Quad-core LG X3 could launch as Optimus 4X HD


Just as LG’s first dual-core handset denoted its power with the Optimus 2X name, so will the manufacturer’s first quad-core phone, PocketNow reports. The phone rumored as the LG X3, which is said to feature a 4.7-inch 720p display, will honor the four magnitudes of power provided by its Tegra 3 processor when it launches as the LG Optimus 4X HD. The name seems like a no-brainer when taking LG’s previous releases into account.

References to a T-Mobile G4X have recently been spotted, suggesting that the sequel to the Optimus 2X will also make its way to that network. The T-Mobile G2X was the carrier’s branding for last year’s model.

LG has been busy announcing a few of their handsets, including the Optimus 3D Max and Optimus 3D Cube, ahead of Mobile World Congress, but we suspect they will keep their biggest new addition under cover until their press conference in Barcelona this Sunday.

[via PocketNow]

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  1. Yes! Let it come to T-Mobile a great follow up to the G2X, as long as they leave it stock android and without the bugs that plagued the G2X.

  2. Guess I need to read up on previous LG releases on TMO to see how they tend to be. If it is stock enough, has microSD and isn’t a problem phone from a problem company, I’d consider this.

  3. The G2X had a rough launch, but if you look at it today, it’s a rock solid device. Great Cyanogen support too.

  4. Why isn’t anyone adopting the on-screen navigation buttons of the GNexus?

    1. This gives you 4.7″ inches of usable screen — you don’t lose a dedicated portion to the ICS on-screen buttons.

      1. Instead you lose a dedicated portion of the phone, I’d rather take an odd shaped screen, that’s slightly larger, than useless real estate on a phone.

        If they android really evolves. they wont just fade the buttons when watching video, but hide them until tap. 

        on screen buttons > capacitive/hardware buttons. always.

  5. This might be TMO’s only hope this year.

  6. Quad core? lulz 

    Maybe Android will FINALLY have a smooth GUI. Doubt it though. Dual core was supposed to do that but my G2x sure as hell doesn’t. Keep trying Google. Doubt you ever get it right

    1. Google’s not trying… It’s LG. O_o

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