Samsung Galaxy S II wins Smartphone of the Year award at Mobile World Congress


While Mobile World Congress is a forward-looking showcase of the technology that will define the future of the mobile industry, the GSMA — the company which produces the event — also takes time each February to honor last year’s biggest successes. The winners of the 17th annual Global Mobile Awards have been announced, and some of Android’s biggest players have been given a nod.

Taking home smartphone of the year was the Samsung Galaxy S II, while Samsung was named mobile device manufacturer of the year. Google Maps was named Best Consumer Mobile Service, while the title of Most Innovative Mobile App was given to SwiftKey. Unfortunately, no Android tablets make the list. The iPad 2 took the honors. Looks like Google and company still have some work to do in that area.

Check out the source link below for the full list of winners.

[via GSMA]

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  1. Are you fucking kidding me? GNex is far better.

    1. I’ll throw my reply to this on a microsd card and you can let me know how that goes…

      1. LOL, hilarious

      2. Well, as I’m not a big fan of Apple, their iPhone never had it and it crushed SGS II sales. You’re just sad :) Yeah, the SD slot and camera is a letdown, but I don’t care much about it, since I have an DSLR and don’t need that much memory in my phone. Nexus is still better in all terms of software, sice it is Google device, don’t be sad about you iPhonic TouchWiz, or stupid Kies and every Samsung software is a fail. And in terms of hardware, GNex has a gorgeous screen (get a life if you’ll try to argue with PenTile, it’s still much better screen), better build quality, call quality, sound quality, it has NFC, much better GPS, more sensors and overall it’s just more precise device. And how about an ICS update? Looks like crap and still can’t see it.

      3. Oh I see what you did there……..you must be proud!

    2. >pentile display
      >no sdcard support
      >nexus s overclocked gpu
      >low speaker volume
      >not so good 5mpx camera

      yeah is far worse than any SGS2 variant.

      1.  while i dont disagree with galaxy s2 winning, some of the reasons you mention aren’t why. 

            pentile display… yet all the reviews say it was the best android screen, people get stuck on the word pentile and automatically call it trash.

        no sdcard support… you think that ever stopped the iphone?

        My opinion would be the camera and the not as smooth as the GS2 UI regardless of being skinned, and poor battery life. 

        1. I was just “mentioning” some random facts, but i do like the gnexus pentile display, a friend of mine has it and i love to tease him with my sgs2 mentioning this stuff.
          But, other than the screen, the other facts are true. 
          For example Deadspace on gnexus is sluggish and has lower res textures due to the higher display resolution, while on sgs2 runs butter smooth and looks much better, and it’s not the only game.
          SDCard support is a must for a phone that only has 16GB of storage (in EU), my SGS2 has 48GB of storage (16gb+32gb sd) and only 17gb are available.
          Sluggish UI is due to some slow downs in Android 4.0.1 (shipped stock rom), but most are gone in latest leaks.

          1. Ah its always fun to tease friends. Good to know about the updates.

    3.  Galaxy Nexus is only better in terms of software. Hardware, SGS2 is the clear winner. I dont know about you, but give me an SGS2 with stock ICS and call it a day.

      1.  Get the Galaxy S II and install CM then.

  2. Owning the Epic version, I concur.

  3. The best gsll version is the coming up skyrocket hd.
    Hd screen
    Hd video 1080
    8mega pixels
    2mega pixels
    Micro SD slot
    Perfect size
    Possible white version=sexy

  4. I wished that Verizon had gotten a variant (and not just the Galaxy Nexus).  I spent so much time waiting for this and then gave up for the Bionic.  While I do love my phone, I still wish I had the Galaxy S II.

  5. Yep! I agree!! And the Epic touch is the best of the best.

    1. even though i’m a T-Mobile customer i agree that Epic Touch is the best out of those 3 b/c it has the Exynos processor instead of Snapdragon processor

  6. The best phone was clearly the galaxy note !! 

  7. Maybe now they will update SGSII with ICS

  8. Having just switched from sprint to Verizon I can Say that the epic touch beats the GNex is almost every area. after using my GNex for awhile I can see how much slower it is compared to the epic touch

  9. galaxy nexus owners just admit it its not the best. theres lag in ICS i didnt want to believe it but its there. gs2 on gingerbread runs smoothly and its only gonna get better with ICS. besides a 720p screen and ICS which the gs2 is gonna get what does the sub par specs of the nexus offer not to mention that old ass gpu

  10. Nice! Congrats to Samsung and Google for this! I don’t personally have an SGS2 but have had the chance to play with a couple of them on occasion. Stellar devices!!

  11. Pile. Of. Shit.

  12. i think that he galaxy s 2 skyrocket is the best phone

  13. Rezound hands down best phone available to date.

  14. The Nexus is better, but it would be difficult to give that award to a device that’s only been in the market for a month in 2011. The GSII had a far greater impact on the smartphone market last year.


  15. I still think the Galaxy Nexus trumps all other phones ;)

  16. Well derserved, still the best smartphone available almost a year on.

    It’s sad that the competition is only now starting to catch up but the products are flawed in some way, also Galaxy S III will be out soon.

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