Hands on with the HTC One X [MWC 2012]


HTC is getting back to the tenets that first put them on the map with the new One series of phones. With a focus on simple yet beautiful design in combination with industry-leading specs, the flagship HTC One X certainly lives up to what we have come to expect. The One X is HTC’s first quad-core handset and the first to feature a chip from NVIDIA (don’t worry, Qualcomm fans, HTC still loves them some Snapdragon). It also is among the first to feature HTC Sense 4, the latest Ice Cream Sandwich-based iteration of the custom interface. While the One X’s 1.5GHz quad-core processor is impressive, it is the combination of hardware and software features that makes the One X stand out.

For a phone to be a member of the One series, it will have to put an emphasis on two main areas: better photos and true-to-life audio. The latter is accomplished via HTC’s partnership with Beats Audio while the former is achieved with a new technology called ImageSense. ImageSense utilizes a software layer coupled with an OEM customized camera sensor to bring about some amazing feats of pixelular strength. Image quality has been enhanced for nearly every lighting condition, from backlight to low light, and an improved HDR mode gives photos rich color and depth.

Aside from pictures looking better, they can be snapped in less than a second (0.7 seconds to be exact) and ImageSense boasts an auto-focus speed of 0.2 seconds. This allows for shots to be taken in rapid succession or as part of a burst mode. Video is also enhanced. Not only is there no need to switch between camera and video mode (the camera UI now features dedicated buttons for both), but you can also capture images as you record video.

Whereas on the HTC Rezound Beats Audio only functioned in specific situations, with the One series it is all encompassing. You’ll need a Beats Audio headset (and not all carriers will ship the device with an included set of earbuds), but you can now enjoy deep bass and rich sound in every application, from YouTube to your mobile browser to internet radio.

The build quality here is top notch. The HTC One X features one of the nicest unibody designs we have seen thus far and feels great in hand. There is a subtly curve to the device and the glass of the  4.7-inch screen flows into the bezel. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, however, despite HTC’s insistence that this design is unlike any before. The looks are typical to the unibody style HTC has developed and the unique accents and fine touches are only noticed in close-up. That’s not to take anything away from the One X, but it would have been nice to see HTC be a little more adventurous (the prototype render of the phone, for instance, had a bit more character).

HTC will be bringing the One X to carriers far and wide, so everyone everywhere should have a chance to check out the phone’s power and style. We’re going to have to go ahead and agree with HTC that, after our first look, the One X is the best phone the company has released in quite some time.

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  1. Verizon or HTC is dead to me.

  2. Hope HTC get back their glory in 2012

    1. Me too! I’m rotting for ’em! :D

  3. The phone dimension look to big they are even bigger than the Galaxy Nexus which has massive phone dimensions.  If the phone dimensions where the same or a little bit smaller than the Samsung Galaxy 2 then this could of been my next phone.

    I love the taking video & photos at the same time, lets hope others follow suite (the new sony digital cameras will do this aswell)

    Looks like the Sony Xperia S is my phone of choice so far??  Will wat to see the Motorola Atrix 3 & Samsung Galaxy3 though.

    1. Htc don’t have the technology to be able to cut down bezel..its been same size for 2years running

    2. Try the HTC One S: it’s amazingly thin, super sturdy, and looks pretty stunning I think.

      1. Yes I love the One S but it only has 16gb of data storage, if it had 32gb or 16gb & a sd card slot then this would be the perfect phone.

  4. no removable battery?? :-(

  5. I had pinned all my hopes on this phone, but HTC turned in this piece of crap, fixed memory, fixed battery, may as well have just released a bloody iPhone! This has ended my respect for HTC!

    1. Okay, fixed memory isn’t THAT bad.. neither is the battery. 

      Before Google Music, I needed a micro SD slot. Not anymore.

      I also thought I always needed a spare battery but after my Epic Touch, never pull it out (14+ hours of life).

      I agree that it sucks, but it’s not a make-or-break for this phone. Well, at least not for me anyway =/

      1. Fixed memory, I really don’t like, but as long as I’ve got enough space, I can live with.

        Fixed battery however, that is a TOTAL deal killer! I currently always have at least one spare battery in my pocket (usually two), it allows me to use *MY* phone the way *I* want to. The changeable battery was one of the killer features Android had over the iPhone, I can’t believe HTC are so eager to take a huge step backwards with their new flagship phone, they may as well just call it the iOne LOL. I really have lost so much respect for the company due to this stupid decision.

      2. It should be a deal breaker at least in principal. As someone who is at least a little influential you more than anyone should not be willing to settle. It hurts the rest of us.

      3. Yeah well Chavez what you have is a Samsung where battery life is actually good.especially the Galaxy S series…. This however is htc…

        htc is the worst for camera. Screen quality & battery life… fixed battery door? This is THE dealbreaker for anyone..@.@

        1. Dude you must be kidding me, Can’t you sound at least more rational. HTC One X has THE WORST camera, Screen and Battery? Seriously? Hater… :)

          1. Not htc one obviously but the rest….

            Anyways htc phone with fixed battery door is suicide maybe they’ll release the htc one x maxx

  6. He just said beats audio is the best you going to get……are you kidding me?

  7. Idk this phone kinda seems like a fail, the states version more the other. They didnt really keep the theme of ICS of no bottons, the dual core is a bummer since most of the hype of this phone was for quad core. I think there was a little too much hype over it…

    1. According to preliminary benchmarks the dual core snapdragon S4 is as fast or faster then the quad core tegra 3.  It’s based on next gen A15 ARM architecture while the tegra 3 is last gen A9.  Obviously we need to wait for production phones to make final conclusions but from what we know so far the dual core is not a let down in any way.

      The snapdragon SOC in this phone also includes integrated LTE built on 28nm process technology so (in theory) you can actually get more than a couple hours of battery life using LTE.

  8. Correction: any Jack or Bluetooth audio-connection to an audio device will activate the beats profile (EQ) in the One-Series phones. No need for beats headphones anymore.

    “You’ll need a Beats Audio headset (and not all carriers will ship the
    device with an included set of earbuds), but you can now enjoy deep bass
    and rich sound in every application, from YouTube to your mobile
    browser to internet radio.”

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