Feb 20th, 2012

While the first release of Chrome for Android was great, there were still a lot of things missing that we’d taken for granted on stock and other browsers. A couple of those features were desktop mode (forcing a site to bypass its mobile site in order to use the real one) and full screen browsing (hiding the address bar when it’s not needed).

Google Chrome’s senior VP Sundar Pichai says both these features are on their way and that they’d continue to take leaps and bounds over the course of 2012. You didn’t expect Google to leave Chrome alone after its initial release, did you?

After all, it’s still just a beta – that gives them room to do a lot by the time they come to market with their first stable release. Be sure to check out our hands-on of Google Chrome beta here and find it in the Android market here (only for Android 4.0 users). [CNET via Droid-Life]