Next Version of Android To Be Named “Jelly Bean?” [Updated]


If you’re an Android fanboy (like me) there’s probably been a night or two where you kept up late wondering what Google’s name for the next version of Android would be. Well, toss and turn no more! According to a “trusted source” over at ThisIsMyNext, the next version of Android could be named — wait for it — JELLY BEAN. That’s right. Keeping true to Google’s alphabetical order, we’ve seen Android versions Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and now (possibly) Jelly Bean. Keep in mind it was long rumored that “F” would be Flan before later revealing itself to be Froyo.

If you were expecting some big changes for Ice Cream Sandwich, you may be disappointed. Apparently, some of the more “game-changing stuff” Google was supposed to unveil for Ice Cream Sandwich has actually been pushed back to Jelly Bean says TIMN’s sources. I don’t know about you — but that actually made my stomach sink. This takes me back to when Google said Gingerbread would introduce a “major UI overhaul,” only then to find a black notification bar and new talks that it was pushed back to Ice Cream Sandwich. ICS could be the unifying of their phone, tablet and TV OS’s and little else. But if it’s one thing Android has taught me through the years, it’s definitely patience. Hopefully we’ll hear more on Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean when the Nexus Prime is introduced in a few more months.

**UPDATE: Like I first suggested, TIMN has another source claiming that the Jelly Bean title isn’t finalized yet but definitely in the running. I mean, it’s not like there are many “J” sweet treats to choose from. Oh — and if you were bummed out about Ice Cream Sandwich’s “game-changing stuff” being pushed back to Jelly Bean, the source went on to say that there will still be some fairly major architectural, functional, and design changes in store for ICS. So, any way you slice it, ICS will still be a major release.

What do you guys think of this news? What would you have named the next version of Android? +100 points if you can come up with some awesome names for the rest of the alphabet!

[Via TIMN]

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  1. You know Chris, the “wait for it”…. then the break, doesn’t work very well when the title gives the answer.

    1. Wait for it — you’re right. =p

  2. Well, ICS can’t be a step back GUI-wise from honeycomb, as it is the successor to it as well… right?

    1. As I understand it from my limited knowledge of the inter-googlings at the Googleplex, ICS will be a one-OS-to-rule-them-all type thing. So, when ICS is running on a large screen device you’ll see the HC GUI, and when it’s a smaller (phone-sized) screen you’ll see a GB GUI.

      1. Don’t forget Google TV! I heard it merges that too! :)

      2. As a developer, I’m really excited about ICS regardless of how many big features…
        My app already works on both phone and tablet (with unique UIs for each that takes advantage of the form factor) but ICS will have a feature that allows you to animate all elements on a screen with tweaning… In less nerdy terms, this means that you can scale in/out to any size/dimensions and all the transitions, buttons, etc. will scale with it.

    2. I don’t know. I wouldn’t say a successor to Honeycomb. More like the phone version of Honeycomb.

      Most likely wont have the same “Tron UI” either.

      1. It should be a successor to both Honeycomb and Gingerbread and be a step-up to any device it’s upraded to, be it a phone or tablet. (Altough on the tablet side it might be a smaller step) As far as UI go, the Tron UI will surely remain for tablets, and I’m hopin some of it’s elements make their way to the phone UI too.

  3. Man I hope they use Toasted Marshmallow or Popcorn Jelly Bellys.

  4. I hope the overhauls aren’t delayed…. Unifying honeycomb and gingerbread is needed badlyif your a tablet owner

  5. how about…jello? haha

    1. I think the problem is that Jello is a brand name.. Though could be used with permission of the company I suppose.

      1. not only get the rights to use the name, but also get Bill Cosby to promote it!!

  6. Kind of obvious! Jelly isn’t a sweet treat, it’s an actual food. And Jell-O is a name brand, unless they decided to sponsor Android.

    Any other J-foods?

    1. Jambalaya? Oh wait- it has to be a “sweet treat.” Damn. This is tough =/

      1. Haha. Did you see my other comment? I had to throw in some non-sweet treats! Q, R, T, X, and Z are impossible!

        1. zappeoles

          1. What did you call me!? >:O

      2. jam, jelly worms, juice, jamoca, jubulee

    2. Jelly Babies, Jujube, Junior Mints, and more

      1. Those are brand names. Google would not/could not use those.

      2. I like Jolly Rancher!

  7. But anyway:

    Jelly Bean, Key Lime Pie, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Orange, Popsicle, Quesadilla, Raspberry, Sorbet, Toast, Upside-down cake, Vanilla, White Chocolate, Xiaodianxin (? Chinese for cookie), Yogurt, Zucchini.

    1. since when are quesadillas, toast, and zucchinis sweet/desserts?

      1. You try coming up with sweets for Q T Z and X!

        1. t could be toffee. you got me on q, x, and z. q could be quiche but idk if they make sweet quiches. iirc, they’re all savory.

          also, instead of jellybeans, j could be jawbreakers. would be appropriate if it was a ui change, since our jaws would drop :D

          1. T could be Toffee Apple

          2. Please keep the “A” word out of it.. lol

          3. And give Apple another reason to sue?

        2. Taffy, tart? The others idk …

        3. How about Taffy, Zebra cake or Zingers, Xocolatl (Aztec/Nahuatl for Chocolate), not sure about Q though

          1. Why not put in a bit of international flair – “Quarktasche” is the German name for some sort of sweet pastry with fresh cheese.

        4. Quince, Taffy, Zeppoli, and…hmmmm…I only know of Xiaodianxin, I don’t think there are any desserts that begin with ‘X’ in the English language – if they wanted to use abbreviations, they could use Xmas Bread Pudding, X is a tough one. Of course, Google could pay someone to concoct a dessert and name it with a word that begins with X.

      2. That comment made my day. Thank you.

      3. funny

    2. “Toffee” or “Tiramisu” would both work better for T. There’s also “Zweiback” (German twice-baked cookies) or “Zeppole” (Italian ricotta cookies) for Z, or, if you want to stick with Zucchini, at least make it “Zucchini bread”, which is generally sweet. For Q, there’s “Quaresimali” (almond biscuits), “Queijadas” (cupcake-like pastries), “Quinoa (Pudding)”.

  8. I really think they should push the updates to the majority of the phones before they come out with new OS’s. My thunderbolt has still yet to come out with gingerbread and this phone was supposed to be amazing. Nothing but problems and disappointments. I like android, just keep things up to date and consistent

    1. I don’t know how everyone doesn’t understand this, but Google has no control on whether or not you get your update if you get a phone that isn’t a Nexus. Why should they stop making updates because the OEMs can’t push out timely updates? Get a Nexus phone next and you won’t have to worry about getting your updates.

      1. i have a Huawei Ascend that ran 2.1 & i updated just fine to 2.2 thru MetroPCS

  9. How about they get ics out and get rid of a lot of the fragmentation then worry about the next version.

    1. They will NEVER get rid of fragmentation. It will only get worse as hardware progresses leaving larger and larger gaps between active devices.

      1. I said get rid of some of the fragmentation i know it will never be completely gone.

        1. no, u said a lot, not some :P

          1. yes but the one who responded to me made it seem like i said all fragmentation which i didnt.

  10. To be honest, all I really want is hardware acceleration, and thats definitely coming (its already in honeycomb, and they said at io that it would be in ICS). Gingerbread is pretty close to perfect, if we get rid of all the stutters and lag, android will go from being a little ahead to being miles ahead. We don’t need game changers, yet.

  11. I was hoping for Jalepeno!

  12. they should name it Android- Jizz

    1. Well, that’s only a dessert to some girls and obviously, you.

      1. That’s hilarious!!!!

  13. Some time wasted with Google search..
    Jaffa Cake
    Jagermeister (yeah sue me.. also a brand I know)
    Jam Roll
    Jasmine Rice Pudding
    Jelly Custard
    Jub Jub
    Juice Box
    Junior Mints (again a brand)
    Of the above, I like the Jasmine Rice Pudding.. statue challenge if I ever saw one.

    1. jubjub, lol

    2. On second thought.. Juice Box sounds like a good name for an upgrade.

    3. jamoca
      jubilee part of baskin 31 robbins flavors

  14. It could be Jemima Pancakes.

  15. Personally…..i cant wait for “twinkie”

    1. trademark issue… for J, how about “jam tart”?

  16. Jazz Apple… dude have you tried one? Super sweet but almost out of season. How great would a giant apple look on the Google campus?

    1. They’d get sued so fast…

  17. Jelly Donut anyone?

  18. Ju ju be

  19. So we have had “Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich” but was there ever a A and a B named versions? even if just internal ones before public release?

    1. Alpha and Beta

      1. so the G1 released on Beta?

        1. If you’ve used one with no updates… Yeah, pretty much.

          It wasn’t horrible, but I was *very* happy when Cupcake came down the day after I got my G1.

    2. A and B were beta releases, i think A was apple pie and B was banana bread (i’m not making it up btw)

  20. If Ice Cream Sandwich is not as fully featured as it should be, it’s because Google engineers had to waste their time, money and resources on having to work around trivial gestures which have somehow been patented.

    Our intellectual property laws are impeding innovation and retarding progress. It’s disgusting.

    1. please. like they cant find a couple more bright minds to take care of that. there is always an excuse even though it is not needed among android fans. everything is just a rumor until the final version hits the floor. then you have to step back and decide if it was worth the wait, worth waiting again, or worth trying out a different os. its all part of the process.

  21. Z is easy Zebra cake
    R = rice pudding or rhubarb pie

  22. i thought it was gonna be “jello”…..

  23. disappointed.. thought it as gonna be called “Jello”….

  24. dammit why is my image attachment not showing????

    1. I think it just takes a bit for it to show up. Those look sick though! :O

      1. Hehe thanks. I was trying to upload an image that was like 500 x 2100 px, and the image wouldn’t show up. So I decided to uploaded smaller images instead. But here’s the big image in case you wanna see. :)


        EDIT: oh wow, hosting it online and linking to it works.. lol

  25. My previous photos were too big, i guess, that’s why it wasn’t showing up.. sorry for the spam, but here’s more Android “Jello”…

  26. LMAO at Google not making ICS a major UI overhaul as they promised.

    You fanboys are the REAL sheep in the mobile consumer market. LOLLLL

    Wow. Unreal how much slack you guys give Google.

    1. LMAO at Applezz not givin’ j00 pr0p3r multitaskinz in IoS 4.0…

      Nice one, idiot. Jog along.

      1. Proper multitasking? LOL
        What advantage does Android’s “proper” multitasking offer over iOS? Anything on iOS that needs to be running in the background such as streaming music, GPS, etc have APIs so they can run in the background. Games and other apps are frozen as they SHOULD be and we get much better battery life as a result.

        Go ahead and champion your less efficient system if that makes you feel like you have a bigger dick in your pants. People who actually know a thing about software and computers realize Apple’s multitasking is better than Google’s.

        1. but i DO have a bigger dick in my pants. anyways – i don’t get all this mindless nonsense.. i have both android and iphone.. and BOTH are pretty awesome..

  27. JELLO!!

    1. Jello or for the rest of the world jelly.

      1. “Jello” – trademark issue. “Jelly” would definately work, but it’s so close to “jelly bean”, what’s the point?

  28. I didn’t even realize they were in alphabetical order.. & Where’s B or A?

    1. They had 1.0 and 1.1 and then 1.5 was when they decided to name them.. so they started with C

  29. LOL at everyone completely ignoring the isheep

  30. Jalebi? I want to try it some time.

    1. its nice.. but perhaps too sweet!

    2. I also vote for Jalebis..there are enough Indians working in Google to make it happen.

  31. I am DONE with android. My next phone will be an Iphone 5

    1. Well, I guess there would always be someone who doesn’t like ‘Jelly Bean’

    2. noooooo.. please please don’t go !!!
      Is that what you want ?
      Some other useless information along with yours that is too interesting to share on Facebook.. my last phone was an Android, my current phone is an Android, and my next phone will probably be an Android.. and I don’t care what others think I should buy, and I don’t try and get them to convince me one way or the other.

    3. Yet you still took the time to read this blog and post a comment.

      1. i was thinking the same.. lol!

    4. Im with you there .. unfortunately.. rocking an Android since the days of a G1. but sick of the lag and the alternative things i have to do such as installing CYANOGEN and then using Launcher Pro to get rid of the annoying / disqusting lags.

      And battery life SUCKS

  32. Jam roly poly

  33. Hopefully scrolling widgets will finally work on stock android on phones like they do on honeycomb tablets. A detter calendar and unified text app would be. Nice.

  34. I can’t believe not one person has thought of this. The first thought that came to mind with the word J and dessert was Jubilee as in Cherry Jubilee…duh

    1. That’s because the word jubilee itself does not refer to any sort of food. It means a celebration or festivity… I like it anyway.

  35. Okay i absolutely love Android! but i dont mean to bring this up but apple products are so much more advanced in some aspects. For instance there is not lag at all on the iphone…the camera is amazing! why cant google make an android version that can “really” compare to the iphone. I mean google just about feaking read out minds but they cant make a beast version of android! ps i hate the iphone and have the htc evo 3d…just saying so i dont get any slack from you people!

    1. Obvious troll is obvious.

      1. No, he’s right. They keep pushing back hardware acceleration for example. NO IT WILL BE NEXT RELEASE IT WILL BE NEXT RELEASE. I may go back to my jailbroken iPhone unless ICS is a home run despite my intense hatred for Apple’s practices. The best tool for the job… This isn’t fanboyism, I own both and I prefer Android’s open nature, but Android is architecturally inferior and many of my [engineer] colleagues agree, even though we all rock Android devices here at work.

    2. iPhones have no lag at all? HAHAHA! I know people who complain about their phones freezing or stuttering when they go to do something on it.. They might not experience lag as much as an android but they lag. They also don’t lag because they can’t multitask which means there aren’t a bunch of apps bogging it down over time.

  36. Juharszirup! That’s Hungarian for maple syrup. (Pronounced: youh-are syrup : D)

  37. I was bored :)

  38. Who the F cares about the NEXT Android OS name, JUST GIVE ME MY DAMN ICE CREAM DANDWICH

    1. Sandwich**

  39. try that again.. guess the image was too big :/

    I was bored :P

  40. It would make sense considering they follow the alphabet:

    Ice Cream sandwich

    I don’t see why they are making Jellybean though, unless this will be the merger, or is ice cream sandwich the point where honeycomb and regular android become “one”, all I’ve seen is a screenshot of Ice Cream with some bad blue theme, but know nothing about the actual specs/features of it.

  41. KY Jelly gets my vote for K for having a slick UI.

  42. Jelly Roll… that is all.

  43. I still feel like they should have called it Funnelcake, not Froyo.

    1. I liked the rumored “Flan”. It had a lot more class than Froyo. (honestly, does anyone actually call frozen yogurt that?) And, much as I love the idea, “funnelcake” would have completely lost Europe. (Is funnelcake truly US-wide now? Or is it still east coast regional?)

      1. It tends to be called that in California, including in the bay area where Google is located.

        1. Well, alrighty, then. Just an east coast provincial, I. It’s more a goofy chain marketing gag out here.

  44. Surely this Jelly Bean version is going come up with many new features.
    For more info check out http://techeomania.blogspot.com/2011/09/just-in-android-jelly-beans-to-follow.html

  45. JAM TART

  46. Sorry Apple fanboys, despite it being your favorite dessert, jizz is not a valid answer.

    1. Made me laugh more than any other comment!!

    2. hahahahahahaha

  47. I wouldn’t mind my phone getting Gingerbread before they start talking about ‘Jelly Bean’ or whatever the actual name may be. That’s just a personal preference. And I’d like Ice Cream Sandwich before they start releasing it, too.

  48. Can we at least wait till ICS comes out first

  49. I know somebody who has seen ICS, and he says it is buggy as heck right now (random crashes/reboots etc.). I hope they sort out the major bugs before release, because every release of Android so far has had some major annoying bugs that simply never get fixed. Why, for example, almost three years after the first Android release, does the screen still sometimes become completely unresponsive to picking up or hanging up a call, and why does the power button sometimes fail to wake up the device without pulling the battery? (Personally experienced on three separate devices so far across many different Android builds.) If one thing on my phone needs to work, it is the phone functionality. I wish Google would take one release to stop innovating and just fix bugs.

    1. Wow, you know somebody who has seen software that’s still in beta and it has bugs? Alert the press, everyone please stop and hear this breaking news. A beta still has bugs, how could they possibly let that happen? /s

  50. J = Jello
    K = Kahlua
    L = Lingonberry
    M = Mousse
    N = Nilla Wafer
    O = Oreo
    P = Pudding
    Q = Quesadilla (because I can’t think of a dessert, and I love cheese)
    R = Rocky Road
    S = Sugar
    T = Tootsie Roll
    U = Upside Down Cake
    V = Vanilla
    W = White Chocolate
    X = X-Ray (because I can’t think of an X food)
    Y = Yogurt
    Z = Zucchini Bread

  51. or Rice Pudding for R and Tapioca for T are also possibles.

  52. Anyone think that it could be jawbreaker instead? Just a thought.

  53. I am going to go with Juice. This way they can say things like “so you can get all the juice out of your phone. They could say “Juice it now.” A whole boat load of ways they can juice this for all it’s worth. ;D

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