Feb 28th, 2012

It was only yesterday that we’d spotted jelly beans being offered to folks behind closed doors. If not for the fact that the next letter for the next version of Android is J, people put two and two together to suggest that Android Jelly Bean would be the codename for the next major version of Android. Of course, we wanted to know a lot more than just its name.

According to Computerworld, though, we now have a launch window to go along with that name. Hiroshi Lockheimer mentioned to them that the new version of Android would release this fall. As you know, Android 4.0 was announced in October and released in November, so it’s likely we’ll be seeing Jelly Bean in that same window.

Unfortunately, that’s all we have. It’s the most we can ask for, though, as we usually aren’t let in on even the most basic information until we’re close to the announcement. So there you have it. Nexus owners should expect the update close to when it is announced, of course, and everyone else is still waiting on Ice Cream Sandwich. Oh well. [via TC]