First Look: HTC One S [MWC 2012]


Have you ever held the result of thousands of tiny lightening bolts in your hand? That’s exactly what you get with the HTC One S. Rather than apply a finish to the phone’s exterior to protect it from scratches and dings, HTC used a process first invented for the production of satellite components to create a uniquely textured casing. It’s called plasma electrolytic oxidation and it superheats the metal unibody case with a blast of plasma energy, physically transforming it into a ceramic. The result is a resilient body that looks and feels great.

So why else is the HTC One S worth our time? How about the fact that it’s the thinnest phone ever produced by HTC? It measures in at only 7.6mm thick. What about the 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 dual-core chip inside? Sure, it isn’t quad-core but I challenge you to show me where it underperforms. But above all, the One S utilizes HTC Sense 4, a new take on company’s custom Android skin that simplifies the user experience and adds in amazing new camera functionality and some booming Beats Audio.

As a member of the One family, the One S shares lot in common with its big brother the One X (see our hands-on). How do they compare? It’s mostly a matter of preference. HTC is touting the superior style of the One S, calling it the sort of phone you’d take out for a night on the town. While we’re not sure many people own multiple phones and accessorize depending on their outfit, we can see where they are coming from. The One S definitely appeals to those looking for a beautiful phone (not to take anything away from the One X). The One X does boast more power under the hood, but it will come at an added price.

With the introduction of the HTC One line of phones the Taiwanese manufacturer is making good on their promise to focus on quality over quantity. There will still be devices that fall outside the category, but if its premium you can bet it will sport the One name. The One S definitely lives up to the standards as HTC has set them forth and exemplifies the marriage of style and function.

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  1. I love the thin design on the One S – that is something that HTC has been missing… I can’t tell much from that video about Sense 4.0, but it looks to be more of the same, other than those awesome camera features. The camera is legit.
    So, I wonder if HTC is getting away from the kickstand? That would be a shame, I love that about my Thunderbolt.

    Jeeze, at the rate of improvement currently in the cell phone market I can expect my 18 month old son’s cell phone to be capable of launching the Space Shuttle.

    1. “There’s an app for that….”

  2. Again…..Some one please fill me in on the required aesthetics of these devices.  Does it really matter? And how long before someone posts here that the device is sexy? How weird is that?

    1. It’s sexy !! I think it was 5 hrs….lmao

  3.  man what language is the guy speaking in the background. it’s driving me crazy. there are times where it sounds like english but it seems like it’s spoken too fast to be english. maybe italian or spanish?

  4. I’m on tmo and I would get this phone, but having recently picked up a GS2 I don’t see the benefit. No SD card and removable battery are deal breakers for me. And since the entire GS2 line is supposed to get ICS I’d say the edge goes to the sammy over the htc. sammy also has NFC

  5. loving this phone, need to get me one of these… would rather have this than a quad-core… unless that battery saving 5th core helps A LOT

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