Feb 25th, 2012

Currently, Dropbox is the king of cloud storage services. But if any service has a chance at taking over the market, it is Google Drive. And it looks like it may not only offer an awesome and affordable service, but other developers will be able to access it.

The unofficial Google Operating System blog has looked into some old files and believes that Google will be opening its Google Drive software to third-party developers. This would mean that any service (like the above mentioned) would be able to take advantage of the new cloud starage service.

It is rumored that Google will be releasing the SDK, but that isn’t the only news. It seems like our friends also believe that this service will be closely integrated to Gmail. This is not surprising, as we know Google loves integrating all of its services to work together.

We will have to wait a bit more to hear official details about this, so take it with a grain of salt. Do you guys see a great future for this cloud storage service? And what features do you see coming to Gmail and Google Drive, if this is true?

[Source: Google Operating System Via: PandoDaily]