ASUS announces re-tooled Padfone for April release, lower-priced Transformer Pad 300


ASUS has finally come clean on the launch details of their Padfone almost a year after the device was initially unveiled. The combination smartphone/tablet still features a handset that docks inside a larger display to provide the same functionality as a tablet, but it’s no longer the super-powered monster it was once promised to be. The smartphone half of the device still carries the new dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor with Adreno 225 graphics and runs the latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, which should give it plenty of pep. It also touts a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display. When combined with the 10.1-inch tablet half the Padfone takes on a new range of capabilities. A unique stylus accessory doubles as as a headset for placing phone calls and there will even be a keyboard dock, giving the Padfone the ultimate one-two-three punch.

Speaking of keyboard docks, ASUS also announced a new member to the Transformer family, the Transformer Pad 300. Utilizing plastic materials rather than the metallic elements of the Transformer Prime, ASUS was able to drop the price down to $399 without sacrificing the quad-core Tegra 3 processor. The 10.1-inch tablet also sports an 8MP camera, 2MP front-facing camera, and 16GB of internal storage.

The Padfone will be available from April at an undisclosed price while there are no firm details on the Transformer Pad 300’s release. We’ll post up hands-on video and impressions of ASUS’ newest gear as soon as we have it.

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  1. Is it wrong that I care more about having the aluminum transformer? $100 makes it pretty difficult to pass up. I guess if the dock is somehow cheaper that will make it even better.

    1. Am I lost or what, $100? What is this Aluminum Transformer you speak of? lol  

      1. No i meant the aluminum transformer prime is 100$ more than the plastic tf 300.

        1. Ah, LOL see, I was lost!

        2. $100 for a flat piece of aluminum? I doubt that. More like $5 with $95 worth of markup.

          1. Its also only 16 gb onboard memory and slightly lower resolution. Its all little differences.

          2.  And I bet you the plastic one will have glitchless GPS and WiFi.

          3. u got that right

  2. Looks like the PadFone will be the second smartphone with ICS to be buttonless, I actually like the design, alot, very svelte and has the same ergonomics of the iPhone 4S (if you can find closeup images, you’ll see what I mean)

  3. So they are trying to say that the aluminum housing costs 100 dollars? Lol. I think if they sold it for 50 dollars more it would have sold much more.

  4. The old design of the Padfone was probably my biggest gripe with it. The fact that it’s using Qualcomm’s new S4 processor makes this look even sweeter.. I’m PUMPED. :D

  5. The stylus is an earpiece for phone calls???

  6. I want just the phone and the possibility to buy the pad as well as the keyboard as an extensoin. Do they have the Padfone at MWC? I’ like to see how it performs.

  7. The PadFone looks sweet…  I would like that.

  8. I would go with this if it had T-mobiles bands.

  9. Looks like the stylus-mounted earpiece is wired, not Bluetooth.  Kinda awkward… :(

    1. I suspect that cord is an anti-theft device, not a functional one. The Padfone commercial I found floating around somewhere didn’t show any wires.

      1. I hope you’re right.

    2. At least you’ll never lose it! =p

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