Box Offering 50GB of Free Cloud Storage To Android Users For A Limited Time


After giving iOS users 50GB of free storage for simply existing, Android users are finally getting the same treatment if you download Box’s new and improved app from the Android Market. You only have until March 23rd to call dibs on your special piece of the cloud, so hurry. The steps are easy, simply download the app, log in or create a new account and enjoy your 50GB of online storage.

And for those who are truly appreciative, feel free to spread the word using using the hashtag #Box50GB on Twitter to tell the world what you’re going to do with this ridiculous amount of storage.

[Market Link]

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  1. I already used the App that used Sony’s promotion for 50GB, it worked flawless on my Galaxy Nexus, and yes I changed my password after I used the app, and I haven’t had any issues so far.

  2. Existing users got an “additional” 50Gb?

    Updated: New: Reads Contact Data

    1. Watch the video, and you’ll understand why.

    2. Quote from the Market Page…

      “Box on February 23, 2012 (Samsung Galaxy S with version 1.6.0)
      About the Contacts Permission
      Developer here. The reason the contacts permission was added was for the Invite a Collaborator feature, where you can use your address book to quickly retrieve email addresses for that text field. See the video we added. We do NOT look at your address book at any other time or send your contacts’ info to our servers unless you invite them to Box. We know – that permission bugs us, too. –Box Mobile Team”

  3. I would actually use Box, especially with the 50GB upgrade, except that the free account can only have files of up to 100MB in size. Kinda a small filesize to be useful for anything short of maybe music and documents. No videos though :/

    1. But what if the services change and allows larger than 100Mb files?

      1. Oh, its still worth getting the 50GB right now, no question about that. Did it as soon as I saw it in my feed earlier today. I’m just saying Box isn’t as useful as, say, Dropbox.

    2. I just don’t like the lack of free desktop app/folder like Dropbox.

  4. My only problem with the service is that there’s no way to sync files automatically from the desktop, like Dropbox does. The business service lets you do that, at $15 a month [i]per user[/i], with a minimum of 3 users.

    So yeah… I can spend $45 a month to do the same thing Dropbox does for free.

    Sorry, guys. I think I’m going to go somewhere else.

    1. Yeah, but the difference is this is 50GB of LIFETIME storage. Dropbox can’t beat that. 

      But I agree, I’m a lifelong Dropbox user and absolutely need syncing for cloud storage to be useful. =/

      1. Um? Yes they can. With DropBox, you only pay $10 a month to get 50GB of storage, compared to paying $15. That means every month you’re guaranteed to eat lunch one day with the $5 you save. And $20 gets you 100GB. If you’re willing to pay that $15 for Box, you might as well pay that extra $5 for DropBox.

        1. or not pay the terrible prices they both offer and use spideroak.

  5. Hmm, I got no additional storage. Does it take a minute for it to happen?

    Update: Oops, I totally read DropBox. Ignore comment

  6. I am in love…

    Free is great…

  7. 100 MB?, most of my porn files, an music is less that 100 anyway :)

    1. What kind of crappy low-res porn are you watching dude?

      1. not all of us need 2 gb hd movies. 100 MB clips are fine lol

        1. Dude… 100MB of video? The video files must be lyk 176×144 or something?

          Unless what was meant was the files are usually less than 100MB. 

          1. I think he’s talking about individual files, which, for some, only need to be 20 seconds long.

  8. Got it!  THANKS!

    Every post before this gets a “Like” as well… I’m feeling generous!

  9. I already have a 50 gig account, so I was hoping this would give me another 50 gigs on top of it.

    Doesn’t look like it.. :(

  10. I wish there was a PC sync function like dropbox… without having to upgrade to the business version

  11. to sync with windows require box business…

    i still think dropbox is better, drag and drop on my desktop and everything is sync. no need to login or go to the web site.

  12. I don’t even want to waste my time. The check mark for “Google Apps Integration” wasn’t there for the free one. I think I’ll stick to DropBox, thank you.

  13. Just got my 50GB after setting up an account with the android app. Sweet! Maybe now I can ditch some of the other services like sugarsync & minus

  14. I notice on that free accounts are limited to “10 GB of bandwidth per month”… is this true for the 50 GB upgrades? That would take 5 months to upload the max storage.

    1. lmao right?

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