Feb 24th, 2012

I’ve seen it talked about a few times in our comments section and while the general feeling surrounding bezels is that the smaller the better, we still haven’t seen a smartphone — or tablet for that matter — with a near “bezeless” display.

Well, it looks like that could soon be changing with Samsung rumored to be ushering-in the era of non-existent bezels with their rumored Galaxy B smartphone. Samsung has long been one of the Android OEM’s to feature a great screen-to-bezel ratio and it seems they may have finally figured out how to go all-screen.

A smartphone with no bezel was never a reality until Android 4.0 stepped onto the scene and did away with physical buttons altogether. Call me old-fashioned, but I’ve always liked having a little bottom area with actual physical, physical buttons (not that capacitive junk) where I could rest my fingers without having to worry I’m dialing an ex-girlfriend or deleting emails. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve exited out of a game because I accidentally hit that home button during intense gaming sessions.

We could see something at Mobile World Congress in just a few short days so we’ll have to wait and see if Samsung can deliver. What do you guys think about a bezel-less phone? Pretty to look at but not really user friendly? Or is this the stuff green-dreams are made of?

[MKNews (Korean) |Via SammyHub]

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