Opera Mobile 12 Brings Superior HTML5 Performance to Android [MWC 2012]


Our friends at Opera today announced a new version of their mobile browser for Android. Opera Mobile 12 for Android may not bring significant new features that the every day user might care about, but for those of us who know the importance of a good rendering engine, it’s pretty exciting.

They’ve added full WebGL support to the browser to make it possible for graphically-rich applications and games to run without fail. As you know, the future of the web is HTML5 and even Adobe believes Flash should gracefully bow out of the game to make room for it. They also made lots of improvements to their HTML 5 rendering engine overall.

Their new changes garnered them a score of 354+11 on HTML 5 benchmark site They say it’s the highest score anyone has ever gotten, though they acknowledge that the top performer changes all the time and that someone could quickly surpass them. Still, they currently have one of the fastest, most efficient and accurate HTML 5 rendering engines on mobile. Give it a try in the Android market and be sure to find our video of it above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. The only reason I don’t use Opera Mobile is that it loads the WAP version of Google when I search. Does anyone know how to fix this? Apart from that issue, its brilliant

  2. Still displays google image search results in tablet view on my Evo 3D.  Worthless.  I haven’t had that issue with any other browser.  Only gives me options to view in tablet or classic

  3. @SteveEdson:disqus : Settings -> Advanced -> User Agent (switch to Desktop)

  4. the tag line should read “Opera:  We’re still relevant.  No, really, we are!  Come on guys, notice us!”   <- sad.

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