Aug 12th, 2010


At today’s press briefing it was revealed that one 1 out of every 4 searches made on an Android phone is done so by voice. While this number comes as a bit surprising, Google doesn’t quite see it that way. In fact, they have decided to take Android interactions with the human voice one step further and today have announced voice actions for Android. Voice actions aim to key into natural user interfacing by allowing Android phone owners to speak nearly any command into their handset and see the result appear on screen. It’s a lot like Dragon Dictate or Vlingo, except completely free for all those with an Android phone running Froyo.

You access the speaking interface the same way as usual. Tap the microphone icon next to search or long press the search button and you can start commanding your phone to send a text, listen to music, go to a website, or even get directions. Of course, you can still perform basic voice searches too.

Along with voice actions Google has launched a new search widget, both of which can be downloaded from the Android Market now if you are running Android 2.2. The Motorola Droid 2 will come with the application suite installed. Hit up the QR codes below to grab both new items.

Voice Search


Search Widget


[via Google Mobile Blog]

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