Nokia to port Pulse social app to Android. Does anyone care?


First things first, Nokia’s Pulse app is not the same as Alphonso Labs’ much acclaimed news reader. It’s a location based app that lets you share geotagged images and status updates. In all honesty, reading about it on Nokia’s website makes it sounds a lot like Latitude, but with deep integration with Nokia Maps.

Which begs: what’s the point of porting it to Android and iOS? The app, still in beta even on Nokia’s platforms, has a 3 star rating despite the lesser competition. Do they really imagine it to gain any significant traction on the other platforms?

Raveesh Bhalla

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    1. personally, i’m really happy to hear this. i was a long time nokia user, and so is my wife. i’ve recently switched to android so of course i’ve had to leave nokia.

      pulse is a great service – significantly better than latitude in my opinion. the focus is less on where you are and more on what you’re doing/saying there. I think of it was twitter crossed with latitude.

      when either my wife or i are traveling, we use pulse as an asynchronous geo-located private conversation. at work, i can hit pulse from a browser and she gets a notification on her phone. i can see where she is and dig around the area a bit, sometimes suggesting a local restaurant up the street for lunch, or a more scenic route home. Sure she could do those things too, but that’s not the point: this is a social service, it enables me to do these things which is really a great feature.

      You could do all of this by using latitude and gtalk and maps. But we’re used to using pulse, her (symbian) phone supports pulse, and soon (apparently) my android phone will too. i’m excited for this.

      there are a lot of naysayers out there, often yelling “Android or GTFO!” – others seem to constrain their views of Nokia to only what the carriers offer as subsidized phones (the crappiest of all nokia devices). To both lots i’ll admit that nokia has screwed the pooch in many ways, but failing to produce high-end lust-worthy devices is not one of them.

      Everything breaks, everyone dies, the end comes to everything. Android will become obsolete one day, then you Android fanboys will be in my shoes. Some punk kid will say that Google is dead because they failed to adopt platform X and basically say that anything but platform X is crap because that’s what they love and use. To the future you: welcome to the club.

  1. It just might be for those that defected to Android and iOS. Really Nokia even still around

  2. They are saying “Boy did we blow it” with this gesture.

    1.  ^ This. About a thousand more times lol.

  3. nokia is so 12 years ago. Make a seriuos high end quality android handset and stop waisting your time on winmo and maybee you can get some phone sales besides tracfone once again.

  4. Since Nokia never gave Android a chance, I’m not willing to give them a chance either.
    Now that they partnered with the devil we shall avoid any contact.

  5. Nokia who???

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