First Look: HTC One V [MWC 2012]


The HTC One V might be the lowest specced of the three HTC One devices announced at Mobile World Congress, but it might also be the one that holds a place closest to our hearts. An update on a “retro” design, one HTC rep described the V designation as standing for vintage. So what exactly is retro or vintage about a modern mobile device? It’s all in the chin.

We might not consider a device like the T-Mobile G1 or HTC Legend (pictured above) as vintage — perhaps the better term is old school — but its design harkens back to a look that HTC has moved away from in its recent unibody devices. Though a subtle outward curving chin is present on most handsets, the sharp, exaggerated protrusion of yesteryear has faded away. Its back in a big way with the stylishly updated One V.

The One V sports a 3.7-inch display and features a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdrgon processor coupled with 512 MB of RAM. Its specs don’t really compare to the high-powered One X or One S, but the One V is meant as a lower-priced option. What it does provide is access to HTC Sense 4 and Ice Cream Sandwich, which includes system-wide Beats Audio and camera improvements including a super fast shutter speed and a redesigned UI.

HTC didn’t have a model on hand with a working software build so we weren’t able to dive too deeply into that side of things, but on appearance alone the One V is a great looking and great feeling device that should please Android fans that have been around since the beginning.

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  1. Here we go again…..Great looking devices. Jut what makes it great looking? Just how important is that to owning a device? 

    1. Unibody aluminum casing with ceramic coating. Simple. Elegant. And looks have everything to do with owning a device (for me anyway). It’s kinda like a car…

  2. Same poop different name.

  3. So ugly i hated htc phones two years ago because of this design let it go 

  4. lol that is an ugly piece!

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