Rumor: Quad-Core Motorola ATRIX 3 Is Supposed to be the Most Ridiculous Phone Ever (In a Good Way)


It looks like Motorola won’t be left out of the quad-core game just as they made sure they weren’t left out of dual-core. New Leaks today suggest that Motorola will be coming with a third installment in their Motorola ATRIX sequel, the Motorola ATRIX 3. Aside from having the number “3” appended to its name, this device will supposedly launch with the most ridiculous specs we’ve ever seen inside a phone.

It’s said to be getting NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor, 2GB of RAM, a 720p HD display. a 3300 mAh battery (comparable to the DROID RAZR MAXX) and a 10 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash. We’re obviously skeptical here, but at the same time we’re secretly hoping that all of this is true.

The ATRIX 3 will go up against very stiff competition in the world of quad-core but if any of this is true, we don’t think they’ll have a problem diverting attention their way. Let’s hope we’ll see this and a lot more at Mobile World Congress next week.

PS: For anyone wondering, the phone originally appeared on Concept-Phones.com, but was promptly removed. Tianjin Daily, a Chinese site, quickly re-posted it. Obviously the phone in the photo doesn’t look like a concept render at all so we can’t completely rule the legitimacy of this rumor out.

[Tianjin Daily, Concept-Phones.com via Android Central, HDBlog.It]

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  1. there was an Atrix 2?

    1. Considering I just got the ATRIX 2 back in October of last year, this leak kind of pisses me off (if it’s true). As much as I love the ATRIX line for its trend of setting good phone hardware, I’m not a fan of being burned from a phone purchase this soon by Motorola, or ANY other OEM for that matter.

      1. Hear that Motorola? Quit making cooler stuff until Nick has had a chance to be at the top for a little while!

        1. LMFAO best post of my life!

        2. So no one checked the source ?

          ***THIS IS NOT A LEAK***

          It’s just a concept.

          – «A phone RENDER that looks more like a live picture of a smartphone.»
          – «Bob “feels” that the Atrix 3 should get a bigger hype.»
          – «He IMAGINED a monster of a phone.»


          Please update and next time double check the actual source.
          Thank you.

          (sorry Skitshin, not replying to you, just having this post on the top to help readers not being fooled)

      2. That’s idiotic to think of it as getting burned because they plan on coming out with yet another better phone, regardless of the timing.

        Wow, get over yourself.

      3. Chris did a good article on why you are wrong: 
        http://phandroid.com/2012/02/06/are-android-devices-launching-too-quickly-video/  Also, when do you expect the Atrix 3 to launch…at MWC?

      4. I agree, the first Atrix was ahead of its time, but Atrix 2 was hardly trend setting. IMO — should be forgotten as part of the Atrix line

  2. Can I have one now?  Pretty please?  LOL :D

    1. So no one checked the source ?

      ***THIS IS NOT A LEAK***

      It’s just a concept.

      – «A phone RENDER that looks more like a live picture of a smartphone.»
      – «Bob “feels” that the Atrix 3 should get a bigger hype.»
      – «He IMAGINED a monster of a phone.»


      Please update and next time double check the actual source.
      Thank you.

      (not replying to you Jack, just having this post on the top to help readers not being fooled – sorry for posting that several times)

  3. Meh, bootloader will be locked. They will release a “dev” version 4 months after its released. No thanks.

    1. Make it an HTC phone and I’m there. They know to let the customers do what they want to their phones.

      1. awesome, then it can just be another carbon copy of the hd2/evo design.  htc is boring now

        1. Boring to you.  I still like thier hardware designs except for the protruding camera.

        2. I like the HTC design. The phones feel sturdy. I have a Rezound and I think it’s the best phone Verizon has now.

    2. that one wont come out till after the MAXX version comes out..

  4. Note, no soft keys in the screenshot. Thus ICS. Interesting if true.

    1.  you mean no hard keys, thus requiring soft keys, thus ICS.

      1. he means no capacitive keys..hence ICS

        1. Ya what he said!

  5. This will become a mid level phone like the atrix 1 and 2 just in a few months until galaxy s 3.

    Galaxy will stay high end till galaxy s 4 lol.

    1. Well the original Atrix came out 6 months before the s2 and besides the super amoled display ( even though s2 has less ppi than the atrix) and slightly better camera., the hardware of the two phones is pretty much equal. My atrix has a 1 ghz dual core, 1 gb ram and is running ICS without so much as a ms of lag. Hardly mid level..

  6. Lets hope the camera can take pictures as quick as the new Sony xperia s.

  7. @nick

    Sorry man, that’s how it goes in Android land… no matter how powerful your phone is, a few months later there is something much better. Just be happy with your phone and enjoy it, its still a great phone!

    P.s. I’m still happy with my 1ghz single core Motorola triumph! Though I will of course at some point upgrade, it probably won’t be for awhile. The triumph does everything I need it to.

  8. It could grow wings and breath fire on my enemies, but it will still have motoblur, and still have a locked bootloader, so no thanks.

    1. if blur looks anything like the screenshots of blurred ics ill take it.  its the only skin that remotely looks like ics.

    2. It looks EXACTLY like my Galaxy Nexus, but thanks to that Motorola logo on the bottom we are assured of a locked boot-loader and skinned OS: the things that make the Nexus great…

  9. The most powerful phone again!

  10. it looks ugly, but the specs are promising

  11. The only thing that caught my eye was the large battery capacity. I think phones have come a long way and I’m waiting for the usage time on single charge to also improve as well. This has been lagging far behind for many reasons. I totally understand that there’s not been that much improvements in terms of battery technology but it seems like so many phones these days have software bugs out of the box that suck battery juice unnecessarily. A phone that can last 2 days with heavy usage would be awesome and I’d pick this over another phone with higher specs but only half the battery life.

  12. oh dammit.  ive been patiently waiting for the skyrocket hd to finally come out and now this phone is making me wonder if i should wait.  and then as soon as this phone is about to come out another phone completely trumping these specs will be rumored.  the decision to wait or just buy and be happy sucks

    1.  just wait ?

  13. Great hardware, just wish they could release timely updates for it and that MotoBlur didn’t break otherwise working Android functionality.

  14. Motorola.   Awesome!!!  No other company compares in quality. Motoblur is awesome too.   Keep it up Motorola.  Don’t worry about 1/1,000,000th of your customers hating on locked bootloaders and motoblur!!

    1. Ummm you are an idiot and a clueless one at that.

      1. Haaaaaa…  I knew I would get some clueless idiot responding.   I’m not going to argue with some non-techy who is so worried about something so meaningless.  I had an original Droid and did the ROM thing.  I couldn’t care less about doing that on my Bionic and trust me when I tell you, there are 500,000 times the number of people that don’t give a shi+ about doing what you want to do.  You have NO idea why Motorola does the things they do, but I can assure you there are reasons!   Motorola, continue to do what you are doing and you will will kick a$$.   Can’t wait until Google and MOT are one!!!

        1.  While I dont really share your unconditional love of motorola, I do agree with you that whole locked bootloader line is coming from a very vocal minority. Also, its hard to judge by the idiots who devote their day to trolling on this site. There are millions of people who dont know what a bootloader is and will buy a cool phone just because it seems cool.
          For every “motorola locked bootloader FAIL” or “get rid of sense ui then maybe” trollnerd theres about 50 common customers who have no clue what any of that means.

  15. Those specs are awesome… I don’t really care about the bootloader. I’m not a rooter, I don’t care for Blur tho either unless they really revamped the look.

  16. With the Atrix 2 getting ICS later this year, I am content with my phone for the foreseeable future. I am intrigued that the rumored Atrix 3 has the same specs as my desktop computer (minus the 1 terrabyte of memory). The Atrix 3 WILL be a computer that makes phone calls, pretty much. Soon, we will all just have mobile devices that project a vitual screen when needed.

  17. I have the original Atrix and I think it is a great phone.  It has had 4 updates in less than a year and will be updated to ICS this summer/early fall.  I have no problem with that.  This could be the phone I’m waiting for though.  I’m hoping to stay with Motorola since I’m too chicken to mess with bootloaders and such. I just want 32GB built in, on screen buttons, NFC, and bluetooth 4.0.  If this phone is real and has that stuff, I will be buying it as soon as possible.  Here’s to hoping!

    1. agreed. Have the Atrix also. Since the latest update, it has been great. Battery life is improved, responsiveness is much better. Makes me not care so much for ICS now.

      1.  ICS on atrix — if its anything like the alpha that the Devs put out on XDA — will be buttery smooth, and awesome.

  18. The Atrix line always has impressive specs and a form factor that appeals to me. If I was an AT&T customer, I probably would have bought one of these.

  19. I’m throwing money at my monitor but nothing happens…

  20. Looks like a hell of a phone!!! Hopefully comes preloaded with ICS. Specs are ridiculous, seems like its actually gonna follow the ICS theme of no buttons. This phone should kill!

  21. Lets throw another nice kickstand on it and call it the Photon 2!

  22. Don’t get me wrong the specs are amazing but expected for a phone in 2012

  23. I certainly hope we get more phones like this, on more carriers. Motorola decided to come out of the woodwork finally.

  24. This should be the true Atrix 2.


  26. Needs a fingerprint sensor. I love mine on the OG Atrix

  27. I want those specs so bad!!  BUT they are going to have to unlock the boot-loader. The dev support for these phones are so lacking do to the fact that there is no European version. Oh and the screen will need to be a 4.6 inch AMOLED to make up the room lost by the ICS navigation buttons. It will also need a micro sd card slot. If it has all of this I might can get over the lack of dev and ROM support…maybe

    1. removed

    2. removed

    3.  Atrix dev support has slowly gotten better.Not as crazy as the S2 forums, but its pretty active, with a lot of options for ROMS.

      1. Thats a great thing to hear.  Im used to the support my SGS Captivate and my HTC Inspire have gotten.

  28. I just wish that one or more of these quad-core ICS “superphones” would land on AT&T sooner, rather than later… sometime in March, preferably. 

    MWC can’t happen soon enough!

    /fingers crossed

  29. i’ve been waiting for a really good phone to come out,and i might have finally found it

  30. Good to see that moto hasn’t forgotten us on att. 3300 mah battery should get through the day with heavy usage. I assume it will have LTE, BT 4.0le, and NFC. Maybe have the water repellent nano coating from the factory? May not bail on Moto after all when my next upgrade rolls around.

    1.  I hope it cooks and serves me dinner too

  31. Holy crap, I’d almost think about buying it off contract. That looks so nice and possibly not ridiculously big. I’d have to overclock it to 2ghz though with that kinda batter :D.

  32. So no one checked the source ?

    ***THIS IS NOT A LEAK***

    It’s just a concept.

    – «A phone RENDER that looks more like a live picture of a smartphone.»
    – «Bob “feels” that the Atrix 3 should get a bigger hype.»
    – «He IMAGINED a monster of a phone.»


    Please update and next time double check the actual source.
    Thank you.

    (sorry for posting that several times)

  33. Fuck you Motorola. ATRIX 1 is a year old and ATRIX 2 is a few months old. Go to hell motor, im switching to w7

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