LG Optimus 4X HD, Vu and 3D Max Get The Hands-On Treatment [Video]


We’re only a few days away from Mobile World Congress 2012 but some manufacturer’s are already showing their wares before the big event. LG is first out the gate giving some hands-on time to Telefonino.net, who has uploaded a few quick walkthrough videos for the LG Optimus 4X HD, LG Optimus Vu and LG Optimus 3D Max. The Galaxy Note even makes a brief cameo, going head-to-head with the LG Vu.

Just as expected, LG has giving their UI a makeover in Ice Cream Sandwich providing for a near stock look to Android 4.0, while still differentiating themselves from the competition with new icons and launcher. I know, I know — we all want that stock Android experience but let’s face it, that’s pretty much reserved for Nexus devices these days.

Let me know what you guys think of these devices and LG’s new UI. We’ll most likely have some hands-on time of our own once Rob, Kevin and Quentyn touch down in Spain in a few days.

[Via AndroidandMe]

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  1. Wow the Vu looks pretty snappy, loving it. 

    1. Yeah, totally digging both ICS devices. The 3D is even pretty nice looking ‘cept the fact that it’s still running Gingerbread and has a hideous UI =/

  2. will phandroid be at mwc?

    1. Yup! Well… all of Phandroid but me =/

      1. That sucks. Oh well though you will be here keeping us informed. Thanks!

  3. la this, la that, la something else un-understandable, BROWSER WEB, la this la that

    OMG….don’t they have words for Broswer/web/Ice cream sandwhich in their language? Makes me cringe every time an english word pops up in between

    1. In Italy I don’t know, but in France that’s what narrow-minded nationalistic extremists say… “Don’t use english words ! *cough*heilH—-r*cough* Speak our language pure !”
      You don’t understand anyway, so just mute the video.

      1. I have experienced first hand the reluctance of french men to speak english….thats even more annoying, but my point here was more…pick a language and speak it. Either italian OR english.
        In this the mix of english and italian was horrible on my ears…..

        Next to the english, I did understand some other parts of what he was telling, so didn’t want to mute

        1. Aren’t there foreign expressions in English ? That’s called a living language. In tech world, english is even more used in other languages, deal with it, or mute.

          1. Well obviously I am dealing with it, seeing as I didn’t mute. 

            Complaining is a subset of dealing with it….

            seriously…I don’t get why people on the internet can’t just ignore someone who is complaining when they have nothing constructive to add 

          2. I mention living languages, you reply with a play on words instead of arguments. You’re the one that has nothing to add, and you’re not ignoring my complaints either.
            (“There’s nothing you can do about the fact she’s married someone else. Just DEAL WITH IT!” …just for you to get the meaning I wanted to give to the phrase. Is it correct ?)

          3. @PhilNelwyn:disqus  The reason why I didn’t reply to your living languages part, was because I agree with that. Languages evolve and they can incorporate words from other languages. My bad, for not making that clear.My only complaint about your post was the “deal with it or mute” part….as that was thus unnecessary in my opinion. That is why my response just focused on that part.  Also I have no idea what you want with that sentence between parentheses. And another thing: muting the sound is a way of dealing with it. Thereby the choice “deal with it OR mute” is not a mutually exclusive choice and thereby becomes redundant in my opinion. So now that we have established that I am “dealing with it”, what exactly was your point? What? You have none? What a surprise! :Sp.s. I am not ignoring your complaints because unlike you, I have something constructive to add ;)

        2.  Sure, you don’t use any foreign words in english. Don’t you go to the “kindergarten” as a kid? Don’t you eat “pizza” which you order after reading the “menu”? Don’t you watch “television”?
          Seroiusly pull your head out of your a**e man! How ignorant can a person be?

          1. I only use foreign words in English as ENGLISH is a foreign language to me.

            Go fish for your own head! 
            I complained about the way he sounds when he uses foreign words in his speech. I find it HORRIBLE on my ears. That is MY opinion….just like it is MY opinion, that OTHER people are allowed to think it is horrible on their ears whenever I use foreign words.

            I won’t by a hypocrite, by complaining that only other people sound stupid, but I won’t allow YOU or anyone else for that matter to tell me what I can or cannot think about others. Just like I think you are being an idiot and I allow you to think the same about me.

  4. Those devices are ugly maybe consider the g4x but those devices are ugly that Vu phone is hidious lg shouldnt be making phones

    1. I think the only ugly one of the bunch is the Vu. At least it looks better than any of the unabody HTC phones. I think Sony makes some sexy phones, these companies need to take some design classes from Sony.

  5. should just play some epic heavy metal and mute the foreigner.  

  6. Am I wrong for being a bit concerned over the fact that a “quad core” device such as the 4X had a “minor” capacitative touch issue, and was a bit laggy in the browser dept, specifically with regard to the screen orientation change?  Not necessarily deal breakers, but couple that with the fact that it’s only hsdpa+21 (for a 2012, ICS launched device), and that fact that it’s prediscessor was an underwhelming, battery drinking, rebooting prone, buggy, non supported mess…. I’m a bit weary.  Stop trying to be a Nexus and just get T-mobile a Nexus.

    1. I highly doubt the software is final, pretty sure its still in testing phase.

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