Samsung Takes The Galaxy Note To The Streets – iPhone Gets Served [Video]


I love a good fight. Well, ones that are equally matched. And the way the Samsung Galaxy Note just creamed the iPhone in their new video, just doesn’t seem fair to me. But that’s not to say I feel sorry for the iPhone. It’s got, you know… that Siri thing. But aside from its gargantuan size, the Galaxy Note has its killer feature too: the S Pen. You can mess around and ‘shop your head on other people, draw notes on things and do all sorts of wacky, zany things. I mean, who wants to talk to their phone all day anyway? You can check out the video for yourself below. Be sure to let me know what you guys think.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. “OH MY GAWWWWWWWWWWWWWD it cant do anaaayyythaaangggg!!” hahaha

    I thought there was an app for that?

    1. lol, what’s new?
      Samething happens to my friends when I show them what my phone can do…

      1. Dude, they are so bought in to apple it is crazy!

  2. “my phone cant do that” lmao

  3. A smart guy who professionally knows the inside and outs of the phone he is handling vs a girl like that who obviously is clueless about everything. I’m not an apple fan boy, I have a GS2 and I love it. But battle one of Apple’s “Genius’ ” vs that Note guy and the video would have been more interesting.
    Samsung having to put that kind of iPhone owner against that guy should be embarrassed.

    1. couldn’t agree more, btw i’m an android user too

    2. Got to agree. A tech geek vs. an airhead is not a fair fight.

      1. I feel like this would’ve benefited from using a lowest common denominator: someone who doesn’t even own a smartphone.  To me, the biggest selling point of the iPhone was its simplicity.  What it lacked in functionality, it made up for in being a phone suitable for those who aren’t very tech savvy.  That being said, Android FTW. Since Froyo, I would say the Google has built on simplicity while offering something highly customizable for those of us willing to spend the time reading and flashing ROMs.

      2. android can absorb anything iOS puts out. what?

    3. I just switched frmbthe 4s to the nexus and I can even say that the video is complete BS. Give me my old iPhone against that dude and Sammy wouldn’t want the video to.make it to the inter nets. On the other hand, pit me.with the 4s against me with the nexus and its damn near a toss up except the nexus wins.with the 4.65 inch HD screen. Hell, I missed my iPhone just trying to edit this post moving the cursor around to fix mistakes, so yeah, both phones have their advantages. But I will say that the screen size alone reminds me of when I switched from my Samsung blackjack to the iPhone. Oh how things have changed. I love tech.

      1. Agree with what you’re saying, but just as an FYI (in case it helps), one of the beauties of the Nexus is you can just tap on the word you want to edit and suggestions, etc., pop up. Makes editing a whole lot easier.

        1. Not when writing a Disqus comment…
          Even the blue cursor isn’t popping up there.

    4. Embarrassed? Even if you had someone who knew how to use the iphone efficiently, the whole point was that the iphone wasn’t capable of doing those things if not…efficiently. It just proves that there are a lot of people who get iphones because they see people have it. I bet most people that don’t know much about phones didn’t consider androids because the iphone is more known and popular not because of functionality. I would know, i was exactly like that until i actually played with an android and now Im a current owner of the Galaxy Note. It is a great phone. Samsung nailed Apple with this video!

      1. No Samsung nailed stupid people who are incompetent with their own devices.  The goal of the video may have been to show how the note can cut/paste/draw with the stylus but the focus was clearly on the woman’s ignorance and embarrassment.

        Watch the video again and there is about 10 whole seconds of the Note actually doing stuff but the entire rest of the video was of her acting.  A split second of the iPhone doing anything.

        1. There is no end of people incompetent with their own devices.  I cannot tell you how many people I know with android devices who see me do simple things with one of my androids (e.g., voice search, navigation, streetview, open docs, etc.)  who are wonderstruck and say, “I wish my phone did that”, or “can my phone do that?”.

        2. oh but apple makes simple devices, shoudlnt even she be able to use it?

          unless youre saying she really is just ignorant and embarssed because of it, in which case i’d like to use your words as the basis for the argument that these are the type of ppl who buy iphones…. its not just her.

          im in college and it’s the same situation every time i see someone with an iphone.

          the not-open-source nature of iOS inherently limits the knowledge an ignorant and (it most cases) a person seeking social acceptance can and will gain from using iOS.

          the best reason i can see to use an iphone (and this is speculation) is for ppl who really dont know what they’re doing, but even some of the older ppl i know cant figure out iOS, nor do they care.

          in my opinion iOS and iPhone are obsolete in comparison with my galaxy nexus. if iphone has any advantage it is only slight and negligible – and certainly not more valuable than a galaxy nexus (i specify that phone because i own it and cant speak to other devices).

      2. Apple makes products that are simple enough anyone can own a iphone, ipad, ipod, etc. Thats why Apple sells how they sell. Personally, I am not an iFan, despise Apple for that matter. Im a Samsung fan, love all their products. I have played around with the Note and the iphone, they are two different things to me, the Note is basically a tablet, which I own a Galaxy Tab 10.1, which is amazing! Companies should and will produce what they think will let consumers chose on what product they want. A point I might add, Apple trying to stop the competition and not letting consumers pick is plain right unethical, hence thats why most people hate Apple to that matter.

    5. I completely agree.  As I’ve posted below, it was sad to watch and Samsung should be embarrassed for posting that because the people who will actually see that and care about it know the real deal.  SMH.

    6. even if they did put a “pro” up there it still would have been embarrassing. 

    7. I see your point, someone who is proficient with iOS could have done some things with their phone that Android can’t really do just as easily.  Still a fun commercial.  

    8. Apple’s “Genius” vs Note guy?

      this isnt about whether a person is more capable with a smartphone or not. this is about the native features installed on the device. any SAVVY smartphone user can go out and purchase a touch pen and a couple of apps to mimic the Note’s functionality, but that’s not the point. the point is that the Galaxy Note has those features and it works well. 

    9. Not much worse than any of Apple’s “If you don’t have an iPhone” commercials. Except Apple’s ads get national viewership on a nightly basis and has never received a rage-hate article from Gizmodo. 

    10. Actually, the beginning of the video stated that the Galaxy Note user had only used the Note for a few hours. I don’t think he is a “professional Android user”, but he is definitely a competent one.  I get your point though and I do think the commercial would have been better if they had at least had a competent iPhone user instead of a random person off the street who doesn’t seem to know how to do anything beyond text messages, email and web surfing.

    11. This is an advertisement geared toward overcoming Apples superiority complex and not doing a product demo for a bunch of techno geeks on Phandroid.  A lot of people, like this girl represents, think that Android is inferior to iPhone.  It’s just not the case and Samsung is overcoming that stereotype.  Samsung is very smart with their adds and quite frankly I’m glad someone is showing how ignorant a lot of the iPhone users are when it comes to how great or lame a device is.

    12. You seem to have missed the first 2 seconds of the video where it said, “We gave Android users just a few hours to play with the new Samsung Galaxy Note.”

      That means they were Galaxy Note noobs just like this woman who, despite owning her phone, obviously didn’t know much about it.

  4. A great demonstration of technology V’s fashion accessory LOL

  5. iPwnt

  6. This commercial is BS. That girl is most likely an actress or was promised a Note. Don’t be naive and believe everything you see.

    I think Google themselves should make commercials showing what Android offers versus iPhone and iOS. I know sooooo many people who act like iPhone and iOS is the greatest thing ever ONLY because they never played with an Android and have no clue about it’s potential. I even know people who think Apple created the pull down notification bar. I’m like “ummm Android has had that for a while.”

    Next will come widgets, and iPhone fans will think Apple created those too, and live wallpapers, etc.

    Google needs to make a commercial, Nexus next to iPhone. This is what our phone does, Maps Free, Pull down notification, Face unlock, Widgets, Live wallpapers. This is what iPhone does “one large app drawer.”
    Now that, would be the best commercial ever.

    1. The thing is Google makes as much money off the iPhone as they do off any Android device.  The point of Android is so people will use Google when search inevitably becomes mostly mobile.

      Remember it’s the manufactures who compete against Apple, not Google.  It’s not like Google charges for a license to the OS.  They don’t.

      1. This tends to be false, since Apple launched Siri in part to circumvent Google Search, and is working to bypass Google Maps too: http://www.engadget.com/2011/10/29/apple-reportedly-acquires-c3-technologies-ios-maps-overhaul-on/
        If Apple overcomes Google services one after the other in iOS, Google will more and more have to rely on Android smartphones sales for their mobile ads revenue.

      2. The only thing making money out of Android manufacturers now is Microsoft :-) 

  7. Well try to connect to internet via bluetooth PAN or DUN how will that work for android. Bluetooth eats less battery than wifi… My Sony Ericsson K800i can do that and it’s years old. Android doesn’t find a lot of bluetooth devices that usually work on everything else – PC, windows mobile/CE device…. 

  8. Haha!

    iPhone can’t do anything because ….”iPhone only has an Ass for that…” other than Banana…!

  9. That was refuckintarded.  I’m Samsung all the way but that video was embarrassing to watch because it looks like they paid some girl to act COMPLETELY CLUELESS about her own phone.  “This is embarrassing and I’m sad”??  WTF come on!  

    All he did was copy and paste a head from one picture to another and draw lines on a map.  I’m not saying that those aren’t impressive at all but her acting was clearly over the top OR they just chose one dumb broad.

    1. What he said.  Couldn’t have put it better myself.

  10. First challenge on iphone, open photos, click edit, click crop, edit photo-save, click share icon, email photo.
    Second challenge, open Maps, click directions, start, end, route, HOME+POWER buttons for Screen Shot, open photos- mail to contact.
    Third, open Powerpoint in Docs to Go, edit save to file or cloud. 

    Its easy when you know how, she is obviously a Samsung plant. 

    Ask yourself what you would think if this advert was reversed with Apple claiming Note users were this dumb.

    1. My iPhone friend, I think most of us are on your side this time.  

  11. several issues here. 
    1. Iphone CAN do all of that. (No, I am not an Ifan)   
    2. Phone WAY to big. Don’t they have a tablet about the same size?
    3. Samsung makes junk that lasts about 3 months before becoming unstable.

    1. Ifan

    2. 1. The point is, can iPhone do that natively without installing any extra app?
      2. The size is a question of preference. Yes it does sit between a 4.5″ phone and a 7″ tablet, but no one is forcing you to get one. It’s for people who do appreciate the form factor. Android is about choices, not limiting possibilities.
      3. My current Samsung phone has over 6 months of heavy use, installed/uninstalled a bunch of shit on it, used it to test some of my own apps and it’s still just as stable as the day I got it. You might prefer a different brand, and that’s you right, but don’t blindly bash other products when your argument has no merit.

    3. You do realize that Samsung made many of the parts for the iPhone?  The are supposedly behind 25% of the iPhone 4’s parts.  So if they make junk then the iPhone is 25% junk.


  12. @ pimp and slag… fuck you! Android going to whip eyePhone shit! Period!!

    T mobile HTC G2

    1. Intelligent comment.

      I will be joining your cool Android gang now.

  13. This is a stupidly annoying commercial that failed to convey a truth.  The iPhone is no longer the tip of the spear.  It is sexy yet useless.  Reliable and easy to use yet limited in it’s functionality.  It is the screw driver to Android’s leatherman.  Let iFans keep their iPhones.  I know this is a cliche, but they really don’t know what they’re missing. And yes, I realize the iPhone can pretty much do all the stupidly simple things shown in this ad.

    Also, even though it seemed like it, that chic in the video may not have been a Samsung plant. Most iPhone users really don’t know what all they can do with technology and how to do it, that’s why they got an iPhone.

    1. She would be just as clueless with a Note.  Plant or not, Samsung chose to use the video with her vs. someone more capable that probably actually completed those tasks.

      “Hey let’s use the video of the chick who can’t even operate her own phone” is kinda the same thing as “Hey let’s pay a chick to act like she can’t even operate her own phone”

    2. You could argue the same thing about the majority of Android users. The fact is you have dumb users of all sorts of technology and Samsung using such an obviously slanted advert makes them look stupid. 

      As PimpStrong says, she would have had no clue with the note, or a WinMo device or a BB. 

      Makes Samsung look weak. 

  14. What’s crazy about this is even if the girl was paid to do this, she still reminded me of your “average” iPhone user.

  15. Yeah, this video is pretty contrived.  Samsung should really get a more fair matchup.

  16. Only an idiot would believe this video is NOT fake

  17. I am a die heart Android fan and still think this video is very stupid… This isn’t comparing devices, but comparing a guy knows how to use an Android to a girl who simply has an iphone just because. What a stupid video that makes absolute no point at all… I’m pretty sure iphone has an app for that…

    1. i see what you are saying, and you are right. however there isn’t an app for that i believe, they also picked some very specific tasks that well, work great on a larger screen and a stylis.

    2. Altough that somehow is the point. Most iPhone users do hane an iPhone “just because” and have no clue what it can or cant, do. And altough there might be an app for all that, they showed what the Note can do natively an efficienlty. It’s a Samsung commercial so of course they’re gonna choose stuff that the Note does better, Apple does the same with their own commercials.

  18. Umm…this isn’t about ACTUAL real life. It’s an ad for Samsung. Of course the Note is going to look awesome. Duh! Are Apple commercials fair? Heck no. This is an ad. Watch it and enjoy Samsung giving it to Apple. 

  19. That is what an average iphone user is . Not everyone that uses an iphone is a phone geek like must of us android user. NOT trying to offend Iphone user .Most of the iphone users buy the phone because its the “IN” thing . i.e he got an iphone  his best friend gets one because its cool.

  20. Seriously Samsung, you could have done better. 
    While I do know men and women like that lady in the video, and as much as I am gung ho about Android, I still say its not a fair fight. I would have preferred two guys both knowledgeable about their phones and competing against each other. (Even though the Note would have won in the end.

    1. I sense a whole series of videos and strangers on the street.

  21. the girl clearly doesnt know shit about iphone( she doesnt know how to use google map for f*ck sake)

    i love android but im tired of those bashing commercials, apple doesnt compare themselve to other OEMs out there. they just show their new features and what it can do and it sells like cakes took sammy 10 months to sell 20 ml phones i have sold 20 in 2 months  

    apple still knows how to market their stuff better then anybody else
    although this video was kinda embarrassing 

    1. Apple is good at marketing. Android and Samsung have to take a different approach by separating themselves from other smartphones.  They can’t just show a video chat or  voice commands because certain folks will say that the iPhone had it first or is better (argue as you may). This is not a negative ad, rather it is pointing out their differentiated product.

    2. Yeah, I guess those dumb Mac vs PC commercials never happened.

    3. Yes thats exactly why I would want to buy something because the company markets it better than anyone else. How many years did “hi I’m a mac” commercials ran ?????

  22. Doesn’t this just show what we already knew, most iphone users buy it because it’s an iphone not because of what it does and probably don’t even use or know 10% of it’s capabilities.  Here in the UK Android is riding the interest in smartphones created, as much as I hate to say it, by the iphone. 

    I know loads of people who had very capable symbian handsets they got cheap before the iphone was even a twinkle in jobbies eye, none of them had a clue what their phones could do.  They jumped on the iphone bandwagon and some are now realising they can have as good if not better experience on Android for much less.

  23. Guys, guys…. You forgetting an incredibly important point. This ad is pointing to iphone demographic. Most iphone users are female. It’s a smart “dumb” phone marketed to non tech savvy people.

    This ad shows exactly what the difference between android and apple users is….. Tech knowledge.

  24. Utter crap – there are plenty of apps on the iphone that will let you do that, none of which require a stupid stylus. 

    1. There’s an app for that…why?  This is built into the OS. And as Apple says, ‘it is so easy anyone can use it.’ The guy had the phone for a few hours. 

      point goes to G Note

      1. The note opens POwerpoint files for editing natively, without an App?.

  25. LOL!!! Funny thing is… The girl is on a few commercials on cable t.v. in Bakersfield CA. Soooooo she’s definitely an actress (or thinks she was).

    1. i imagine this was probably a set up, i doubt they really pulled someone off the street

  26. Round 4 – Put your phone in your pocket…GO!!

    1. You know, I thought that would be an issue but I tried a Note in my pocket the other day and found it to be less noticeable than my Epic.

  27. I love how so many android users hate apple products most notably the iphone but spend so many hours talking about it. If u don’t like it don’t use it. Stop trying to convince others that android is better than ios. That’s your opinion. Others will disagree. Just educate people on your beliefs and let them choose. If they like ios let them be. Worry about yourself  and what you like. iphone will always be a popular phone. ios will always be a popular ios. This is coming from a android user. gsm galaxy nexus. love my phone love android, but don’t hate apple or their products just prefer the android operating system.

    1. thank you. i like android and all, but i see way too many comments from people who try to ling cell phones to intelligence level. i have friends who i have no problem admitting are smarter than me, but they have iphones while i have a droid. its a personal preference that says nothing about what kind of person you are. and all these studies that try to suggest otherwise should know, because you learn it in psychology 101, that a+b doesn’t always equal c.

      there’s so much anger out there over cell phones that it becomes borderline ignorant, and it makes me question how smart/successful you really are when a cell phone,or the company that makes it, can get under your skin so easily

  28. I love that when Samsung takes Apple’s ad tactics and turn them around, the die-hard Android users think it is as much crap as when Apple used it initially to compare the Mac vs PC. Shows that we value truth and fairness in advertising regardless of who is presenting it.

    I wouldn’t be able to as easily do much of the stuff on my Epic that the guy did on the Note, even with time to prepare. Helps that the Note is basically a tablet that just manages to fit into your pocket. Now put me out there with my GT 10.1 vs his Note and we’ll see! :P

  29. I STRONGLY believe Android is better than iPhone, but comeon, you could have had someone who actually knew there way around and iPhone vs the android expert you put them against

  30. the iphone is targeted towards people that dont want a smart phone. Thats why grand mothers and children love the iphone.

    The next children recital that you go to, make note of all the old mothers video recording their child with an iphone…

  31. I’m seeing a lot of people saying that Samsung put a guy who is an expert with the Note vs a woman who is completely ignorant to what either phone (and the guess would be any phone) can actually do. IMO this video is showing what I would say is very slightly above average Android user vs the average Iphone user. If you gave me a few hours with the Note, which it says they let the costumers have, I could be doing what he was. Now I am also very fast to pick things up and understand them because that’s what I like to do; so I’m in no way, shape, or form saying that an average person would or would try to find all these features, and If they tried I bet they could though. I know way too many people who bought Iphones thinking they knew what they bought and didn’t know a damn thing, and didn’t care. They bought it because of the brand and that is the typical Apple Ifan. They buy for brand not for the actual device.

    So IMO good job Samsung with the ad. 

    P.S. If you can’t tell I don’t like Apple nor their practically mindless Ifans, and I understand not all their fans are like that.

  32. Hahaha!  iphone sucks!  Sorry to say.  Android OS is much more advance.   Yes you know what I’m talking about.  I’ve used the iphone and  I find app page that’s it.  You can’t custom change anything.

  33. I agree the note is a great phone but the comparison is just simply biased and garbage either it’s staged or they trained the note user for exactly these tasks where as the iPhone gone user probably never had to do these tasks. She doesn’t look tech savvy at all, probably won’t even know where to turn on her computer. So the comparison doesn’t show the truth sorry Sammy this hurts your reputation more than anything, next time just show what the note can do and leave the iPhone out of the picture.

  34. Until I started dating my boyfriend and he insisted I come into his work (Sprint) and look at the 4G Android phones, I wanted an iPhone. They are quite cool, especially when you’re coming from an old LG AT&T smartphone that was supposed to be an iPhone competitor (but was totally lame). And iPhone’s have a sleek look that appealed to me.

    But then I did some research, and went to my boyfriend’s work and picked up an HTC EVO 4G (it had been out a year, but other than a commercial I’d seen I knew nothing about it) and I fell in love. 

    Now I have an Epic 4G Touch (which I will probably only have for a limited time, because if Sprint releases a new EVO I will definitely be buying it if it’s better-looking than the EVO 3D. 

    As far as I’m concerned, Android is the best. I never will think about buying an iPhone. An Android can be customized to be virtually ANY way you want it. It’s more free about what you can do and can be a mini-laptop. 

    However, most iPhone users I personally know are not the types of people who’d want to research the capabilities of their phone, so the simplicity of the iPhone is probably best.

    And Apple still hasn’t made an app drawer? Their UI in that regard is ludicrous.

  35. Oh Chris, always on the same old fight, you know, you are starting to get boring… it looks like you guys need to keep convincing yourself of how wonderful android is all the time, get over it…

  36. I LOVE Android and all, but those are tasks you just normally wouldn’t do (especially on your phone). And if you really wanted to do those things there is surely an app for that (no pun intended). Looking at these comments makes me happy I’m neutral on the whole iPhone vs. Android thing. Both OS’s are pretty much equally matched. They both have advantages and disadvantages. I’ve grown tired of all the fanboys on Android and iPhone blogs. GOOD DAY SIR xD

  37. This commercial is embarrassing. It is almost as stupid and as bad as the one they released for the Superbowl.

    You may hate on Apple, but they definitely know how to market and create commercials that are clever and make the consumer want to at least take a look at their product.

    This commercial reminds me of those car commercials from the economy class of automobiles that always compare how good they are, to say a BMW or Mercedes. If you have to compare to something, to me it just shows your product can’t excel on its own merits.

    Samsung makes some great devices. I am not big on the plastic cheap feeling of their devices, but there is no denying the quality of the internals or the magnificence of the display.

    They should fire they advertising firm they work with and hire the same one Apple uses. Or at least an advertising firm that has a clue.

    I own a Gnex and a Sensation, but I enjoy using an iPhone as well. None were purchased because of advertisements, by the way.

  38. Ya, but can he put the phone in his pocket?

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