Mystery devices DROID Fighter and LG Cayman headed to Verizon


A pair of new devices have surfaced for Verizon, though at this point we only have the names to go off of. Sources close to DroidLife have outed the LG Cayman and DROID Fighter, the latter without any manufacturer designation. Any information on the two devices is complete speculation, but both could end up being one of several new devices unveiled at Mobile World Congress next week.

Employee workshops are being held for the Cayman and Fighter on March 29th and April 12th respectively, though those dates won’t necessarily coincide with either device’s release date.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Too many phones. I can’t keep track anymore.

  2. i despise Verizon and think they’re evil but i will give them credit for number of Androids offered.  what are they up to like 50 now???

    1. old iphone still have resell value, while old android phone doesnt. 

      1. yeah?  how much is your first, or even second, gen iphone going for? what a silly statement; of course newer droids will have higher resale value, just like the newer iphone will.  older ones will still fetch a good price on ebay, and so will an old gen iphone.  

        1. i should have made a clearer statement, sorry, my bad.

          i meant, there are new android phone every month or two, while apple only release 1 per year. a used iphone can sell much higher than an used android.

          for example: used iphone 3g on ebay sell for ~65$ and while my old htc incredible sell for ~50$. 

          the value of android phone drop much faster than an iphone because there are newer hardware android each month, making old android phone cheaper and cheaper. 

          1. This is correct, love Android but business is business. IPhones/iPads will always have higher reseller value

      2. old iphone is an old iphone. old android can go for years of upgrades with dvelopment and custom roms ;)

  3. Goddammit, its another MOTO phone!

  4. Wow, someone is misinformed. I sold the original tmobile g1 on ebay for $132 eight months ago. I sold my mytouch 4g last month for $188. I sold my daughters iphone for $155. This was open bidding on ebay with no reserve. Talks cheap.

  5. …Just saying… http://i.imgur.com/c6pUI.jpg

  6. You guys realize there are more than 30 kinds of toothpaste and no one complains?

    America is about choice!

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