[Update: Service restored] Yet another Verizon 4G LTE outage occuring


Update: The folks at Verizon just got in touch to let us know that 4G LTE service should be back up and running in areas that were experiencing a disruption in service earlier today.

We’ve just received word that Verizon is experiencing yet another 4G LTE data outage in some areas. Service started taking a hit earlier this morning and has since been confirmed by Verizon support. Areas definitely seeing the effects of the outage include Arizona, Florida, and Georgia, though more regions are likely experiencing downtime.

Verizon has gotten pretty good at turning these network issues around in a matter of hours, so the best we can do is hang tight for the time being. We’ll be tracking this story and providing updates as we have them.

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  1. We’re experiencing the outage in Little Rock, AR, too. 

  2. Any ideas what keeps causing this?  I’ve been down more with my GNex than all my phones combined.

    1. its not your phone, its the fact that verizon is rolling our new markets and stretching their infrastructure

      1. yeah, I know it’s not the phone, was asking about the network issues.

    2. eHRPD is problematic, evidently.  It goes down, you aren’t able to authenticate on either 4G or 3G… some people are able to get data by forcing 3G, tho.

      1. interesting, thanks.

      2. I can get data by switching to CDMA only. It’s sporadic though. Sometimes even switches to 1x. East TN.

  3. man this sh&# is getting annoying

    3g/4g in & out here in the southeast. grr

  4. My service is back up in Dallas, TX. And I got a huge Verizon pop-up ad when I visited this story lol.

  5. Add Arkansas to the list.  (Or it may have been Arkansas instead of Arizona to begin with.  Verizon customer support doesn’t seem to realize that AR is not Arizona, it is Arkansas)

  6. no 3g or 4g in akron ohio

  7. Seeing issues in East Tennessee as well.

  8. Going in and out both 3G and 4G in St. Louis, MO.  

  9. No 3g/4g in Salina, KS as well

    1. Way to represent.  Back up in Wichita.

  10. Yeah mine went out on my way to work… I’m in Central PA.  Got it back once I got in the office.  I only get 3G at work tho so I don’t know if 4G is up yet.

  11. No data at all in NYC.

  12. my company got reports from GA, AZ, VA, CA, NJ, NM, NC, FL, OH, TN, OK, MN, IL

  13. Wisconsin- NO 4G and sporadic to zero 3G since 6am CST

  14. Working fine here in mid michigan

    1. I’m down and have been all morning in the Detroit metro area.

      1. Lansing area here and it was working fine about an hour ago.  I’ve been in a lecture hall (no data or voice signal in here) since then.  Wouldnt be surprised if it doesnt work when I leave though.

        1.  Out in GR as well….uuuggghhh!

  15. I have 4G in King of prussia/delco Pa

  16. Both 3G and 4G keep dropping in and out in Pittsburgh, PA.  Mostly it has been out, but in the last 30 minutes I have seen both 3 and 4G pop up only to disappear within a minute.

  17. Out in Los Angeles… 3g came back on for a bit, but thats gone too now.

  18. All is well in Chicago at ohare

    1. Yeah.  I’m in Illinois too…no problems.

  19. Add Sacramento, CA to the list.  No connection AT ALL here.  

  20. No 3G or 4G here in Denver, Colorado.

  21. no joy on 4g in houston, it popped on a for a few minutes then went back down. my 3g droid x hasn’t missed a beat but even putting my nexus in cdma only mode it is having trouble connecting.
    oh nevermind 4g just came back on in houston (lets hope it stays this time)

  22. Full 4 bars of 4G for me.  Although I’ve never experienced any 3G or 4G outages.  I guess I’m lucky.

  23. Its been out for days sometimes here where I live ( Atlanta area) and sometimes its out for a few hours and its pretty annoying…..it usually doesn’t work when its raining fairly hard too….its like satellite TV lol ….I hate it!!!

  24. Verizon! America’s Most advance 4g Network… when it works…

    1. a lot better than ATT and Sprunt.

      1. substantially.

        went down temporarily in chicago and surrounding, too.

      2. I haven’t heard of any company having outages recently besides Verizon. 

  25. No 3G/4G or sporadic at best in NC.  This is from Greensboro down to Fort Bragg

    1. Same for me too. No service at all going from Kernersville to W-S. No IHeartRadio for me today.

  26. I’m using 4g on my gnex right now. Houston, TX

  27. Don’t forget Indiana too……
    Down for a good hour here…..

  28. oh look……….America’s most reliable network.


    1. how’s that failure called Sprint working for you?  HAHAHAHAHAHA

  29. In Ohio I’ve been off and on all morning…..

  30. No G of anykind here in Phoenix

  31. No outage in Tucson, AZ.

  32. Orlando FL is fine – for me anyways.

  33. Out in Omaha

  34. Perfect 3G/4G in Canton, Ohio on my Gnex

  35. Does the outage include sandiego?

    1. Apparently so… I’m down, too.

  36. On and off coverage during my commute here in Chicago this morning. Kept dropping down to 1x or no G spiradically. Been ok for the last hour though. Back to 4g. Would still rather have this than Wimax. I had no 4g on Sprint every time I walked in a doorway. 

  37. Network seems to be back up in Northern Indiana for both 3G and 4G. So the best service provider has occasional outages. I would still choose Verizon before any other service provide.

  38. It happened in Oegon (that state above California, you know?….) too, but it’s working again now. If it was only a 4G problem, why didn’t changing the settings on my Rezound to CDMA only make 3G work? Why was I at 1X or nothing for the couple hours I noticed this?

    1. I seem to recall that these problems are authentication issues, not issues with the towers or backhaul.

      Remember how your phone just activated itself, and you didn’t have to do the thing where you dial the activation number? That’s because your phone has a 4G SIM in it, and that goes through a different authentication process than the 3G phones. So even if you use CDMA mode, you still authenticate using the LTE SIM, and not the old-fashioned CDMA authentication whoozits.

      At least that’s what I’ve been led to understand. I could be full of hot air.

      But I do find it ironic that my Sprint tablet is working, while my Verizon phone is not. :(

      Interestingly enough, my BIONIC was showing no data, so I rebooted it, and now I have 3G data. That’s better than no G data, so I’ll take it for now.

      1. You are right and that’s why verizon announces that 3G was unaffected. The 3G network was fine and accessible to 3G only devices, but 4G authentication was down and that can interfere with 4G phones connecting to 3G.

        They need to fix these issues and get 4G to cover their entire 3G footprint so they can recycle that spectrum into better LTE-advanced. It’ll be a few years, but I’m actually kind of excited for the idea of killing 3G. I also think it would be awesome if they could get rid of 1x to make room for 5G, but they only have plans for phasing out 3G.

  39. 4G working, but slow speeds (3Mbps vs 12Mbps average) Sacramento, CA

  40. The temptation to simply re-activate my Fascinate is getting harder to resist…

    Yeah, the G’Nex is fine…but I can run AOKP on my Fascinate…and actually get reliable data.

    Oh, and yeah…no data in Lakeville, MN, just outside Minneapolis.

    1. I’m running AOKP milestone 3 on my fascinate already. Sometimes it is tempting, but then the network comes back and I’m reminded of my love for LTE and how much I love my GNex

  41. 4G down in Phoenix. Droid RAZR…

  42. 3G only here in Oswego, IL since 7:00am–distant suburb of Chicago.

  43. Very spotty on my 20 mile commute into Irvine, CA this morning. 

  44. Don’t see how it’s a 4G outage… 3G was down in Maine. I have a GN, but we don’t even have 4G in the state yet.

    1. I lost it briefly for a second too outside of Augusta, we’ll have 4g this year I work for Fairpoint and we just hooked up over 800 fiber to the tower so we’ll have 4g this year for sure

    2. That is because any 4GLTE-capable phone sees the 3G network as EHRPD isntead of EVDO. EHRPD went down, which knocks service for 4GLTE. But since your phone sees 3G as EHRPD, you lost 3G too. 3G only hansets see the network as EVDO, which is why they never experienced the issue this morning (or during any previous EHRPD failure). Hope that helps.

  45. Spotty, temporary on-and-off outages in Raleigh NC this morning, but seems OK now.

  46. I don’t see how anyone can justify paying Verizon wireless prices.  T-Mobile has had NO 4G outages.

    1. Actually, yes they have, just not to this extent, and not this often. But I agree with you. Tmo has better pricing and plenty fast 4g… and yes, it IS 4g, haters! Don’t make me educate you again! 0.0

      1. Whether you have T-Mobile HSPA+ or Verizon LTE they both allow experiences on mobile devices that were not possible on 3G equipment.  The nerdy annoying back an forth about true 4G is meaningless, stupid, and pointless.

        1. Yeah, I know. But at the same time, I believe that people who are ignorant of the facts should be told. Not maliciously, mind you. Just educational. ;-)

        2. Wrong! First off there is no such thing as LTHE.  HSPA+ is a completely different technology then LTE and an entire new infrastructure would have to be built to go to LTE. Also, by the standard you need a minimum of 1Gbps to be 4G.  The first 4G will be Advanced-LTE which will have this plus VOLTE.  HSPA+ is only theoretically capable of 600+Mbps but needs many MIMO connections for this to be possible, plus close proximity to the transmitter.  The only upgrade paths to 4G are WiMAX and LTE, which will go to WiMAX 2 and A-LTE.  However Sprint’s use of WiMAX is just pathetic which is why WiMAX isn’t being used.  

          You need to check your facts and stop believing everything you read on Wikipedia.

      2. No it IS not so shut your mouth!

        1. Haha! If the current iteration of LTE is 4g, then so is HSPA+. If HSPA+ is not, then neither is LTE. You can’t have it both ways.

          1. Never said LTE was.  LTE is on the upgrade path to 4G, HSPA+ is not.  Neither should be dignified as 4G however, by everyone saying 4G LTE they are closer to a correct statement.  TMO and Sprint saying just 4G is blatant lies.

          2. HSPA+ does evolve to LTHE which delivers a whopping 672mbps connection, is fully backed by T-Mobile USA, backwards compatible with speed benefits to all HSPA devices, and integrates with LTE beautifully.

            Look up some FACTS before you go on rambling.

          3. Edit: Put in wrong reply.

    2. They also have EDGE 6 miles outside of any city.

      1. Still better than Verizon’s LTE footprint

        1. Not so sure about that. It has been more stable, but pretty sure VZW has more 4GLTE than T-Mob does HSPA+ now.

  47. I have no signal, data or phone, here in Los Angeles.  Tried to make a phone call and got a “No Mobile Network Available” message.  I don’t care if its just a dime, Verizon should prorate everyone’s bill for these outages.

    Update: just restarted my phone and 4G and regular mobile network are back up.

    1. It knocked my phone off network for a while too until I rebooted. This is becoming so annoying…

  48. my gnex says 3g so i jump on phandroid and sure enough its an outage. Riverside, CA

    Ok my 4g is back up but im only getting 9mbps insted of the average 20+

  49. That explains it…… no data until I rebooted and then it was only 3g. I’m in LA, CA

  50. Out for a few hours in Chattanooga, TN….still getting bumped off, then back on after a few seconds every few minutes.

  51. These what happened when you give raises to all Verizon employees.. they screwed everything up!Smh

  52. Back up you say?  O rly?  That’s funny… because my 3G data is now gone (again… after this morning’s disruption… my area doesn’t even have 4G yet).  WTF is going on?

  53. I keep my 4g off for most of the day to conserve battery…though my 3g went to 1x for a few hours this morning. MD here

  54. i was out in CT all morning

  55. i love how you guys do this for verizon but then when it comes to sprint barely being able to call or get 3g for the past almost 3 months you dont say anything.

    nice coverage guys. 

    1. They covered it at the start of the Sprint weakening. What do you want? Them to give weekly updates of “and in such and such place data is still at a crawl”? Verizon gets news because its actually something different than the normal every day routine aka NEWS.

  56. 3G is down in Seattle

  57. Myrtle beach 3g was down this morning

  58. Gooo simple mobile! 2g EDGE ON MY ATRIX 4g…oh wait..that dosent look rite…:(

  59. Still not completely restored in orlando,fl thought it was my phone (droid RAZR maxx) after doing an OTA update the other day… been with VZW for over 6yrs now for their reliability but lately til this phone hardly could use 4g unless plugged in now i have a decent phone to handle longer hours but when im paying $30/month for 4g data Tmobile is starting to look better that for $20 more you get unlimited everything :-/ vzw is needs to get more competitive

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