T-Mobile Leak Reveals HTC Ville and Huawei Prism And Samsung T769 Coming Soon


It’s been awhile since we’ve had a good T-Mobile leak round these parts, but today may have changed that. Thanks to TMoNews, we now see a few devices that will soon be making their way to the carrier, as revealed in this accessory inventory list.

We now have a more solid confirmation that the HTC Ville be arriving on T-Mobile with the device previously rumored to arrive in the Spring. The Huawei Prism has also made an appearance in the list, after T-Mobile recently registered a domain name with the device’s title. The more mysterious of the 3 devices in the leak is the Samsung “T769” a device that popped up going through the FCC and shares the same model number as the Samsung Exhibit II already released for the carrier. The only Samsung device I can think of off the top of my head that’s been announced, and will soon be arriving for the carrier is the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, so maybe this has something to do with that.

Those looking for the next quad-core device on T-Mobile will no doubt find themselves disappointed with this leak, but there’s still a possibility more devices will be revealed at MWC in a few more days. Keep your fingers crossed.



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  1. I have an upgrade coming up in August hope there’s some good quad core phones by then these definitely sound interesting.

  2. I’m up for an upgrade now but can’t say I like my current choices…  even for free during the sales in the past week. Hope something good comes along.

    1. Me too, I’ve passed up many of the T-Mobile sales. Mainly because I want to switch carriers, and even a free phone isn’t enough to keep me on T-Mobile. 
      I’m just getting too many dropped calls and poor service lately. Did they power down a bunch of towers or something the past few months?

      1. I just page people back when i get my voicemail haha.. wait this is not a pager…

      2. Oh, I don’t really have any service issues. I just don’t like any of the current offerings. And after reading up on the Blaze 4g, that’s looking pretty unimpressive too. I suspect the Ville will have Sense so that’s out too.

        1. GS3 fore me ^__^

  3. Good bye T-Mobile! As soon as Sprint gets the Galaxy Nexus I’m gone! Think it’s cool offering crappy phones… no sir!

    1. You’re better off importing a GSM galaxy nexus and going with a T-Mobile Value plan, which is a break on your monthly bill if T-Mobile doesn’t discount your phone.  HSPA+21 is in way more places than Sprint LTE which is…. no where and will be no where for a long time.

      1. Don’t like the idea of paying $600-$700 for a phone. They don’t want to subsidize some good phones, I’ll find a carrier that will.

        1. Eh, do what you think is best but when it comes down to it phone subsidies are the biggest sham in the wireless industry.  With pretty much all cell phone companies you pay a marked up plan even when they recoup the amount they subsidized your phone.  A T-Mobile value plan times 24 months plus the full retail of the phone comes out cheaper than any other plan on any other company times 24 months plus the subsidized price of the phone.  Remember cell phone companies charge you by the contract. (full 24 month term)

          You can find gsm Galaxy Nexus’s around $530 now.  I do think the Galaxy Nexus is an over rated phone anyway.  Especially with its lack of expandable memory and average camera.  When other ICS phones come out it’ll be just another android phone… it won’t be anything special.

          I, personally, love my HTC Amaze.  It is one sexy phone with great hardware and build quality.  Plus I’ll never consider a carrier without WiFi Calling.  No carrier has perfect reception but I always like to know I can use my number to place a call or text message as long as I have WiFi.

          1. No, I’d be paying exactly the same thing I’m paying now. Just with a phone I have to spend more on.

          2. tell me whats crappy bout the ville, and G4X (first quad core phone)

          3.  you are a smart man !…i agree the amaze is amazing  best camera good screen hspa42 dual core beast
            and wifi calling is sooo underated i lovee being able to make calls on a plane or from overseas
            as bad as i wanna leave t mobile the others just dont really compete
            i have unlimited data and tethering
            wifi calling and great coverage in the ny metro area hspa+ alll everywhere i go

          4. So why do you want to leave Tmo?

      2. Actually it is new a few major cities and they are stilling rolling it out in even more as we speak.

  4. still crossing my fingers for the htc edge to be on tmobile

  5. I just hate to be on simple mobile with my ATRIX 4g……:( 2g edge

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