Feb 21st, 2012 publishUpdated   Feb 22nd, 2012, 12:01 am

Last time, we had an internal corporate video poking fun at Gmail and now Microsoft is at it again, this time, taking a jab at Google Apps for businesses. While this isn’t exactly Android related per say, it is our papa company being attacked by big bad Microsoft and when that happens — I tend to get a little defensive. I also found it interesting that Microsoft has uploaded their parody video to YouTube — a Google company — as a means of promoting their video. Ballsy.

Still, I suppose Microsoft brings up a good point. Are any of our readers actually using Google’s business apps in favor of similar Microsoft cloud services? And how feasible would it be if someone wanted to conduct a good portion of their business on an Android-based tablet or device? Any must-have office or productivity apps lacking from Android?