Feb 27th, 2012

HTC’s first three Android 4.0 based devices – the HTC One X, One S, and One V – also have HTC Sense 4.0. Much of the design and feel remains true to the original HTC Sense vision, but it’s the camera UI and functionality that gets the biggest boost in the latest rendition of the manufacturer’s custom UI.  See exactly what we mean in the video below:

If (like me) you often struggle internally when deciding whether to take video or still images at that crucial moment, you’ll enjoy Sense 4.0’s multiple recording methods. You can actually take video and, while still recording video, press the camera capture button to take individual pictures while the video continues to record.

When you think about it, all you’re really doing is selecting one of the still images out of your video, but Sense 4.0 allows you to refocus the image before the picture snaps. The rear camera itself is 8MP but when recording video and taking pictures using this feature, the maximum quality is 5MP images.

Similarly, you might want to take a timely picture, but have some hesitation about snapping a picture at the precise perfect nanosecond, causing you to narrowly miss the Kodak HTC moment. Now you can simply hold down the shutter button for rapid-fire picture taking. By default it’s set to take 20 pictures in a row but you can raise this amount all the way to 99 if you prefer. HTC also included a very intuitive interface for deleting numerous photos at once so that you’re not overloaded in the aftermath. Capturing that candid smile just got easier and the irritation of picture blinks just got lighter.

A few other nice features include greatly improved auto-focus time (.2 seconds), a straight to camera unlock feature, and an improved lighting sensor for use with the camera’s flash. Most camera phone’s have 1 light setting on the flash, meaning your pictures often end up washed out and ridiculous looking. The HTC One devices, and other Sense 4.0+ phones, have a feature that detects how much light will be needed to illuminate the object being focused upon and attempt to provide the right amount of lighting for that instance. We didn’t get to test this feature, but it sounds incredibly helpful in theory.

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