Google’s HUD Glasses Will Launch Before Year’s End for Around $250-$600


The New York Time is reporting that according to Google insiders, ‘ol Mountain View’s long rumored heads-up display glasses will officially be sold this year. No longer science fiction, these HUD glasses will allow for a wearer to see information in the world around them by integrating augmented reality into what would be normal, everyday glasses. Also revealed is that these Robocop/Terminator glasses will be experimentally priced at around $250-$600 — the cost of your average smartphone — and of course, geared to the more techie crowd.

With an integrated camera, GPS, motion sensor, 3G/4G connectivity and running on some type of Android OS, I’m excited to see what they come up with. Well, as long as they’re fashionable enough, am I right? If you think about it, not having to pull out your phone every few seconds to read a text message or tweet could have its advantages. You could even be in the middle of a face-to-face convo with the Mrs. while checking the latest sports scores. These HUD glasses sound too nerdy for you? Or will you be lining up on launch day?


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. The picture is perfect hahaha

    1. Real world HD FTW!!

  2. I’ll definitely be first in line for these.

    1. I’m in line already.

  3. They need to GPS lock these for people who are driving. If they don’t we are all at risk.

    1. It will help people drive better.

    2. It seems kind of like a tricky subject though. If you use a bluetooth headset, it keeps you from having to look away from the road, so that’s a good thing. But with these glasses, they keep you from having to look away from the road, but they also put stuff in your view. I’d be curious to see how the HUD works and I’d certainly like to have tests done before we go about GPS locking people.

    3. What if I’m not driving – like carpooling or riding the bus?  What about that, Rob?  Huh? Huh? :D

  4. And constantly uploading Google Street View pics so you do all the work for them?

    1. not just *street* view anymore. Now they have *House* view of anyone who buys these!

      1. 1) Of course we wouldn’t take pics inside your house.
        2) Well okay, we do, but we certainly wouldn’t upload them without your consent.
        3) Okay, someone monitored the stream and found out we are taking pictures inside your house and uploading them without your consent but we’re certainly not storing them on our servers.
        4) You may have noticed a little glitch where all the automatic Google HUD pics we’ve ever taken from inside your house were briefly linked to your Google+ page. We’ve removed the link, so everything’s good now.
        5) Eric Schmidt: You gave us permission to do it when you put on the glasses, b@#$es. Get over it, you have no privacy. Also, as of tomorrow the glasses will stop working if you don’t have a valid Google+ account.

  5. the ones in the picture are ugly as hell. but, if they are giving it a bluetooth link so i can read messages and emails, i might be on board.

    and i would want the base price to be more around $175

  6. If these need their own data connection then, no. However if it can connect to my phone via bluetooth then definitely!

    1. That’s the first thing I thought of as well. These specs make it look like this will be it’s own “phone”, but if it can connect to your current Android phone then that would be amazing. Next step: HUD windshields with Android.

      1. I’m already doing that with my car.

        Well, trying to do it.

  7. When they come out I will be first in line…it would be awesome to have glasses so you could where them inside and not look like an idiot. Answer questions on your test.

    1. Why do we need tests if we can just Google something?

      1. ?    I think he’s referring to cheating at school. Though interestingly enough, the internet does make school and testing pretty useless and obsolete.

        1. Not necessarily. It demands that teachers teach kids how to think rather than what to think via memorization.

          1. Yeah, I wasn’t clear enough I guess. I meant school in its current form. What people really need to learn right now is how to find legitimate information and how to check sources instead of just believing whatever they see/hear first. There’s literally no point in making kids memorize things like multiplication tables or dates of wars. I think we’re on the same page.

  8. Better allow for prescriptions; most of the people who would buy this have glasses, including me!

  9. I really hope they look like regular glasses/sunglasses. There is no way I’m wearing some Star Trek thing out in public.

    1. I agree (well kind of, I like playing up the whole geek thing). 

      If they could strike a partnership with Ray-Ban and/or Oakley I would buy a pair in a heartbeat. 

      1. if they make a deal with oakley I’m all in

        1. But putting an Oakley name on them would increase the price at least $300 more.

    2. if they look anything like the oakley juliets then i would be quite happy …

  10. If they do a developer preview I’d gladly take a pair. Would love to build this into my home automation app. However SUN glasses wouldn’t exactly do to well inside :- however I’m not against it :-P

    As long as I don’t have a stupid cable going to a battery back in my pocket I’d be interested.

  11. Heres another thought you could be looking up info on someone you just met and be doing it without them knowing you are. Like I said just a thought

    1. You talk like people can’t already do that with a cell phone?

      1. Not directly in front of you in the same way. sure you could research someone but with glasses like these its not really searching its just looking at someone and have all the stats.

  12. i’m there after the first wave price drop.

  13. They better make these things illegal to drive with

    1. Hell no! 

    2. Shut the hell up you sniveling do-gooder.

  14. i cant imagine what kind of battery this uses

  15. Aww hell yea, xray vision!

    What? Not there yet? Oh well, still awesome

  16. So…don’t get me wrong, I love the idea…except that you’ll basically be wearing a cellphone glued to the side of your face for extended periods of time…brain cancer anyone?

    1.  no, conspiracy much? cell phones do not cause brain damage. its a myth along with most of the “this is unhealthy for you” stereotypes. they all come and go

    2. Lol the brain cancer argument? Name one person you personally know that has gotten brain cancer from a cell phone, actually show me anyone who has gotten brain cancer from any smartphone last year. 

    3. There are so many radio waves around us, there will be enough brain cancer for everyone.

    4. do you know what non-ionizing radiation is? It’s the kind that your body can’t absorb as well as the kinds that you can absorb without any actual harm being done. Certain frequencies simply can’t hurt you.

  17. LOL THEY LOOK LIKE POWER RANGER GLASSES!! lol if the did have bluetooth dont you think it would have to be 4.0 or higher, also if they would come with a camera for shooting video.maybe pictures too, someone develop an app to use the camera as a real time veiw on your phone.awesome :)

  18. iwant, the yellow ones…alol…ireally do.

  19. If they are Bluetooth connected to my phone and do not have a large battery pack or wires… I would buy one in a heart beat. 

  20. That bottom picture accurate?  Seems like something you’d see at a Devo concert, in the 80’s.  Cool concept though, definitely see a ton of uses for something like this.

  21. I’ll take a set for sure..if they live up to the hype, why not..just hope they come out before Dec 21st so I get at least a few days use prior the end of the world…LOL

  22. So many questions! How do they work? Is there a focusing element so our eyes aren’t strained? Will there be a version with audio like the Oakley ROKR? Can they simulate 3d? Can it be controlled via hand gestures. Unlocked bootloader? Privacy? Can colleagues see what I’m doing? Battery life? Is it sensitive enough to overlay a GPS route onto the road. Moar! Please!

  23. I can’t wait to see these! I kinda wished for Bluetooth connectivity rather than its own radio

  24. Hideous.

  25. I waned one. No I need one! :)

  26. This product is out of imagination can’t believe google is into such a good product, if this project comes into existance im sure it would take our world into next generation, what an imagination and what an effort for this wonderful peoduct hats off to google. I got to know the srtucture of this google glass released from this sit “” im not sure whether the structure is perfect given by them..

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