ASUS PadFone new “Expand Your World” ad shows us a day filled with the tri-force


The not-so-new ASUS PadFone has just been announced at MWC, and we know some of you may be dying to get your hands all over it. So are we. But ASUS has given us a bit of a tease while we wait, with a new commercial called “Expand Your World.”

The video displays 2:38 minutes of full PadFone glory, and we have to say it is not such a bad commercial. It revolves around the functionality that such device(s) can bring to your daily life. A couple has it, as well as a bunch of their friends. And it shows all the cool features that this new smartphone/tablet/netbook has to offer.

It gets a bit emotional, so get ready for that single tear to drop. But regardless of your occupation, the PadFone will make your day a bit funner and more productive. Take a look at the video below, and let us know what you think. Anyone planning to sign up for this bad boy?

Edgar Cervantes

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  1.  That’s pretty bloody awesome!

  2. That had to be one of the most unbelievable, contrived pieces of marketing nonsense I’ve ever seen… and that’s coming from someone who loves his Transformer Prime (:

  3. Yeah, it’s cheesy. But the stylus Bluetooth… Shut up and take my money

    1. Regardless of how bad Asus’ advertising team is, this thing is a legitimate game changer. The lower price of the dumb tab plus the phone and keyboard makes this a legitimate ipad killer. How can you argue with the pricepoint this will be able to hit. The only thing I wonder is, since some developers handle their apps by uploading multiple apks if you end up with the smartphone version of the app on the tab or the proper tablet version.

      1. Wait.. You know how much the phone, tablet and kb dock are already? Can you share said info plz?

        As for the apps, I really hate when devs sell 2 versions of the same exact app. One for mobile n one for tablet. Why cant they just have 1 app and have it scale to the appropriate device?

        1. I don’t know specifics no. But, when you can buy a full blown tablet for $200 now, I imagine this screen and front facing camera being around $150, with the lapdock an additional $150

  4. I like the stylus. I wonder how good is the speaker on it. Interesting…….

    1. I’m likng the stylus aswell, just unfortunately it appears to be a capacitive stylus and not an active digitizer stylus.

      That’s one thing I LOVE about the Note. I can use my Motion tablets Waacom styli with it and it works wonderfully.

  5. Sick, I’m telling u Asus gonna take # 3 spot for tablets away from Samsung.

    1. I really hope they do. Someone to teach Sammy that updates are valued by their customers.

  6. Saw this earlier and my simple answer is hell yes. My less simple answer is Both me and my fiance are getting them. Maybe my dad, too, but who knows, he likes sense.

  7. WTH, I’ve been waiting for this since they first announced it and no LTE??!!!

    I had my money ready, but no LTE = No go for me.

  8. Now will this get niche attention like the Eee Pad Transformer Slider or will this actually be a headlining product?

    I actually find it amusing that it was a US consumer oriented commercial even though Asus has never launched a phone in the US. 

    1. they have, but it flopped.
      Remember the Garmin/ASUS Android phone on T-Mo?

      1. Good point. It was so bad I forgot about that one.

  9. i want it now

  10. I’d buy it only for that psycho stylus. Would love the look on stranger’s faces when I talk over a pen, haha.
    I hope Asus patented the idea.

  11. TAKE MY WALLET NOW!!!!!!
    Been waiting for this sooo long. Now what carrier will have it and how much is it unsubbed for everything?

  12. If it was a quad core device, I’d be all over it, but my next phone/tablet will be quad core. Too bad, I was really looking forward to this. And what’s up with the phone’s battery?

    1. Octo-core is where it’s at.

      1. Nanocore or GTFO.

    2. I’d say this dual-core processor is better than Tegra 3 (although Tegra 3 has a slightly better GPU). 

  13. Did anyone catch the date on the tablets calendar..?said march 30th ?

    1.  Well, it is “supposed” to be available this April. Maybe expected ship date, or maybe nothing at all?

  14. Damn dude, I am all about this!  Looks great.

  15. only thing I’m really NOT liking is that the actual Padfone itself looks almost exactly like an iPhone 4 with a beveled bottom lip and Trans Prime-ish spun metal backing instead of glass……..

    It’ looks nice, dun get me wrong, but… I dunno… If I wanted my phone to look like an iPhone I’d buy an iPhone. You know?

    I still want the complete package tho. =P

  16. “funner”? Journalists should be more edumacated :/

    1. They’re all drunk with wine and tech at MWC, cut em some slack.

  17. I am all in on this one as well. 

  18. My fourth replacement Transformer Prime has a message for Asus: Don’t trip up in execution this time. Quality!

  19. wow that sh*t is sick, very innovative

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