Feb 22nd, 2012

Though the 8GB Nook Tablet features less total storage space than the 16GB model, it actually ships with more of that space open to the user. Whereas the 16GB model divvies out 12GB for B&N content, 3GB for the OS install, and only 1GB for sideloaded apps and other files, the 8GB model gives users access to 4GB of storage space to do with whatever they please. Starting March 12th, owners of the larger storage option will be able to take their Nook Tablet into a local Barnes & Noble store and have their device repartitioned, allowing for more space to be assigned to the user accessible portion of the drive.

You have to love the booksellers response to customer feedback and demands. After users hacked the Nook Color into a functional tablet, B&N released a software update that opened up the devices functionality. Shortly after the Nook Tablet was released, and now user requests for more storage space are being addressed. It’s nice to see a company making all the right moves, for once.

[B&N via AndroidPolice]

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