Google Drive Prematurely Activated for Some People


Google Drive, the cloud storage service rumored to be in the works by the Mountain View company, looks to have broken cover for at least one person. A GeekWire reader claims that an option to launch Google Drive was found in his account. Being the curious soul that you naturally expect a geek to be, they decided to check it out.

Unfortunately the reader didn’t give many details about the experience but he did say that he saw an option to install Google Drive. It’s not clear what it is you’ll be installing but possibilities include a Google Chrome app or a desktop app which will work sort of like DropBox in that it acts just like a real folder on your computer.

All of that is speculation, of course. We also get confirmation of what Google Drive’s logo will be. It was discovered on Google+ that the logo you see to the left may be the Google Drive logo and that same logo showed up as the user’s favicon when visiting this section of his account.

Google’s clearly working on it but it’s still hard to gauge just how far we are from seeing a release. Early reports pegged a few weeks to two months as its launch window. We can’t say for sure, but it’s possible Google could be saving this announcement for their Google I/O event set to take place this summer. Anyone as excited for this as I am? [GeekWire]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. What I want is to sync my data, photos and apps on all android devices & not to store gb of data in the cloud. I want a icloud like syncing please.

    1. If it was anything like iCloud, I wouldn’t use it. I went ahead and disabled it on my mac. 

    2. what you want

  2. i love Dropbox but i’d be worried if i were them.

  3. That looks like a photoshopped Google Documents. Just replace “Drive” with “Documents” and its exactly the same.

    1. I agree, that screenshot is virtually identical to the Google Docs homepage.  
      And if this service is really a cloud drive then it should support all file types right?  I doubt that a cloud drive would even have a “Create” button, considering you never create a file on a cloud drive (at least not from the web interface) you always create the file locally, then move it.Also, did anyone else notice the only files that this mystery Beta user decided to upload to the cloud drive were file types already supported by Google Docs?  Where are the .exe or .zip or .iso or .avi files?  This screenshot is a joke…

      1. But Google Docs support all file types, If you have 3rd party software to sync is with your hard drive, you basically have a Gdrive now. So all is needed really is a Google software to sync local storage with Google Docs.

        I use Google dpcs instead of Dropbox for a year now and its great, it even give preview of .psd and .ai files which is very useful for me.

  4. I’m very excited.

    I have given Google my location, my call logs, my e-mail, my schedule, places I like to frequest most often, my SMS, my voicemails, my surfing habits, things I like to do, thing I like to eat and just so much more.

    I’m looking forward to giving anything else that I could have POSSIBLY forgotten to give them. 

    Google, Inc. – Don’t be evil

    1. there are no victims – only volunteers.

    2. And the worst part is how they MADE you do it! Those darn bullies :P

  5. This will be a nice system to go with the music storage.

  6. As long as they have a Dropbox-like desktop app that will keep a folder in sync, then it will seriously rule… cause without that, it’s still just Google Docs the way it is right now… oh, and make sure there’s an Android app too, not just an updated Google Docs app

  7. Dropbox is great!

  8. is not their usual 404 page. Also, try

    1. How do you find these things?

      1. Tried first, that didn’t work. Then tried, once I realized it wasn’t their usual 404 page, I checked for a robots.txt & found the other directories.

  9. They use to have this a few years back and it was awesome. It was available the sametime Gmail came out in beta form, and it was a small exe that they called the ‘G’ Drive. At the time, everyone had 2gb of storage space and you would just drag your files to the drive that it would create under My Computer. Years before everyone else… Once Gmail became more popular, they shut down the service and the drive would no longer connect to Google.

    1. Aha! That’s the reason why i can’t find it. 

    2. I remember that. I still have all that stuff in my gmail. Gmail_Drive

  10. Oh why oh why can’t I experience premature activation?

  11. I was hoping this would be a Google Car, but then I was let down.

    1. uhh, if you listen to NPR, you would have heard about the G-car being tested in Cali and Nevada.  It is a driverless car and has been licensed in NV already, not yet for sale, but its on the horizon.

  12. Just buy a NAS and have your own personal cloud. How many services do we really fuckn need just like music clouds. Itunes, Zune, Amazon, now HTC? When is Motorola dropping the Droid 5 MAXX? Next week? Now Google is releasing Jelly Bean in the summer? Slow the fuck down and let the rest catch up.

    1. Regarding Android its not Google’s fault that the OEMs can’t keep up or better yet, the  US Carriers stalling the process with their load of garbage on top of Android… 
      Look at all of those VZW devices on Q3…Most of the devices are on VZW right now….

  13. I want a password protected network drive in the cloud.
    I dont want to keep files on my computer, synchronized or otherwise.
    But I do want to access files with apps I have installed on my computer. e.g. emacs, vi, notepad++.
    Should I loose or give my computer/pad/phone to a stranger, I do not want to worry about personal files being compromised.

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