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After making a ton of noise for weeks after weeks, the AT&T Galaxy Note is finally available. You can pick it up from either the carrier itself, or from Amazon Wireless in either Ceramic White (which I really like the look of) or Carbon Blue.
The phone comes installed with Gingerbread (v 2.3.6) but there already is a leaked ICS ROM doing the rounds. If you’d like to know more about the phone, read Chris Chavez’s review over here.

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  1. First

  2. The photo is not the AT&T version of the phone…unless I am mistaken, which of course I am not:-)

  3. Correct it is not the At&t version in the photo. 

  4. i just checked out the G-Note at the AT&T Store. beautiful display, fast, incredibly thin, well built. awesome device. surfing the web is a dream on it. unfortunately, the size is just too big for me personally. even coming from an EVO 4G and loving big phones. i’m not embarrassed by the size, nor do i think fitting it in my pockets would be a big deal. BUT constantly trying to grab and hold it and manipulate and move it in and out of pockets and from table and charging etc. would be too much because it is just too wide and too unwieldy – i could see myself constantly dropping it. i love the phone though Samsung did a great job and congrats and enjoy to everyone who got/will get one. i’m going to go with the G-Nex.

    1. Are you getting an unlocked version? I was hoping att would get the Nexus but if they don’t I’m going with the note.

      1. i’m getting the Sprint G-Nex since i’m already on Sprint. the choice between the G-Nex vs. G-Note is a tough one. however – i think Sprint and AT&T are making the choice for us easy given the offerings. if i was on AT&T right now i’d get the Note and suck it up since there is no subsidized G-Nex. i think you make a good choice with the G-Note given all other options on AT&T currently. i’d prob do the same if i was on AT&T. IMO these are the two best phones out there right now and i say get the one that’s offered on your carrier and enjoy.

        1. Well I have two upgrades coming up (March & May) but I told myself I wasn’t getting another non Nexus phone again. Tired of waiting on updates! If there’s still no word on a Galaxy Nexus heading towards att then hopefully Costco or Radioshack will come down on the price with the note. I’ll be checking this out thus week sometime.

          1. it’s ridiculous that there’s no official carrier subsidized GSM G-Nex in the USA.  ridiculousness, bad business, stupid, and unacceptable.   IMO Google should launch every Nexus on every US carrier that wants it upon launch.  get the phone out there and advance the platform for all developers and enthusiasts on whatever carrier.  carrier exclusive on developer Nexus phones is just bad business and hurts the ecosystem IMO.

          2. Well if I can I rather have the unlocked version. I’m so sick of at&fee with late updates. I read somewhere the unlocked version you wouldn’t have to wait on an att update. It’s whenever Samsung releases it.

          3. so what are you waiting for?  why not just buy the unlocked G-Nex?

          4. Well I was hoping an att version will have an SD port. Also unlocked version still isn’t getting its updates through Google. They are getting them directly from Sammy. Still faster then att though. Ill be making my decision after I go mess around with the Note. I want my next purchase to last two years. My last two android devices gave me gray hair. Craptivate and current LG Thrill (new device on 2.2). What a shame!

          5. i’d strongly consider the G-Note given your circumstances!  that huge display is a real joy.

          6. Trust me……I want the Nexus because they get all the updates first……supposedly…..but with the unlocked version there are so many software build versions by Samsung and only “ONE” by Google (which is the one I want). As of now, there’s no way of telling which version you get. Only the Google build gets the updates in a timely manner. Reason 1 why I want a Nexus.

  5. Galaxy Note, pffft… me wants the Journal!

    1. The Journal might end up being the 10.1 tablet, rumor says.  

  6. Siri call Chris Chavez for details or review !!! Baaazinga!!! :D

  7. Is the att version LTE? Nevermind…….it is.

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