Google Also Files For Patent On Notification Pull Down Bar – Yeah, Back In ’09 [Fun Facts]


Yup, it’s true. I can’t tell how you many furious comments I read back when Apple introduced their “all new” and “revolutionary” Notification Center feature in iOS, complete with a handy pull-down bar. Many Android fans screamed from the rooftops, “Why hasn’t Google applied for a patent on the notification bar!? Why don’t they even care!?” Well, they do and they did.

What you’re looking at above you is Google’s application for a patent on their notification bar system, filed back in January of 2009. Yeah, things move slow over at the USTPO. Application number 12/363,325 which is still pending is described as,

“A computer-implemented user notification method includes displaying, in a status area near a perimeter of a graphical interface, a notification of a recent alert event for a mobile device, receiving a user selection in the status area, and in response to the receipt of the user selection, displaying, in a central zone of the graphical interface, detail regarding a plurality of recent messaging events for the mobile device.”

Guess all we can do now is play the waiting game because, ohhhhh man, once/if this patent is granted, Apple is so — for lack of better word — screwed.

[Google Patents | Via Reddit]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. yes i love it. lets go google.

    if apple can patent something as stupid as “slide to unlock” then this better get granted. 

    and then ios users can go back to having crappy notifications. lmao copying google and failing. 

    screw you apple 

  2. Nah, Apple will surely pay off some patent official and Google’s application will be denied on grounds that it is “obvious to anyone in the trade” (which is a real reason that patents get denied, yet entirely subjective).

    Apple will of course then send in an application of their own for the same thing, paying off several more patent officials and end up the owner of the pull-down notification patent within a month or two, just like they’ve done with things like the “thin rectangular screen” patent (really, that’s not obvious to anyone in the trade?).

    Later, when Apple is accused of bribing government officials, they pay off some more justices and get off scot-free…again.

    (Why else would Apple have $100 billion in reserves if not for bribing judges and officials)

    1. Ehh that may or may not be true, but your remark at the end was not well thought out. If they have 100 bill in the bank, then they clearly arent makin’ it rain on these gov officials

      1. Please don’t take my comment seriously. I wouldn’t put it past Apple to do any of those things, but it was entirely meant as a joke. And I was just saying that they had that $100b in cash just in case they get in trouble and had to pay off some people fast (obviously $100b is far more than they’d need for bribes…I doubt many bribes would be in excess of $1m even).

        1. You are very funny

        2.  Its true. Apple is a two-face company, Im just waiting for them to burn down to the ground… you watch.. patience…

      2. oh gosh, he was clearly joking,

        1. It was hilarious

      3. who says they aren’t lobbying.  Truthfully, most big corps do it at some level.

      4. Looks like someone stole your funny bone… maybe Steve Jobs… LOL….

        And BTW, the guy said “in reserves”. So they have them to use them WHEN they need it.. and with the Google pull down notification patents, they will need to use them… can you imagine the user experience without the pull down notification bar??? The iPOS will be 100% complete garbage rather than the 90% it is now… the next thing you know crApple will be stealing Android’s privacy and security permissions… oops… too late… LOL

    2.  Apple does not have a strong patent portfolia…well compared to microsoft,cisco and others. they are just focusing on android and the few companies that they have sued have patents under the FRAND agreement, or cross licensing deals which prevent them to sue….oh and google patent portfolio is weak, even after it gobbls up motorola.

      1. Actually this is incorrect. Microsoft’s patent portfolio is over twice as large as apples. 

        Apple ~ 5000
        MS ~ 20000
        IBM ~ 25 – 30000
        Motorolla Mobility (Soon to be google) 17500 and 5000 pending
        Kodak ~ 18000
        Nokia ~ 16000
        Google ~ 4000

        Many more, don’t take what I wrote as fact. This is an approximation based on recent reports.

        1.  sources

      2. Actually, once it gobbles motorola, there patent portfolio is much stronger than apples. Just not as up to date.


  3. Good Guy Google has a patent that actually affects the use of a product and makes it genuinely easier to use and lets others use it.

    Scumbag Apple has patent that in no way affects the overall usability of a product and uses it to halt all sales of your products and rule the industry. 

    1. Google probably won’t even sue Apple over this and let them use the technology, unless they themselves get sued by Apple in the first place. Google is about advancing technology while Apple’s way is to stifle it.

    2. If by “raped” you mean seeing ads that we might actually be interested in, then sure google is raping.

      Nice try iSheep

    3. Let’s not flag everyone that uses an Android phone as an “Android idiot.”  This is clearly someone that does not know how their information is shared, regardless of the OS/Device used.  

      Your choices for devices these days are:

      1.) iPhone = you do what Apple says you can do with your phone –  “closed system”
      2.) Android = you have multiple options for software and multiple options for device features – “open system.”

      There are “idiots” on both sides of the fence, the OS doesn’t play into that at all.  

      1. Who said anything about “Google” being an “open system.”  Google is a company.  Android is an open platform.  Trolls like you should move along because you have no idea what you’re talking about. 

        Android is open because:
        1.) BIG ONE – I can review the source code for my OS if I desire
        2.) I could flash a new ROM on my device created by someone else if I desire
        3.) I have various outlets to purchase new applications for my device if I desire.

        Google makes money off of search inquiries, advertising, and cookie data. They aggregate data. The same as Facebook.  

        Apple makes money by upcharging a device sold on a herd mentality. They cut off consumer options and people praise this company every step of the way. 

        1. @itgoesdown:disqus
           First off nowhere in his post did he say they forced people to buy anything, try reading.
          Now I understand you’re upset. You probably though that Apple was perfect and Android is evil. Apple is innovative and Android just steals all their ideas. Now that there is actual proof that Apple has stolen from Android your world has been turned upside down. It sucks I’m sure, but getting on an Android forum and attacking everyone on here isn’t going to make it better. My advise, take a deep breath and calm down. Then sell your iJunk and buy some Android devices. Trust me you’ll feel a lot better. There is a reason why Apple has been suing any Android manufacturer they can, they’ve run out of ideas and Android is out selling them everyday. Don’t believe it? Look at any of the recent reports, Android has passed Apple in the smartphone market share. I’m not saying that Apple is going to go under but look at RIM. They once held the majority of the smartphone market but due to lack of innovation they are barely in the market. The truth is that Apple needs to change if they want to stay in it, as much as they want to they can’t stop every manufacturer out there. They may have $100 billion on hand but it’s not enough to take on everyone. Change is good don’t fight it :)

        2. @itgoesdown:disqus , I couldn’t reply below yours because it is maxed out so I figure I will elaborate on @Devinrob:disqus ‘s comment above.

          So Apple is about choice eh?

          So how about this, google does not own android, therefore companies like amazon, baidu, and Barnes and Noble have made devices that cut out google completely. However, applications are still compatible. With apple, they lock you into your accessories, your apps, and force you to sync through their proprietary bloatware known as itunes (aka the biggest resource hog on a computer).

          In the case of accessories, my car chargers, portable speakers etc. all work across all the android manufacturers as well as blackberry, symbian, and even windows phone. Why you might ask? Because they all use the industry standard microusb. Why does apple not do it?  Not because their connector is superior as they would lead you to believe. It is because they want to make it really inconvenient for you to switch to another brand.

          In the case of apps. Ok so they may not be transferable across platforms (unless you include the playbook and upcoming BB10), but I have my choice of 32 different android manufacturers that make up the open handset alliance. If I want a handset with a keyboard, I buy it,  if I want one with a big screen etc. And…..when I turn it on and log into my account, boom all my apps that I had on a Samsung also work on a motorolla, Sony, LG, etc. and all of these apps were cheaper than there equivalents on IOS because google takes a smaller commission than the app store does. This is another point. They charge less commission because people don’t have to buy the apps from them. They can buy them from alternative app stores like getjar, amazon, etc. Competition is good for consumers, there is your business lesson.

          And android is open. It is licensed under the apache open source license. The argument that it is not has stemmed from the fact that it operates differently than a full open source development model in that the code isn’t developed in the open but instead released incrementally. THEY HAVE TO DO THIS. If they didn’t apple would copy every new feature and implement it before google even launches it because they would have access to the source during development.

          I do agree that Apple has an excellent marketing department though. That is how we end up with people like you on the messaging boards. By the way, not sure if you know this but Android has twice the global market share of the iphone and is still growing at a faster pace. Just a little tidbit for ya.

      2. Here’s a comment I did for another iFan in another article claiming that Android isn’t OPEN…

        Apple has a few enviable behaviors/capabilities with iOS, but the monster advantage goes to Android with its being OPEN.  Tasker takes full advantage and basically lets you automate your phone.  Tasker is my hands down favorite app for Android.

        Here’s one custom profile I did with Tasker:  
        – When I get within 500′ of my office my phone starts wifi scanning.  
        – When I hit the parking lot and it connects all kinds of things happen.  My work email and stockwatcher sync.  
        – Ringer goes to low volume for calls, vibrates for texts.  Changes ringtones so I can distinguish business calls from personal calls.  
        – My browser automatically opens to my company’s “in/out of the office” status webpage.  
        – If at any point while I’m connected to the office’s wifi I turn the phone face down, it goes to silent mode (meetings).  
        – When I get out of range of that network all my personal stuff syncs and if it’s also after 3PM it automatically sends my wife a “leaving the office” text.

        All this happens with my phone in my pocket. No screen touching or voice assistant needed.
        What was that you were saying about not being OPEN?  Can you do ANY of that with iOS?? (hint: no)

        1. You probably lost itgoesdown at “automate your phone”   :)

      3. You wrote “Google is NOT a true open system. It’s a trick to get you idiots to fall in line and provide them data so they can make more and more money… ”

        To quote another idiot “You fucking idiot. That is completely wrong. Show me your proof.”

        1. @itgoesdown oh, I know the definition of open source. But I’m looking for something to back up your claim about how android is not a true open system (google – not a system)

          Free redistribution? check
          Source code? check
          Derived works? check
          Integrity of author’s source code? check
          No Discrimination Against Persons or Groups? Check
          No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor? Check
          Distribution of License? Check
          License Must Not Be Specific to a Product? Check
          License Must Not Restrict Other Software? (sadly) check
          License Must Be Technology-Neutral? Check

          So, I guess I do need you to explain it further.

          Google has never been unclear about their motives – they make a lot of their money (most of it I suspect) by advertising to consumers – based on their preferences – yes. And they are VERY clear about that. What trick are you referring to?
          On the other hand, when you purchased your iPhone, did you know that Apple was letting ANY app developer to pull your contact list without your permission/knowledge?

          When you purchased your iPhone, did you know that apple was tracking your cellphone position at all times and storing that on your phone and computer where iTunes was intalled?
          (search the web if you still don’t know about this)

          Could you choose to prevent this from happening even if you knew?

        2. @itgoesdown:disqus your link does nothing to prove your statements as “fact”.  Let us know when you have some “actual” evidence in regard to your statements.

      4. Well said.

    4. if you are an apple person…YOU GIVE THEM EVERYTHING! at least we have option with android/chrome. you just have to take what u get u lame!

      1. can you go troll somewhere else

      2. Wow, somebody is educated. I don’t think I have seen a single post of yours in here not laced with profanity.

        To elaborate, what he means is that Apple likes to force you to buy everything from them.

        – propietary connectors
        – proprietary app store
        – locked battery
        – locked disk space
        – resistors in chargers
        – Totalitarian inapp billing model

        List goes on. There is a reason the term “isheep” was coined. It is because some people have been psychologically proven to view apple in the same way as they view a religion. 

        They blindly assume their iphone is the best…..because it is an iphone. Most iphone users have no idea why this is, it just is. Unfortunately, it isn’t and there are far superior products on the market.

    5. @itgoesdown…. But… wait…isn’t iOS the MOST secure piece of software EVER written? How could anyone steal from it unless Apple allowed it??   /s

      P.S. What google did was install cookies – not exactly the same as stealing data (like all iOS apps are permitted to do – example: open iOS address book that ANY app can read and export to their server and sell to anyone and do whatever they want to do with that)

      1. LOL! cussing because you are ignorant… truly iSheep – “Apple can do no wrong”, “apple is perfect”,  “anyone who says otherwise is blaspheming”…  whatever…

        Have you heard of another google product called google search? You should try it sometime – or are you waiting for apple to come out with a web search tool for you to use?

        But rather than wait for you to learn to use this incredibly ‘complex’ technology, here are some links for you to read
        Google installed cookies – http://online.wsj.com/article_email/SB10001424052970204880404577225380456599176-lMyQjAxMTAyMDEwNjExNDYyWj.html

        open iOS address book: http://gizmodo.com/5885350/why-you-should-be-pissed-that-apple-lets-developers-take-your-contact-info
        You do know how to click on the links right? Or do you need Siri to do that for you?

  4. This made my day :) 

    1. o_O

      1. ???

        1. X-O

  5. Stick it to them right in the apples… Bahaha

  6. Please screw apple with this. That would make my day.

  7. Bravo.. Revenge tastes best cold :)

  8. BWAAHAHHAAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! I had to go to the first floor of my house to laugh so I wouldn’t wake anybody up. This is straight up HILARIOUS. Ohhhhhhhhhh but I cannot WAIT until this approved. Talk about lights out for Apple to have to remove notification center when they just added it to OS X. 

    PLEASE let this hit some “other” sites soon.

    1. Not THAT funny, haha. o_O

    2. Apple will not remove their notification center.  Either it won’t violate the notification bar patent at all for whatever reason, or they will simply tweak it a bit so that it doesn’t.  The patent system is ridiculous, you can get granted patents for stupidly obvious stuff that, and when a patent is granted for something truly innovative, it’s very easy to get around it because patents are worded so weirdly.

  9. I think I just peed a little in my pants :D 

  10. When (or did?) Apple file for a patent on this out of interest? Was Google’s submitted before theirs?

  11. Did you guys not know that the USPTO had an entire art exhibition dedicated to Steve Jobs and Apple. No I’m not kidding. The USPTO loves Apple and Steve so much they made an art exhibit to honor the man. 

    Good luck having this patent passed. USPTO-Steve-Apple all in bed together.

    1. Here is a video I found explaining the exhibit.

      more info direct from uspt 


      The USPTO really really really loves Steve and Apple.

      1. Why are my tax dollars going to this bullshit?

        1. Good question. Honestly, the USPTO needs to be investigated and completely overhauled. In my opinion there is fishy stuff going on between the USPTO and Apple. 

  12. Awow…this case will be fun to see through.

  13. Well if this comes off I may have to seriously consider if, in fact, there is a god.

  14. Yeahhh…this is something awesome…screw Apple…in your face…

  15. Hell yeah I knew Google had to apply for it. Now I can’t fucking wait. I hope Google without lube rams it full force where the sun don’t shine.

  16. I think what QuantumRand wrote is something to consider. Which is something that’s crossed my mind several times ever since I’ve started reading about Apple’s ridiculous barrage of lawsuits.

    It was recently reported that Apple has more money than several small countries. They’ve got money to burn, and to burn it hard. Is it too hard to believe, or put it past them that they could and would be paying off Judges and Patent officials more money than they make in 10 years to give Apple their way? I don’t think so. But one could only hope that’s not the case. But we live in a world where that’s certainly could be the case, and no one would ever be the wiser. Because money talks, bullsh*t walks. And all that stuff.

    All in all, Google is a pretty heavy contender as well. Not sure how much money Google has in reserve compared to Apple, but if all goes well, Google might reach a point where they get sick of it and decide to put on the boxing gloves. Because at this point, Apple doesn’t seem like they’re backing down anytime soon.

  17. Or alternatively Apple might be well aware of this and have already licensed it from Google.

    1. Very good point.  After all, Apple isn’t stupid.

    2.  Why would they license it if it the patent has not been granted?

      1. Because sometimes patent holders offer better terms to licensees while the application is still pending.

  18. I don’t like the “if you can’t beat them join them” mentality but I do understand it.  I’d rather use some of their cash to lobby for serious reforms of the patent system.

    Aside from the obvious “don’t grant BS patents” they could implement a policy where they do not grant patents of any kinds if anyone else is already doing it patent or not.  So in this case Apple wouldn’t be able to patent the notification bar as google are already doing it and they wound’t have been able to patent the slide to unlock as it was already being used on various phones.  Ideally they should also revoke patents that were granted like this too.

    1.  I have a feeling Google won’t go around suing though. They’ll probably use it as a counter offensive measure incase they are sued by Apple, or any android manufacturers. But deep down I kinda want Apple to suffer for the tremendous amounts of BS lawsuits they’ve been filing recently.

      Our patent system needs desperate reform, as does our copyright system.

    2. Even with all the money Google has and they spent every dime on it, nothing would change. There are FAR too many much wealthier people out there that have far much to lose if the patent system changes. 

  19. WOAH!! That’s a surprise. Good find Phandroid. Just waiting and….

  20. All im waiting for now is the isheep to say, “oh, but manufacturers stole slide to unlock from apple” yeah no, not a blatant rip off, just a variation/improvement on ios’s left to right unlock method. Hmmm, now lets have a look…….OH MY! See how you drag down that bar from the top, which then shows you notifications? Ummm, yeah, see that feature android had for quite sometime :)
    I can see it now iphone users getting angry once they loose the feature, and lets hope they do. Id say thats a victory for google, and partnered manufacturers!

  21. I pray this is approved and held over Apples head. I am sick and tired of all of these lawsuits against Google partners.

  22. I’d like to see something as: “Google earns 1$ for each iPhone and iPad sold!”

    1. one can only hope, although going the Apple route to ban future sales of iOS products world-wide would be a nice punch in the mouth.   On the flip side, Apple’s notification bar is pretty stupid and doesn’t provide much usability compared to Android’s.  

      1. well, us android users get more than a “stocks” and a “weather” WIDGET in our notification bars. our widgets are on out home screens where they belong, 

        Our email, download, text, voice mail, missed calls, notifications as well as (on some phones or in CM) the ability to control if our WiFi, Bluetooth, data, are on, and control our screen brightness, and volume. all seamlessly in the notification bar. 

        your turn?

        1. Served!


        2. Wish some folks would actually use an Android device before trying to compare…

        3.  The pull-down notification bar works in the lockscreen on ICS. Nice try idiot

        4. You are not a very nice person. 

        5. Well, Iphone users get more than a “stocks” and a “weather” WIDGET in their notification bars as well- every single one of these is available ‘seamlessly’ on the iOS notification bar except of course the always useful ability to switch on/off bluetooth/wifi / data available on some but not all android-powered devices. Those features particularly are provided by the phone company’s custom skin(or whatever its called) and so are, frankly speaking not  a product of Google/Android.
          And , VOLUME control? really?!

    2. That would be $1 more than they make of every Android phone sold.

      Google makes nothing on Android phone sales.

      1. I believe thats incorrect. They license the Google experience apps and the right to declare the phone Android compatible if I’m not mistaken.

        1. Even if they don’t make money off of the phone itself (which, I believe they do as storm14k described) they end up making money off of the apps that are installed on the device – via in-app ads or via a purchase from the Android Market – and I’m sure there’s many other things about Android that make them money.

    3. Google makes a lot more than $1 for each iProduct sold. All those devices use the internet and their users end up using Google.

  23. ..now… We wait!… mwuhahahahahahahahahaha

  24. Thing is, the patent office is going to push this around for several more years so Apple can go right on using this feature and honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if Google gets denied in some weird grounds. The patent officials love Apple. If they can patent things already in use by other manufacturers then I bet they get out of this somehow too.

    1. The patent office loves anyone who applies for patents. They get money when you apply(and when you get approved all the time you apply more), they get money to maintain patents, they get money to investigate and invalidate patents. Why the hell would they decline you and miss out on all that extra money?

  25. When I read Apple was granted the patent “Slide to Unlock”, the first thing I though of is “Google better patent Notification bar”, HAHA EAT IT APPLE!

  26. Yeah Android copied Apple. Kettle. Pot. The. Black. Called.

  27. Interesting seems to explain some of the design of iOS notifications.
    This patent cover notifications appearing on a status bar and then leaving an icon on the status bar.
    iOS Notifications don’t use the status bar at all which I always thought was odd guess this explains it, almost all the claims in the patent reference the status bar.

    1. Check the patent link.  It shows pictures and descriptions of both the status bar and the pull down menu.  It’s all covered.

      1. Yes but covered in a very specific fashion which could make it hard to prove infringement by apple.
        For example the pull down slider appears in response to a long press on the status bar (claim 8).
        Apple’s is from a swipe down from the top a long press on the status bar does nothing therefore it would not infringe on that claim.

        You could argue that apple breaches claim 11 by having the ability to slide down the notification display but it like most of the claims reference back to claim 1 which says the notifications are on the status bar so would it apply?

        If it’s granted Apple will definitely not license it and go the court route.

        1. Apple has sued for less. most of their claims are VERY broad.  this patent is way more specific in explanation. Google would have a better case than you think.  

          1.  I’m no patent lawyer so you could be right.
            The lawyers will definitely win though on both sides.

            What I find really crazy is it will be another 2 or 3 years before the patent office even make a decision on this, almost half the life span of a granted patent before a decision is made…

          2. But isn’t the argument that being specific is what makes it so difficult to actually prove a patent has been infringed?The second item only needs to be a bit different too escape lawsuits, but if the patent is broad…THERE’S the trouble.

  28. I hate the patent system.  I love Google and Android, but this patent should not be approved anymore than Apple’s “slide to unlock” patent should have been approved.  Patent are supposed to be given for innovations not features.

  29. Awwww… it’s the G1… didn’t think I’d see that on here ever again.

  30. Wow, not only do you feel you have to throw f bombs non stop to get your point across, truly a childish mentality, but now you have gone and shown yourself to be a complete racist.  After typing this, I am going to continue to read further posts, knowing that you will continue to reassure me you are a complete idiot.  It is fun reading though.

    1. @itgoesdown so, what exactly are you trying to say? You being an Indian makes it ok to be racist? Or that your lonely nut is going numb?

  31. sheesh…. cussing, and now racism…. ??

  32. Safari is iCRAP. That is why Apple’s Safari fails every year and is so easy to exploit.

  33. Safari is total garbage. That is why it fails every year and so easy to exploit. Only iIdiots use safari.

    1. Funny how it’s based on webkit….just like Chrome.


  34. Funny how the world turns, now Google and make some money from CrApple and license the pull down notification system. It’s also nice that finally all the iFreaks pay money into big G. But I am sure they won’t even understand how licensing worjs otherwise they probably wouldn’t support Apple as much as they do.

  35. Wait… why is an Apple fanboy reading an Android blog…

    Insecurity or just plain boredom?

    1. Probably having followed the same link that I did in an Apple blog posted with triumphal glee, while wishing iPhone users will die in max pain – by a Fandroid db. So no, sorry, not insecure or bored, just following an interesting link.
      Having read the article and a few posts, I can see where his delusion comes from.

  36. I agree with you that no company or government for that matter can survive by being 100% open and fair. What I think people are saying is that in their opinion Google and android are more open and fair than Apple. I’ve always been intrigued with Apple products but have never bought any because they always seem to be missing features I want. The Iphone doesn’t have a radio which I use all the time, data is expensive and buffering makes online listening not practical at this time. I also would miss my bigger screen, widgets and haptic feedback.

  37. good ol g1! man that thing was a tank! my girl dropped her’s from the second floor one time battery popped out door fell off! still rebooted just fine! lol

  38. Thank you @itgoesdown for showing me the light!! Your eloquent and fact-filled rants have taught me that if I purchase an iPhone, I too can be an insolent DB and not even care!
    How fast is the 4G on your iPhone? Whoops!
    Don’t have an aneurysm. Enjoy your life and your iPhone and please send the rest of the herd my regards :-)

  39. this is a combination of awesome and funny!

  40. So you say ”
    I am indian, numbnut.” implying you are not racist but that actually provides further validation since you are basically making the assumption that your race is smarter than everyone else. You really are an ignorant one.

  41. I can’t wait to see how this unfolds. It’s time Apple got what they deserve. They steal ideas and technology then claim it as their own. I’m glad Google filed this patent as Apple did clearly steal the notification bar. Let’s hope that Google goes all out on this one, as they are not only fighting to protect their patents, but they are fighting to protect their supporters (manufacturers and customers both). Google has more than just greed on this one, they have support for competition.

  42. if the patent is approved, after apple release mountain lion with the notification pull down Google could be in the money… plus iOS money….. damn google could fk up Apple real good and maybe take a big chunk of that BILLIONS apple has in reserve.   Hell Samsung can sue as well since they added functions to the pulldown that apple added to the 4s…  Apple’s thievery may cost them big time.

  43. More fuel for the patent fire.
    This probably conflicts with Microsoft’s patent for U.S. Patent No. 7,644,376

    Here’s a nice article describing some of Microsoft’s potent patents.

    Still loving the GNex

  44. The notification Center is an app mor specifically a web kit based web app (which is open source…no real open source) web app , that is separate of the operating system. While it does ship with ios5′ it can be disabled by the user in app settings.

    The main thing that will disallow what will make you all happy (suing apple because for some reason you think it’s ok for android to steal from apple proven by motorolas posture by kneeling before the Gods of mobility and technology…while begging for a money shot saying they are willing to negotiate a patent license…. Which apple won’t do….because they don’t need anymore money….what they want is their IP off of those cheap…plasticky, uncivilised, ugly, disgusting, ghetto fabulous things you call an “Android” phone)…the main thing…is the patent describes a gesture that is not used, hold and push down. The notification Center is activated by drawing down from the top of the bezel crease (which also responds to touch not just the screen), down ward. “”android”s patent covers a gesture “On a centralised region of the UI” Also, the NC can be pulled down once it is pulled down. “Androids” “recent Messaging events” displayed/aggregator, cannot.

    The iOS NC also has widgets like iCal, stocks, weather, and application news…the patent says nothing of application data.

    Since the patent covers mobile operating system and not applications running on a mobile computer to phone handset, it can’t be liable.

    And, the patent says an action such as a tap on scrolling information in the title bar……would be a trigger for the user to open the notification. iOS has no such crass “scrolling”

    Since it is an app, apple should just remove it from the OS (like it did with iBooks) and allow the user to decide whether or not to use it.

    It’s worthless.

  45. The USPTO is not necessarily slow moving, it’s just expensive. After paying all the application fees to get a patent then to finally get it issued you have to pay another fee to have the patent issued. Because it’s expensive it takes time for companies to fork over the money to get the patent issued. That’s why you’ll often see “Patent Pending” since they either can’t afford to get it issued or they just want to say they’ve got a patent in the works(the latter being the cheapskates way of patenting stuff). I don’t know why Google hasn’t had it issued, especially for one of their flagship services, but it’s because they haven’t paid the USPTO to have the patent issued that it’s likely still “Pending”.

  46. Nope..Google is not gooing to sue apple.that is not their way of handling the applae

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