Intel-based London smartphone headed to Orange?


Orange is reportedly conducting a bit of market research on their latest phone to bare a city-based name. Following devices such as the San Francisco and Monte Carlo, the Orange London is said to get a major boost in the specs department courtesy of Intel. Aside from being one of the first devices to utilize the new processor platform, the London also speculatively features an 8MP camera, 16GB of internal storage, and 4-inch Gorilla Glass display. Not mentioned is what operating system the phone would run, but Android 4.0 would not be out of the question based on its compatibility with Intel’s Medfield chip.

Orange has typically gone with a second-tier manufacturer to provide the devices that are rebranded under their own banner. Past entries have come from ZTE and Huawei. It isn’t known who would make the London, but Lenovo isn’t out of the question — a partnership was announced between the mobile maker and Intel back at CES.

With Mobile World Congress right around the corner, we expect to see quite a few new Intel designs. There is no guarantee we will see the London or the phone that may become the London, however. Given that all of this info come from a supposed market research survey, there is also a chance we may never see this exact handset at all.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Something that interests me about these new Intel SOC’s, if the medfield chip runs an x86 instruction set, and they bring us an Android device using it, how long until someone gets WINE running on an Android device.  Hell, even if you have to boot to Ubuntu to use WINE, it would still be great to be able to launch Windows programs on something that fits in my pocket (a bit of OG Starcraft, anyone?).

    1. Actually, i thought of this a while ago. Did a little digging and it can’t be done because android does not support x11 window format. 

      now, IDK how difficult or not this would be, but since android is, y’know, open source, it should be possible to code x11 support into android, using code from other linux distros. 

      but, sadly, no one with any coding skill seems to have looked into it……

  2. Sounds like htc the first line starting with “you want a phone that” is one htc’s lines

  3. I know I’m keeping my Nexus S4G to see what kind of phones come out with the intel SoC. With Cyanogenmod 9 on my NS4G there is no reason to use my upgrade right now. 

    1. Give me a Medfield with an HD SAMOLED and expandable storage and I’m sold.

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