Google All But Confirms Android’s Next Firmware Name – Bowl Of Jelly Beans Given To MWC Attendees


For as long as we’ve been calling it Jelly Bean, it’s hard to believe that the codename for the next version of Android has never been confirmed by Google HQ. It was all the way back in September of ’11 that we told you guys that Jelly Bean was in the running for the next version of Android and given there aren’t very many “J” desserts to go off of, Jell Bean seemed a likely fit. Now, during Mobile World Congress 2012, it looks like that name has all been but confirmed with Google offering a bowl full of jelly beans to the press in a private meeting area. I think we can safely call that confirmed, folks. The next dessert to follow Ice Cream Sandwich will, in fact, be Jelly Bean. Only thing left is figuring out what that darn version number will be…


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Love when Google does this type of stuff

    1. they love it when you love it.  it’s a jailbait jelly bean sort of thing.

      1. ya i know. they already know everything i do, since I use a majority of their services. so i don’t mind anymore

  2. It is cool.  However ICS is out and offically on 1 single device.  99.9999998 % of the world does not have it and 95.99997 % of android users will never taste it.  It better be a 4.1 update, 5.0 would be silly. 

    1. The numbers don’t matter, if it adds a lot of features then it will be 5.0 if not then 4.1. There are at least 3 devices the Galaxy Nexus (GSM & LTE), Nexus S and Asus Transformer, I own all 3. There are more, I’m sure of it. I think that 4.0 is at 3% right now. If you have a problem with a phone not getting the newest update then get a Nexus phone or a Asus tablet.  

      Oops I was wrong ICS is at 1%. http://developer.android.com/resources/dashboard/platform-versions.html

      1. Galaxy Nexus
        Nexus S
        Transformer 1/prime
        Xoom wifi

        These devices all have official ICS

    2. Two Devices… And They Are Both Nexus Devices.. Which Are SUPPOSED To Get Updates Before Everyone…

      1. They are meant to show the OEM’s how it’s done but they don’t really seem to care since we aren’t their customers, the carriers are.

    3. You clearly meant 2 devices….I hope!

  3. What happens after we hit z?

    1. Maybe they start over with AA. Though I’m not sure how aardvarks taste…

    2. At the current rate of new android release names, that’d be quite a few more years.

      Android v1.0 was released in Sep 2008, and if Jelly Bean is released by the end of this year, then that’s about 4 years to use 10 letters, so it’ll take another 6.4 years (in 2019) to use up the remaining 16 letters. More than likely, though, the pace of major releases will slow a bit, so we have till the early 2020’s until looping back to the A’s and/or changing the scheme.

      1. I doubt Android will still be around by then. There will probably be some new crazy stuff invented that will blow everyone’s minds.

    3. we go Greek alphabet. 

  4. So then we’re going to be calling it JB, just like with GB and ICS. But unfortunately JB has already be used for something else……. I just can’t seem to remember…

    Oh, Jailbait. This will be interesting.

  5. “Confirmed” as much as the Galaxy Nexus release date of December 9th. 

    1. Nah, the Galaxy Nexus was never confirmed. Not even after it actually came out. Lol

  6. Get ready for BJ-B jokes in every tech blog

  7.  But the big question is, what’s next?  I think they should do a marketing tie-in with Krispy Kreme.

    1. Key Lime Pie, you heard it here first.

    2. Non-trademark contenders:
      – Key Lime Pie
      – Kiwi *something*
      – Kaya Toast (Malaysian)
      – Kimchi (Korean’s make this stinky stuff into desserts too)
      – Korean Pear

      – Krispy Kreme
      – Kool-Aid  (but then everyone would say: “don’t drink the kool-aid” :)
      – Kinder Egg
      – Krabby Patty (spongebob – yay!)

      Key Lime Pie is #1 in my book.

      1. There is no way they’d use a trademarked name.  Too much hassle with the licensing.  They’ll think of something.  I’m sure they won’t run out any time soon.

      2. The only one you named that has a shot it key lime pie, the others ones are just retarded, hope you were just trying to be funny……

      3. Too bad I said it first :-P

        1. Actually… some other guy in my Phandroid Google+ circle by the name of Bradley George mentioned it in July. :) —  https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts/MZ4e7rxBBwz

          But, yeah, it’s the only obvious choice.

          1. Damn damn damn!

          2. This is probably 2009 stuff, too. I’m sure someone at Google took the liberty of populating some spreadsheet with all possibilities.

      4. What about Kolache?

  8. It shows a sad state when on a tech site the first thing that comes to peoples minds is jailbait? I personally though Jail Break…   but perhaps thats because I have been using smart phones since before android….

    1. it’s a sad state when you assume that’s the first thing that comes to people’s minds.     Lastly, who cares when you started using smartphones?  99% of the people on here probably used smartphones prior to android.  What makes you so special?

  9. Do you think Google actually waits for speculation to flare up about their next iteration’s codename and then just goes with it? 

  10. Could have called it Juicy Fruit

  11. Kettle Corn??

  12. Doggone Galaxy Nexus will probably get Jelly Bean before I get Ice Cream Sandwich on my Rezound…..uggghh.

    1. Damn right.

    2. Give HTC some credit, they’re doing absolutely amazing in regards to updating their flagship phones in comparison to LG and Motorola. I think the Sensation and Rezound OTA updates leaked over on XDA, go check it out.

  13. I think the version number is the most obvious and easiest thing to pinpoint. Of course the version number is going to be 6.3501. Its the only thing that makes sense.

  14. Oh!! What if the Jelly Beans were there just to throw ppL off? What if it was going to be called……….um……….eh……….Hmm………uh……. *quietly thinks* Yea…. I can’t think of anything. I guess I’d love to see some Jelly Bean on my phone.

    1. Jam :)

  15. Just call it Android PoundCake

  16. K = Kiwifruit
    L = Lemon Tart
    M = Meringue / Madeline
    N = Nutroll
    O = Orange Cookie
    P = Pudding Pop
    Q = Quiche
    R = Rainbow Sherbet
    S = Strawberry Sundae / Sorbet 
    T = Tiramisu
    U = Upsidedown Pineapple Cake
    V = Vanilla Pudding
    W = Watermelon / White Chocolate Cheesecake
    X = [Good Luck]
    Y = Yellow Cake
    Z = Zebra Cake

    1. Close Enough

    2. XoXo cupcakes

    3. Xinomavro. It’s a grape.

  17. “L” Lemon Drop   :)  any takers??

    1. that is a delicious shooter

  18. I want to see Jawbreaker instead of Jellybean.  It has a much more hardcore attitude with it.  And ICS was supposed to be a game changer, but Google also said that some stuff wasn’t ready for ICS.
    Jawbreaker>Mango or iOSx….. jellybean is too close to jelly belly.

    1. Jawbreaker? Maybe a little bit too aggressive, isn’t it? ;-)

      1. Not nearly enough! haha

  19. If they go with Jelly Bean, I can only imagine the logo as a hideous green slug-like creature.

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