T-Mobile’s HTC Ville (One S) Shows Off NenaMark2 Benchmark – Snapdragon S4 Doesn’t Fail To Impress


With all the hype surrounding quad-core processors, you would think dual-cores were nothing more than last year’s tech. Well, that’s definitely not the case. Just like Intel releases new and improved versions of their desktop processors (Core 2 Duo, Core i, 2nd generation Core i’s, etc.), Qualcomm is doing the same with their dual-core Snapdragons. Their new line of S4 processors (4th gen Snapdragons) will be making their way to a few new handsets in the comings months. Handsets like the T-Mobile bound HTC Ville (HTC One S) that has posted a rather impressive NenaMark2 benchmark.

HTC Ville video as a refresher

While I’m excited to see what the Nvidia Tegra 3 brings in terms of performance for the HTC One X, dual-core handsets like the HTC One S shouldn’t be written off just because they’re utilizing less cores. In fact, some benchmarks are showing dual-core Snapdragon S4’s beating out the quad-core Tegra 3’s in some instances. Qualcomm’s S4’s are also utilizing a new, more power efficient 28nm architecture that aside from improving battery life, will make a device breathe flames out the micro USB port. Seems the “core” race is looking like nothing more than the GHz race from a few years back, huh?


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  1. looks like an updated sensation 

    1. I was thinking Nexus One but yeah. =)

      1. Nope. No Nexus 1 replica unless it has the trackball. Nexus 1 was my 1st Android phone and I fell in love with the trackball. 

        Though it does look lyk the Nexus 1…

  2. I’d go for it if it was no larger than 4″.. I’m tired of the bigger the better screen race.. I’m still in love with my incredible 2 but I wouldn’t mind a sexy s4..

  3. Looks good but I’d prefer a larger battery. Having a super slim phone isn’t a priority for me. As I’m on T-Mobile and my contract is up, I’ll be keeping a eye out to see how this phone reviews.

  4. Needs more cow bell

    1. Does the volume go to 11?

  5. Glad to see some Qualcomm chips, I won’t by another Nvidia based phone/tablet as they have notoriously been bad at supporting their SoC once they have released a new version.  So many older phones/tablets can’t get Honeycomb or ICS because of Nvidia.  Plus, my Qualcomm based phone has less issues than all the Nvidia based ones I’ve used.

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