Verizon Putting HTC Rezound and LG Spectrum on Sale for $100


Verizon’s in a good mood for some reason. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that they just finished one of their best quarters ever last year. Whatever the case is, a couple of cool 4G LTE smartphones are up for sale for just $100. We’ve got the dual-core LG Spectrum which was released more recently, as well as the Beats-equipped HTC Rezound which comes with Beats by Dre headphones, a good deal all things considered. For $100 you really can’t go wrong with either so get started on researching them if they fit you bill. [Verizon, thanks Kris!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. $100 and i get beats by dre, I will take 5 thousand!!!

    1. Gah, the crappiest headphones to ever be made, but yet sell so well?

      1. Bet you don’t even have a pair.

        1. I’ve owned beats for awhile and I can tell you they’re as good as $50 headphones. The other $250 is for the b on the side of the phones.

          1. Shhhh. You’ll upset the headphone fashionistas :)

  2. Could it be they are trying to clear stock for new phones coming soon?

  3. “Verizons in a sale mood for some reason. Perhaps its due to the fact that”….. the Rezound and Spectrum arent exactly selling like hotcakes when phones like the Razr Maxx and GNexus are for sale?
    Believe you me, verizon doesnt celebrate profits by reducing prices for customers, they celebrate profits by smoking hundred dollar bills and eating bald eagle eggs.
    When phones drop in price it means they aint selling as well as others.

    However, if you wanted one of these suckers, this is great news. Thats quite a sale

    1. I don’t get it.  I think the Rezound is the best Android phone out right now.  Why on earth aren’t people buying it?  My guess is there is another HTC phone about to drop.

      1.  I think the hype is really about the nexus and maxx right now. Dont get me wrong, im sure the rezound is a great device but after a few initial commercials, vzw seemed like they kinda threw it on a backburner. I could be wrong.

        1. I’m sure your right.  It’s the Android way in general.  Shelf life of a phone these days is 4-6 months it seems.  Hell, if it’s Moto knock it down to 2 months.

          1.  Haha sad but true. Well at least the future is always promising.

      2.  The “Beats by Dre” gimmick is reason enough not to buy it.

    2. omg damn that was hilarious

  4. the rezound is one of the best top tier phones out there. many people like it better than the nexus, and much better than the razr. it’s just that verizon didn’t hype it because it’s not a droid branded phone, and it’s not a nexus. it came out at a bad time, but i think it’s the best out there.

  5. If I could trade my #DroidBionic + $50 for a #Rezound, I’d do it in a heartbeat. The locked #bootloader is a nightmare. #OPMOSH

  6. I love my rezound! Exactly, It’s not a “Droid”, so Verizon could shive a git about it. There is a new LG and HTC phone on the way, I’m sure.

  7. Verizon also has the Rezound extended battery for half off as part of this deal…you have to add it to the cart to see the discount.

    1.  THANK YOU for pointing that out, I never would have bought it otherwise!

  8. Nice, my wife just bought the Rezound this past Saturday for 2 bills,.

    1. Dude, you should have at least pointed her to Amazon — they’ve had the Rezound at $160 for weeks now.  :(

  9. @Sheldon tell Verizon to price match! And they should give back the difference.

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