Nova Launcher Officially Out Of Beta – Comes To The Android Market In Free and Paid Version


After 15 betas, the popular Ice Cream Sandwich homescreen replacement, Nova Launcher, has successfully made its way to version 1.0 and is now officially available to everyone in the Android Market. Highly customizable with a focus on performance, Nova Launcher provides users with that stock Android 4.0 feel, while giving them all the extra features they crave in a launcher replacement.  The free version of Nova Launcher includes all the standard features you should need.

Nova Launcher

  • Custom Grid – Configure the rows and columns to fit all your app and widget needs.
  • Scrollable Dock – Keep all your favorite apps on the dock, with up to 7 icons per page and up to 3 pages.
  • Scroll Effects – Enjoy eye candy when scrolling your desktop and drawer. Effects include Cube and Cardstack and more for Prime users.
  • Infinite Scroll – Never be far from your favorite page, loop through your desktop continuously.
  • Folder Icons – You can chose a background, preview style or even replace the whole icon.
  • Backup/Restore – Export your settings and layout before a wipe to quickly get back up and running.
  • Custom Icons – Change the icons of app shortcuts on your desktop to images from ADW Icon packs or from your Gallery

Nova Launcher 1.0 also brings with it a paid premium version dubbed “Nova Launcher Prime,” that unlocks extra features inside Nova Launcher.

Nova Launcher Prime

  • Gestures – Quickly start Nova Actions or Apps from gestures on the desktop, such as pinching, swiping or two-finger swiping.
  • Hide Apps – Keep a clutter free drawer by hiding never used apps.
  • Dock Swipes – Get more use out of your dock apps by setting swipe-actions
  • Additional Scroll Effects
With improved and fine-tuned gestures, customizable folder backgrounds and icons, it’s no wonder so many lucky Android 4.0+ users chose Nova Launcher as their go-to homescreen replacement. The free version of Nova Launcher can be found right now in the Android Market as well as the enhanced Nova Launcher Prime for $4. If you prefer to purchase the paid version using Paypal, you can also do so via the developer’s all new Nova Launcher website here.

[Nova Launcher | Nova Launcher Prime]


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  1. Not sure if I want to pay for the full version, but the beta has been awesome.

  2. On paper this is just another launcher.  What’s the difference between this and oh-say Launcher Pro or ADW?

    1. Try reading the post again. 

      1. Read it again.  Try answering my question or StingTFU.

        1. Wow… hostility.  WTF does Sting have to do with this anyway?  ;)

          It’s an ICS launcher.  I used LP for quite a while, and ADW somewhat less, but really liked both.  I used Nova for a while when various ICS ROMs started popping up for the OG Evo, and liked it VERY much.  I don’t currently have it on my phone or tablet, but I’m going to fix that shortly.

          As far as the differences… well it’s just different.  Like LP and ADW are different from each other.  A launcher is a launcher really… I mean they all do basically the same thing.  But like I said, Nova is ICS, so it’s a very different look and feel.  Being ISC, it’s definitely slicker than non-ICS launchers.

          Anyway, I know that didn’t really answer the question, but there isn’t really a solid answer.  Launchers all mostly have similar feature sets, but varying looks and feels.  Anyway, there you go.

          1. Thank you.  And StingTFU stands for Shutting…  I know I know, I just made it up.

            That does answer my question though.  It has the same features as any other launcher(for the most part) but it is built on ICS.

            On paper (scrollable docks, gestures) its the same.

    2. The nice thing about Nova is that all of the look and features of the stock launcher are retained. Plus if you are rooted and you move the apk to the system/app folder (I believe) then you also retain the widgets section in the app drawer. Plus since it is ICS based, it works flawlessly.

      1. Thx!  I look forward to this because I’m not a fan of the TW Launcher on my GS2 and I don’t think the 4.0 update is going to be much different than the GB skin.

        1. Root it, then you wont have to deal with touchwiz.

  3. No go on my Razr Maxx….I really wanted to try this!

    1. It’s based on the ICS launcher … like the code. It requires ICS to run.

    2. It requires a real phone to run.  ;)

  4. Does this only work on devices running 4.0+?

  5. Both Trebuchet Launcher and Nova are based on the same ICS launcher source, but Trebuchet is the CyanogenMod9 default (used to be ADW in CM7), so I’m sticking with Trebuchet out of convenience. Only really waiting on the dense 5×5 homescreen grid, and I used to love the scrollable dock in LauncherPro, but now that dock icons can be folders… I can live without it.

    (Trebuchet already has, or is soon getting, all the same features as Nova.
    XDA thread: )

  6. sweet.  i will definitely be using this when i get my Sprint G-Nex.  the primary use of this App will be to remove the Google Search Box from the G-Nex and free up that real estate for widgets.

    now all i need is for Hesse to release the Sprint G-Nex.  come on Hesse!!!!!  RELEASE THE G-NEX!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Keep waiting about 5-6 more months. LOL.

  7. It tells me not compatible with my device..I have the galaxy s2 on att…really wanted to try this

    1. Are you running ICS? If your stock then no…..

  8. I have it on my epic 4g with cm9 running ics 4.0!!! Now they have a prime too. Time to upgrade. #teamepic4g

  9. I’d run it if blur wouldn’t keep trying to run in the background. Really need to root and unlock this thing

  10. Im already am running nova launcher on my og epic 4g running cm9 4.0! But I think I’m toning to upgrade to prime

  11. Am I missing something??? Can’t find an import home screens option like all other launchers have. Really don’t wanna do this manually just to try this launcher out.

  12. Rockin’. This actually gets rid of the occasional lag that my Gnex had when swiping between app drawer screens. Adds features that ICS should have come with, like determining the grid size and number of homescreens.

  13. It only works on ICS, but how does it run on tablets?

  14. Just as AERGERN stated,this requires 4.0 ICS installed to run,just confirmed this w/a visit to the developers website (see MARKET for contact info)& an E-mail w/the developer stating the same.

  15. This is the nicest app I have no use for.

  16. Hopefully they’ll make it compatible with my device too

  17. Made me install ICS just so I can user this launcher. Thanks for pushing me to do it!

  18. Really? Because I lyk the ICS Launcher, but I’m using ADW for the features.

    BTW, there’s a pretty stable ICS ROM for the Epic 4G Touch, and it’s rooted. I’m running it and nothing seems wrong with the phone. 

  19. I don’t remember the last time i launched an application through a launcher.

    keyboard shortcuts ftw.

  20. I want to like this launcher soooooo bad cause its not full of fluff and crap I don’t need but since I put it on 24hrs ago I’ve had to reset my Galaxy Nexus 6 times cause it was completely froze up and my battery is draining at exactly twicebyhr normal rate. Just wish Google would take notice of se of these really basic features people want and bring them in stock. For now I gotta uninstall this though.

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