facts, or should i say assumptions. The G1 put android on the map for those in the know. Verizons droid marketing brought in the brainless zombies mystified by the iPhone. The G1 put android on the world stage, plus I loved their commercials. 

          4. You are silly. It was the OG Droid that put Android on the map. Every tech expert and blogger agrees. My first Android phone was the HTC Hero. It came out before the Droid. I am far from a mindless zombie. I never cared for the iPhone. The G1 may have come first, but the masses didn’t know or care. The masses is what “on the map” refers to. Verizon marketing was better, and the Droid was a better phone

  49. The thing I hate about these shows is they announce this stuff and get you all excited then you have to wait until November until you see the thing. It’s at the show already how about releasing it right away.

  50. Fingers & toes all crossed.  The form factor of this phone is so good that I’ll live with the battery and memory limitations, so long as I can root it of course!

  51. Yet am still buying a Samsung galaxy S3 when its released.

    1. I want a Samsung Galaxy S3 with Nokia Pureview’s camera. Planning to buy my first smartphone in May so the S3 better be released. or I may be forced to go iPhone (if 5 comes out) or even Windows Phone. Lumia 900 is the best looking device I’ve ever seen. But I’ve come to like Samsung recently.

  52. I think this phone is going to be cool.

  53. This should be the G3, while the new LG phone should be the G4X.

  54. G1 was when I knew about android I hate that Droid label big red made. While this phone is cool gs3 is what I am waiting for.

  55. Call it the 1.

    I want this without contract. Prolly 600 dollar phone tho.

  56. that’s if TFumble doesn’t file for bankruptcy before the phone comes out.   They are horrible and are in a financial downward spiral.

    1. Since when are they in a “downward spiral” ?? They got a big several billion dollar breakup deal when At&T failed to purchase them. They’re continuously building out their network and still releasing awesome phones. So how are they “horrible” ? Maybe its just you that dont like T-Mo.

  57. I really doubt this is gonna happen. As much as Google hates it, HTC Sense is a pretty big selling point for them. But if it does, I’m sure Verizon’s losing a few customers.


  58. its must work..

  59. Hey man this is really a nice post i like it very much….

  60. i want this fuckinc’ phone.

  61. Go T-mo.  My Nexus One, as good as it has been to me, is really showing its age.  I’d love to be able to get stock Android on a new powerful HTC phone (the Nexus One was made by HTC, for any relative newbies out there).

  62. I’ve tested the HTC One X quadcore at the MWC and it’s really amazing ! I can not imagine what the performance will be without Sense : even more impressive ! Here is a youtube video on the One X quadcore in which several benchmarks are made (AnTuTu, Quadrant and Linpack) 

  63. I hope this shit is true. I’m due for a update come may 5th.

  64. Only thing that would keep me from a phone like this is battery life! Htc has never had good battery life. G1, g2, mytouch line! All of them horrible! Says 1800mah in phone arena. We’ll see I guess!
    I did love all my htc phones tho! Aside from that issue!

  65. No slide out keyboard? Not sure…….Removable battery? Then no

  66. I’ve been with TMO my entire cell phone life (we’re going on about 13-14 yrs now) and I must say that I’ve always been happy with their line up. 1st android phone I ever got was the G1 and my life hasn’t been the same since! After the G1 I wanted something a little faster so I tried one of those TMO MyTouch 4G’s…it was ok, it was HTC but after having a VANILLA android phone I just couldn’t go back to these MFR SKINS!!! So I ditched the MyTouch and went back to the G1 and now I’m the proud owner of the Nexus S on T-Mobile. Still wish it was 4G but nothing beats vanilla android so if TMO get this HTC with vanilla 4.0 (what I’m running on my Nexus now) and it’s 4G then this might be my next smartphone. I’ve always liked HTC’s build quality better than Samsung but I got the Nexus S cause I NEEDED a vanilla flagship phone and there was no other option than the Nexus S but it is a great phone. Come on T-Mobile, it’s been a while since you suprised/impressed your loyal customers and I’m about ready for an upgrade. HOOK US UP!

  67. Manufacturers should see this hype and give the users options for entry level, medium and high-end phones with stock Android. Why bother customizing Android with bloated features nobody wants, and then revisit keep updating it when new versions come out (ICS)? Just release them in stock Android and let them update themselves (add drivers maybe, but thats it).

  68. If HTC gives us T-Mobile people this phone with stock Android 4, my faith in HTC will be renewed!

    Check out my spec comparison list of all mid-to-high-end phones! http://www.oceanmedia.net/phones.asp

  69. Imagine this phone with NO CAPACITIVE BUTTONS? 


  70. I prefer sense..hmph =

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