Borderlands 2 Demoed on a Tegra 3 Tablet


With the advent of NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor, developers have been challenged to create games one unimaginable for both phones and tablets. We’ve already got an impressive library of 3D Tegra games to play and it looks like another will be added to the fold. Borderlands developer Gearbox was caught showing off the series’ second entry on a Tegra 3 tablet.

Borderlands, a console and PC RPG FPS, uses cel-shaded 3D graphics instead of completely raw polygonal 3D models. While this may ease the strain on a GPU, it’s still a visually impressive game and we’re definitely impressed that it’s being adapted to Tegra 3. A console quality game on Tegra 3 tablets should lead the way to even more AAA titles making their way to Android.

While we can’t be certain this game is coming out right around the time that the console and PC versions are, we at least know that it’s coming – why else would they be testing it on Android? Whatever the case is, I’m extremely excited for this particular game’s release (with its predecessor being one of my favorite co-op shooters) and I hope more developers follow-suit where possible. [Legit Reviews via A&M]

[Note]: Video above is not of the game running on the tablet. -Further clarification: this is not running on the tablet at all. This is the console version running on a development unit that was being shown off to certain members of the press. This is in no way, shape or form indicative of what the tablet version may bring. The video is just to show you what Borderlands 2 is all about.

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  1. two words – F!@#ing DOPE

  2. WTH is with the note?

    Can you explain further?

    1. He said its an actual demo, not a pre-recorded video.

      Its running on the tablet to the hdmi out.

  3. that looks badass!

  4. This is cool.  Now all we need is hardware developers to start making Android compatible bluetooth controllers.

    1. You do know you can plug almost any controller (ps3, 360, wii) into a Asus Transformer and play games?

      1. That’s nice for Transformer users.

        1. if you have 3.1+ you can do the same

  5. well, if the video you post meant to be as a video evidence of the game playing on Tegra, i think you’re wrong. i saw this one a while ago & it was showing off the new boarderland for the consoles, no mention of it being tested on a tablet at that moment.

    but if the video is there ‘cuz its related.. oh well.

    1. No, just showing gameplay of the console version. I put that at the bottom of the article

  6. damn i want this on my TF101
    im not buying anymore  tegra devices

  7. I knew it android Will be the fourth platform that games will come out.

  8. look at all those saddos at the back laughing. lol priceless.
    Still I’d never touch a Tegra….piss poor cpu performance

  9. God I cant wait for this game! Still playing the original game on my 3rd time through it now!

  10. The headline and the video is so misleading.

    I’m saddened.

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