LG “heavily in discussions” to manufacture next Nexus device


Ramchan Woo, LG’s mobile division head has told CNET that the company is “heavily in discussions” with Google to be their next partner for the Nexus line of devices. There was no mention of what kind of device it would be, however.

There has been a lot of talk since the start of the year of LG possibly creating a “Nexus” TV of sorts, while lately there’s been murmurings of a Nexus tablet.

The good news for Android manufacturers, though, is that despite some negativity surrounding Google’s acquisition of Motorola, that many analysts believed would give Moto special treatment, Google has continued to consider  other companies for the Nexus line.

Woo also went on to state that LG will continue to use custom UI skins, saying that the company knows “customer data better than Google.”

[Source: CNET]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Lg should be the last to get a nexus device, Huawei deserves it more. Huawei’s phone are more use-able than lg’s. I want Sony/HTC/Motorola/Samsung to make the next Nexus

  2. No! No! No! I don’t like lg devices at all! I have the galaxy nexus now and I think samsung did a great job! The only other manufacturer I would like to develop another nexus is either an amazing motorola device or Htc! Preferably Htc.. Bad lg bad!

  3. Dear LG,
    Stick To TV’s
    That Is All

    1. And they can barely do that right!

      1. LG make some of the finest LED TVs. They have been ranked one of the best year after year in Consumer Reports. Them and Samsung are close competitors. But should they be making the next Nexus device? Ehh, I’m not totally for that one, but you never know.


      1. Google chooses the hardware.

  4. This would be awesome actually. LG has the best hardware in their device (e.g. LG Nitro HD), but their software is unusable! Locks up constantly. With Google pulling the software strings we could be looking at the best Nexus device ever.

    1. Nexus One was by far the best nexus ever. 

      But not gonna doubt your logic with LG having the potential to make the next best nexus.

      1. I know it was, but that’s what I’m saying. LG’s hardware is superior to everyone. Their software is just plain terrible though.

    2. Your comment is a joke right? Best hardware? Hahhaha

      1. Shows how much you do not know. You should actually look into the LG devices. Nitro HD has an IPS-AH HD display, best display there is. It is using the OMAP 4460, same processor as GALAXY Nexus, bt the Nitro
        s is clocked at 1.5GHz. True 720p resolution display with an actual HD dpi. The camera is amazing on it as well. You should actually look into their hardware they have been using in their devices first before speaking.

        1. The Galaxy Nexus uses the OMAP4460.

          1. I’m sorry the Nitro has the OMAP 4460 clocked at 1.5 GHZ

          2. No need to apologize, everyone makes mistakes. The Nexus is the 4460 at 1.2GHz. Perhaps you were thinking of the RAZR, it uses the 4430.

        2. 1) You got served.
          2) Sure their phone specs are good but their quality control is absolutely nonexistent. See: G2X, LG Quantum.

          1. How did I get served?

          2. Because you’re telling the original commenter that he should read about parts before he posts then the guy replies to you about the GNex processor being different.

          3. Guess what? The Nitro has the same processor as the Galaxy Nexus though but it is clocked at 1.5 ghz stock. So get out of here with that. I got a number wrong big deal. If you want to try to prove me wrong at least know what you are talking about first. I knew they had the same processor.

          4. G2X was a great device. Go use it with cyanogen or stock Android on it. It runs better then any device that was released during that time.

          5. I don’t care how the phone runs if it was plagued by QA issues. Light leakages from the edge of the screen, a botched update that was shelved for at least a month.

            Shit, even the LG Quantum was crap. How do you mess up a phone when all you have to do is focus on hardware because MS took care of the software side? I will never buy or recommend (I work in wireless) an LG phone ever. They simply don’t give a shit.

  5. Please no. LG is a little better now but still not good enough.

  6. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I think people are forgetting that LG releases phones with great hardware and awesome specs, the problem has not been hardware but software glitches that many people have complained about.

    With Google and their engineers running the software side and LG keeping up the great hardware side, a LG Nexus would actually be great. I still rather see a Motorola Nexus though!

    1. Their specs arw inline with every other mid to high level android device, nothing special all! Why would you go with an LG over trusted motorola or samsung devices

      1. Well Motorola is trusted. Great hardware and great reception, I don’t think you could say the same about Samsung.

        -GPS problems prior to Galaxy S, including Galaxy S and some even reporting problems with Galaxy Nexus GPS. They seem to have done well with SGS2 GPS though.
        -Screen blobs on many SGS2 variants
        -Vertical screen bands
        -Loose and cheap plastic body
        -Bad antenna reception

        In contrast Motorola is known for great quality control, high quality hardware and the best reception in the industry.

        Honestly, the next Nexus should just be made by Motorola.

        1. Agreed on that point but not the “LG specs are awesome” part

        2. I think Google has got something to do with this statement from LG. It looks like Samsung is out of the running for the next Nexus, and now they are trying to get the other less popular OEMs involved, like LG and Sony. As much as we want a Motorola Nexus, I really doubt that’s going to happen this year, with the scrutinizing eyes of the media on the recent merger.

          I think it could be a disaster though. Sacrificing quality for politics. I hope Google would be brave enough to do what’s best for the Nexus line.

  8. I find it both amusing and frustrating that LG thinks it knows customer data (or any data) better than Google and should modify the OS.

    1. Yeah, who do they think they’re talking to? Google has the most research of any company its age. They collect so much raw data, they could know just about everything about everything, if they had an artificial intelligence powerful enough to power through all the raw data. Their research is both how they make their money (providing targeted ads) and how they build a lot of their smart platforms (like voice search, wifi location, Majel, etc)

  9. “Would continue to use custom UI skins”. On a Nexus device?? I think this defeats the whole meaning of a Nexus, ef that… let Motorola or HTC make one.

  10. I wont buy an LG Nexus PERIOD!!

  11. please let sony do the job, last galaxy nexus is crap (in hardware and design departments)

    1. Maybe just the camera. The phone is sexy as hell with a black slate, Samsung rules on design. Besides camera the hardware is great…

      1. the design is boring, the camera is crap, and more importantly, the chip is the worst dual core chip with worst gpu in the market. 

        1. it could be a tegra…..

          1. i hope not another 40nm A9 chips in 2012.
            i hope the new ti chips A15 dual core @ 2.5 ghz 28nm smoke the tegra 3 even at 800mhz!  by more than double so @ 2.5 ghz it would be quadruple performance gain if not more.

            nvidia has to work on tegra 4 now to stay competitive!

          2. agree, tegra is crap. but keep in mind it has been available months before any other competitor could take over its top place.

  12. God no, LG’s phones feel gross in my hand because of the weird design choices, and the they don’t work because of their garbage software.

  13. “…despite some negativity surrounding Google’s acquisition of Motorola,
    that many analysts believed would give Moto special treatment…”

    What’s wrong with that? Google should give special treatment to Motorola, it’s their company. Not only that, Motorola makes great phones.

    Google owned software and hardware, bring it on.

    1. U risk alienating other Android manufacturers if u do that. There current business model would suffer if that happened.

      1. I understand and have heard that argument before, and it may have been true in 2009 when Android was small, but at this point Samsung and HTC have too much invested in Android to suddenly act like grumpy mad children and pull out from the Android world.

        Google could let Motorola make the next Nexus as long as they don’t  withhold or delay Android from Samsung and HTC, and Samsung and HTC would have to just deal with it at this point. Acting grumpy and backing out of Android would hurt them more than it would Google at this point in the game.

        1. I have no problem with Moto making the next Nexus. I’m just saying u might c manufacturers spending more time making phones with Windows or possibly even there own os if they feel they’re not being treated fairly.

          1. naw VS is right they wouldn’t back out just cuz moto is given more attention, if anything it should be expected because moto is part of google now. android is still up and coming and still learning and growing, huge manufacturers are huge because of smart business decisions and leaving android would not be one. especially jumping on the windows train with how far far behind they are in the smartphone game. and creating their own OS? that’d be pointless with how advanced things are nowadays, not to mention the patent wars goin on, what could a new os possibly bring to the table?

  14. If you read the article it also says that LG would make user tweaks such as going with white back grounds instead of black ones…. are you efing kidding me?!? Okay, please whatever you do Google, don’t let LG screw up your trademark phone. The Vanilla UI is the biggest reason why I have owned all 3 Nexus devices. Besides, black is beautiful.

    1. They won’t be making UI tweaks to the Nexus devices. That statement was for LG’s other devices. I highly doubt Google will allow skinning of a Nexus device in any way.

  15. Lg makes nice hardware it was their software that was lacking and bug ridden

  16. God I hope not, LG could successfully screw up a wet dream.

  17. Give me a nexus with HTC build quality/Sony design, Samsung screen, Motorola radios, and huge battery. I don’t care if it’s super thin, larger battery> thin profile any day

  18. I will continue buying lg appliances and leave phones to htc.

    Either htc or motorola or I’m not buying.

  19. I would like to see Sony take a crack at a Nexus phone.

  20. I don’t if many people would agree with me, but if Google want to truly make a flagship device, I think it should be built the way the iPhone is build, before you jump on me I’m talking about how each piece of the iPhone itself is from a different hardware manufacturer. Let’s think about it, each OEM making the best they can do for a certain device. Have Motorola do sound, battery and radios. HTC for the solid device build. Samsung for the screen of the device, etc.  That would be pretty sick, because come one we all know the Galaxy Nexus could have been better, but you can’t blame OEMs for putting more work into their own flagship device.

    1. The Nexus phones aren’t flagship devices. That is a very common misconception, even in tech blogs. They are what are called reference platforms. It is quite common for people to make that mistake due to the fact that since 2.1, they’ve been the first phones with the newest OS upgrade out-of-the-box and get updates from Google. I often see people on comment boards say things like “ZOMG! The Nexus One/S/Galaxy doesn’t have 32 cores? WTF Google! These are the flagship devices!”
      Not flaming you, or insulting you in any way, just sayin’ is all.
      They should put the removable SD cards back though :/
      I do agree with what you’re saying, for the most part – get the best each manufacturer has to offer since they all have their own strengths, and make a really kick-ass phone, and simply brand it “Google Nexus”, although I still think “Nexus Prime” would be a good name for it. They haven’t used it yet…

      1. Well in a way it is a flagship device, it currently has the best spesifications of any released android phone.

        1. No, it doesn’t. It has the latest software, that is all.

  21. So they want to make a Nexus but aren’t backing down from using a custom UI?
    Why is it so hard for companies to just leave the damn devices alone?
    And sorry LG, clearly you don’t know “customer data better than Google,” because *newsflash* people don’t like to wait for updates six months…

  22.  Glad I have my galaxy nexus.  I think i will skip the next Nexus device if it is an LG.

  23. Wow, well isn’t that a shocker. But I doubt they’ll get it since it really is just a competition among Manufacturers and Google selects the best one of the batch.

  24. LG makes alot of garbage devices. Be smart, Google, and stick with what’s already working. Samsung is clearly the best OEM for Android right now. My GNex rocks.

  25. If it can’t be Motorola, PLEASE give it to HTC.  Samsung has had it too many times in a row and shows too much favoritism to its own line and LG is the joke of the Android world.

    1. Or Sony.. I could live with that.

    2. HTC made the hardware for the Nexus One. You know that, right?

      1. If Samsung can have it twice in a row, why can’t HTC have another shot?

        1. Sorry, I misunderstood what you were trying to say. I thought you wanted a different manufacturer than whoever has had the opportunity before.

          In that case, yeah HTC would be awesome, but I’d have to go with Sony.

    3. Well hopefully all Motorola devices will be “Nexus” devices once the merger is complete.

  26. Who trusts CNET?

  27. I was planning on buying the next nexus but not if it’s made by LG….

  28. I want another HTC Nexus device.

  29. They fucked up the G2X, which was the closest thing to a Nexus phone without actually being a Nexus phone. They fucked up the hardware, software, updates, supports, screen, everything. Not a single one of their phones since then have made up for it. They are doing worse than any of the other major android players.

    How can google trust them to make a Nexus?

    1. I really don’t think that Google would really do this, I think they’re just in talks to quash the idea that Motorola would be given preferential treatment. You’re absolutely right about their past phones though, I refuse to sell any LG phones where I work.

  30. Boooooooo!!! This would be a complete fucking fail!!! After seeing the leaks of the SIII though I’m pretty certain that will be the predacessor to my GNeX no matter what the next Nexus is. I’ve found the only real advantage having the latest android O.S. carries is NOTHING works right or is supported. :/

  31. Oh God no. I hate LG phones.Samsung or Motorola only. But I wouldn’t mind splitting hardware across multiple OEM’s. Adding each manufacturers strong suit and pure Google software would definitely be a super phone.

  32. I’d rather see Sony build the next one, be a great way to launch the new direction they are taking. 

  33. A lot of you guys look down on LG because of their software decision (to include me). But their devices are better build then any plastic Samsung device out.

    1. Them saying that they know the consumer better than Google pisses me off. LG is the least popular of the major phone manufacturers, so what makes them think they have the right idea for software?  They want to make changes to stock for the Nexus? Hahaha.. NO!

  34. Isn’t “knowing better than Google” a contradiction?

  35. Lol the WORST Android phone want to make the next Nexus. Lol this is laughable.
    LG suck my wee wee

  36. Makes me wonder how my LG Revolution might actually work if it were stock.

  37. next nexus phone out when android 5.0 jelly bean update out by  summer 2012 very soon.

  38. Anyone but lg. I would love Sony

  39. Sweet, I’ve always liked LG, and frankly, I’d be happy with anyone besides Samsung having the next nexus

    1. Have you seen or used an LG smartphone?????

      1. yes I have, while not the greatest, it was still a good phone, however, every Samsung phone I’ve had was a piece of crap

        1. Neither the GSII, nor the GN are pieces of crap. You just didn’t have the right Samsung phone : )

          1. I’m sure they are good phones, but with my past experience I just will never buy another Samsung phone, even if that means lower end hardware

          2. after having two (yes two) lg phones and the GN I can honestly say that lg makes the worst piece of c*ap ever invented. The screens are rediculusly bad (how can dust get UNDER a screen ffs) build quality is non existant and I know this wont effect a nexus but there software and update are ghastly. On the gingerbread update the widgets in the pull down notification bar didn’t line up correctly (WTF). This is why they don’t deserve a Nexus.

  40. As long as Samsung holds the Super AMOLED-HD monopoly I don’t see them losing the Nexus line. If they do, HTC should get it without question.

  41. wow… THEY know customer data better then google? the company who knows literally everything about a customer… i fucking doubt that, i bet they don’t know a damn thing

  42. Oh god no! That would be awful. LG is a joke with their android devices. I want HTC again or give moto a chance!

  43. No lg please no. Moto or htc. Every lg I’ve had = horrible.

  44. Um…? LG saying they know customer data better? If that’s the case, you would know that 90% of Americans didn’t lyk Verizon adding 2 measly, yet useful apps to the Galaxy Nexus. Although I’m sure ppL used them, the Nexus devices are pure stock with nothing added to them.

    If you think 2 apps were bad, how many lives do you think would be taken if you add a whole UI to a Nexus device?

    I think Sony should make it. It’ll look sexy and be PS certified. =.P Wait!! No. Sony’s newest phones have 512MB of RAM. -_-

    Let Motorola or HTC do it!!

  45. What does this say about Google’s intentions for Moto?  If LG is talking about Nexus devices then Moto isn’t, so Google is maybe gonna spin them off quick?

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